Friday, 31 October 2008

Breaking News from the Orion Project

In response to our recent call for engineering professionals to work with The Orion Project, over 70 such candidates have offered their services.

We now ask the public to fully support and fund The Orion Project so that the best engineering candidates can be brought together to develop the definitive solution to the world's energy and environmental crisis.

Here is one example of the kind of amazing brain-trust now offering to work with The Orion Project: An engineer and inventor of stellar credentials, but who wishes to remain confidential, has offered to work full time with us on new energy solutions. This scientist has successfully built new energy and antigravity systems for major corporations and the US government and is ready to now bring all of this knowledge to the project. His technology has been reproduced by the largest department of defense laboratory and is proven-not theoretical. He is confident that within a year, the world would have a completely new way to generate clean, limitless energy from the Quantum vacuum.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have the funds to even outfit the laboratory we would need to carry forward this amazing research. Will you help us?

Where I live in Albemarle County (population 125,000) Virginia, we raised over $6 million to build a new shelter for stray dogs and cats. The Orion Project budget is for approximately half that amount. Surely, with this kind of talent ready to work full time on revolutionary new energy solutions we can raise half the amount raised for the local animal shelter!

Please help us by telling everyone you know about the promise of new energy and The Orion Project. And please give generously today so we may bring this scientists and others together to work on the energy solutions the world needs today!

Thank you for your support!

Steven M. Greer MD

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

BlackLight Power Inc. Announces Independent Replication of New Energy Source

Rowan University confirms BlackLight's new disruptive energy source

BlackLight Power (BLP) Inc. today announced the successful independent replication and validation of its 1,000 watt and 50,000 watt reactors based on its proprietary new clean energy technology. This follows BLP's May announcement that it had successfully tested a new non-polluting energy source.

BLP's 50,000 watt reactor generated over one million joules of energy in a precise measurement made by Rowan University engineers, led by Dr. Peter Jansson. The independent study included full characterization of a proprietary solid fuel to generate the energy, before and after the reaction.

"Our experiments on the BlackLight technology have demonstrated that within the range of measurement errors the significant energy generated, which is 100 times the energy that could be attributed to measurement error, cannot be explained by other known sources like combustion or nuclear energy," says Dr. Jansson, professor of engineering at Rowan University. "The ability to generate such tremendous power in this controlled process demonstrates that the claim by BlackLight Power that it is able to demonstrate repeatable heat experiments based on their technology can be replicated by independent scientists."

The BLP process continues to be replicated and validated by independent scientists and has received interest from financial institutions and power utility plant operators around the world. BLP plans on licensing its technologies.

"This is the result that the world has been waiting for to engage this technology and provides validation that the energy generated using the BlackLight technology is no longer an academic argument," says Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO, and President of BlackLight Power Inc. "The BlackLight Process generates more than 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen that can be harnessed to replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants. These experimental results prove that the new power source discovered in our labs has the possibility to make a profound impact in our current energy-strapped economy."

Dr. Jansson's Rowan University team conducted 55 tests of the prototypes, including controls and calibrations, during a nine-month study. Test results indicated that energy generation was proportional to the total amount of solid fuel, and only one percent of the one million joules of the energy released could be accounted for by previously known chemistry. These results matched earlier tests conducted at BlackLight's Research and Development Center, in Cranbury New Jersey.

Michael Jordan, former CEO of Westinghouse and current board member of BlackLight Power, says "The offsite replication and independent testing announced by Dr. Peter Jansson and his team of scientists underscore the business viability and impact of BlackLight's new energy source as the opportune replacement of coal-based fuels. It will go down as one of the most important advances in the field of energy in the last fifty years."

Rowan University's Dr. Jansson has released a report outlining the full documentation and results of the off-site replication and independent testing of the BlackLight Process that is available at:

BlackLight Power is committed to announcing all future progress as it occurs.

About BlackLight Power

BlackLight Power Inc. is the inventor of a new primary energy source and a new field of hydrogen chemistry with broad commercial applications. BlackLight Power has invented a new primary energy source with applications to heating, distributed power generation, central power generation, and motive power based on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process.

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

UFO Cheshire UK 2008

An object appears to buzz close to a plane, then in the last frames speeds off at a high rate of acceleration.

Is this real?

Milton Torres US Pilot sent to shoot down UFO

The order came straight out of the Cold War manual: Arm all weapons and fire on sight. For Lieutenant Milton Torres, an American jet fighter pilot based in Britain, it was the first and last time that he had received such a chilling instruction.

As soon as he scrambled his Sabre jet from RAF Manston in Kent and headed eastwards, he saw the blip on his radar, indicating the presence of an aircraft the size of a B52 about 15 miles away, and he prepared to close in for the kill with a salvo of rockets. But the aircraft, judged to be hostile and probably Russian, simply vanished. The blip on the radar disappeared.

The 24-year-old American pilot's extraordinary experience on the night of May 20, 1957, which he was officially ordered never to reveal to anyone, has come to light after the declassification of another batch of Ministry of Defence files relating to reported incidents of unidentified flying objects appearing in British airspace in this case the only known example of a jet fighter pilot being ordered to shoot down a UFO. He reported the craft travelling at mach 10+ and larger than an aircraft carrier.

Mr Torres, now 77 and a retired professor of civil engineering living in Miami, told The Times that the day after he was scrambled from RAF Manston he received a visit from an American in a trenchcoat who waved a National Security Agency identity card at him and warned him that, if he ever revealed what had happened, he would never fly again.

Milton Torres US Pilot sent to shoot down UFO

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Rothschilds and their 200 years of political influence

Nat Rothschild, the financier at the centre of allegations that threaten to engulf the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, is no stranger to laws which forbid politicians from accepting donations from abroad.

Political donations from overseas are also illegal in the US, where John McCain's campaign team is under investigation for allegedly accepting a benefit in kind from two mega-rich British citizens, namely Nat Rothschild and his father, Jacob, the Fourth Baron Rothschild.

In April, Mr McCain passed through London and spoke at a fund-raising dinner for expatriate Americans, where seats at the cheapest tables cost £500 a head. What caught the eye of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based foundation dedicated to combating corruption, was that the event was held "by kind permission of Lord Rothschild and Hon Nathaniel Rothschild" at the family home in Spencer House, St James's, the only privately owned 17th-century palace in central London.

The US Federal Election Committee is still investigating the allegation that Mr McCain's campaign team broke electoral law by accepting a benefit in kind from the Rothschilds. "We haven't heard from the FEC yet, and don't expect to until after the campaign," Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said.

The Rothschild family and politics have been intertwined for generations, ever since Nathan Rothschild, who founded the English branch of the family business, financed Britain's war against Napoleon two centuries ago. Nathan was the son of Mayer Rothschild, who founded the family business in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt during the 18th century.

Serena Rothschild, Nat Rothschild's mother, was one of the largest individual donors to the Conservative Party last year. She gave £190,000. She has also helped fund Mr Osborne's office.

When another member of the clan, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, married the New York businesswoman Lynn Forester, they spent the night of their wedding dinner in the White House as guests of Bill Clinton. Lady Rothschild was a fund-raiser for the Democrats, but defected to the McCain camp after her friend Hillary Clinton was beaten to the nomination by Barack Obama.

So it is nothing new for a Rothschild to be mixing with prominent politicians – but generally they do it in a way that does not invite unnecessary publicity. What is unusual about Nat Rothschild's sudden intervention in the affair of the oligarch and the Corfu yacht is the way he has placed himself centre stage. His presumed motive is anger at Mr Osborne's bad manners in passing on what Peter Mandelson had said about Gordon Brown, when Lord Mandelson, Mr Osborne, and Mr Rothschild were guests of the Russian aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

Despite the now famous photograph that shows Mr Rothschild and Mr Osborne as privileged 21-year-old Oxford undergraduates, they were not close friends and their paths soon diverged. Within two years of that photograph being taken, Mr Osborne had set himself on his chosen career path by taking up a senior post at Conservative headquarters. In the same year, Nat Rothschild, showing no interest in finding a steady job, teamed up with Annabelle Neilson, a model he had met on a beach in India, eloped to Las Vegas, and married her.

His horrified parents must have feared that he was heading off on the same self-destructive course as two of his cousins – Amschel, who hanged himself in a Paris hotel in 1996, and Rafael, who died of a heroin overdose in Manhattan at the age of 23.

But Nat Rothschild emerged from his marriage break-up three years later a changed man. In New York, he met Timothy Barakett, founder of Atticus Capital, a hedge fund that places large and often risky bets on behalf of wealthy clients. Mr Rothschild became co-chairman of the business, which at its peak was managing investments worth more than £20bn. That was before turmoil in the markets – last month, it was reported that £2.5bn had been knocked off the value of Atticus's assets.

Even so, Nat Rothschild is thought to have made much more than the money he stood to inherit as Jacob Rothschild's youngest child and only son. Father and son are now a team, who co-founded JNR, an investment vehicle with offices in London and New York and extensive interest in Russia. It was Jacob who introduced Nat to Peter Mandelson.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Oligarchs, Mandelson and Osborne

The Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska has rather weightier matters to worry about right now – such as, with credit markets still closed, where he's going to find the money to refinance the $4.5bn (£2.7bn) he borrowed to buy a 25 per cent stake in Norilsk Nickel – but that hasn't stopped him playing centre stage in Britain's latest political bunfight.

It was unwise, to put it mildly, for the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, to use confidences learnt while holidaying in Corfu as a guest of his old college friend Nat Rothschild to attack a political bruiser as formidable as Peter Mandelson. Mr Rothschild saw the smear campaign as a betrayal of his hospitality and has given Mr Mandelson all the ammunition he needs to bite back.

This is one of those stories that has got it all – luxury yachts, billionaire oligarchs, luxury villas, lavish cocktail parties, old money, new money, political chicanery and so on. The only thing missing is sex. That may only be a matter of time. But is it of any long-term significance? Despite the denials, the suspicion that Mr Osborne illegally attempted to solicit a political donation from Mr Deripaska will linger and may further erode the fast-dwindling lead the Tories enjoy in the polls.

My only excuse as a business editor in writing about what is essentially political mudslinging is that the newly ennobled Mandelson is now Britain's Business Secretary. Wherever he goes, fireworks seem to follow, so his new charge can at least expect a lively couple of years, assuming he lasts that long. The trouble started almost immediately Mr Mandelson was summoned back from exile in Europe to be part of Gordon Brown's political fightback.

According to stories leaked by Mr Osborne to newspaper diaries, he had by "chance" bumped into Mr Mandelson in a Corfu taverna over the summer holidays, and in the ensuing chat, the prince of darkness had dripped pure poison on the Labour Party leader he now claims to be so supportive of. This latter part of the story is entirely believable, but the former was a bit of an exaggeration.

There was little chance in their meeting and the taverna in question was as much the Rothschild holiday home – a beautiful place of peace and tranquillity with its own private beach which I once chugged longingly past in a motor boat – as the kebab house down the road. But there was much worse to come. Mr Osborne then briefed The Sunday Times to the effect that Lord Mandelson had holidayed with Mr Deripaska on his yacht, moored nearby. This was at best inappropriate, as Mr Mandelson was still at the time EU Trade commissioner, and as such responsible for rule changes that might have benefited the Russian aluminium tycoon.

But it wasn't half as stupid as Mr Osborne, who it turns out also drank with Mr Deripaska on the yacht and at the villa, and even brought along Andrew Feldman, the Tory party's chief fundraiser, also by chance staying just down the road, to entertain and keep him company.

Mr Rothschild's motivation in accusing Mr Osborne of attempting to solicit a donation is a bit of mystery. Friends say that he was simply offended by Mr Osborne's clumsy use of private meetings and confidences while a guest at his house. Yet Mr Rothschild is also a long-standing adviser to Mr Deripaska, who would not have taken kindly to seeing his name splashed over the UK press in connection with Mr Mandelson. In any case, Mr Rothschild claims to have a witness to the alleged solicitation – one Jim Goodwin, an American business associate.

Nat Rothschild is an interesting character in his own right. A former playboy, he once showed worrying signs of following other doomed young members of the Rothschild dynasty into oblivion, but was rescued when family money enabled him to buy into Tim Barrakett's Atticus Capital, a hedge fund group which at the time was down on its uppers.

In the subsequent bull market, Mr Rothschild made hay and is now said to be worth $200m in his own right, assuming he didn't keep his share of the profits in the hedge fund, which, along with the rest of the industry, has bombed over the past year. If it was privacy he was trying to defend, stepping into the row between Osborne and Mandelson was hardly the way to go about keeping it. Dangerous place, that Corfu. But perhaps the biggest lesson is that it doesn't pay to mess with Mandy.

Comment – October 22, 2008

Interesting to note how one of the lesser members of the Rothschild clan can have such influence despite his relative youth.

If nothing else, the above report illustrates how he is courting senior members of both leading British political parties. This is an old trick whereby backing both parties in a political contest the family are assured of a winner – whoever wins.

Even more intriguing is Rothschild’s involvement with the Russian oligarch. The Rothschild family have a history of shifting their base of operations with an uncanny foresight. One branch of the family moved to England before Victoria ascended the throne and made rich profits while the British Empire was at its height.

Then the family backed Barney Barnato, who was born Barney Isaacs in a Victorian London slum and together with Rothschild lackeys the Oppenheimers went on to reap rich pickings in South Africa’s gold and diamond fields.

Now they appear to be moving into Russia, which leads us to suspect that Putin’s apparent enmity toward the Russian oligarchs is no more than an act. Whatever happens the Rothschild family appear to be preparing for a shift eastwards towards Moscow.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Newly released UFO files - October 2008

The following link contains a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1986–1992 which have just been released. The files are in PDF format.


Newly Released UFO files from the UK National Archives (October 20, 2008)

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO - London, Reuters (October 20, 2008)

US airman Milton Torres told to shoot down UFO when based at RAF Manston - Times Online (October 20, 2008)

A FORMER Top Gun told yesterday how he was ordered to shoot down a massive UFO — over NORWICH (October 20, 2008)

Source of the above:

Monday, 20 October 2008

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase. Privacy campaigners fear it marks the latest government move to create a surveillance society.

A compulsory national register for the owners of all 72m mobile phones in Britain would be part of a much bigger database to combat terrorism and crime. Whitehall officials have raised the idea of a register containing the names and addresses of everyone who buys a phone in recent talks with Vodafone and other telephone companies, insiders say.

The move is targeted at monitoring the owners of Britain’s estimated 40m prepaid mobile phones. They can be purchased with cash by customers who do not wish to give their names, addresses or credit card details.

The pay-as-you-go phones are popular with criminals and terrorists because their anonymity shields their activities from the authorities. But they are also used by thousands of law-abiding citizens who wish to communicate in private.

The move aims to close a loophole in plans being drawn up by GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, to create a huge database to monitor and store the internet browsing habits, e-mail and telephone records of everyone in Britain.

The “Big Brother” database would have limited value to police and MI5 if it did not store details of the ownership of more than half the mobile phones in the country.

Contingency planning for such a move is already thought to be under way at Vodafone, where 72% of its 18.5m UK customers use pay-as-you-go.

The office of Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, said it anticipated that a compulsory mobile phone register would be unveiled as part of a law which ministers would announce next year.

“With regards to the database that would contain details of all mobile users, including pay-as-you-go, we would expect that this information would be included in the database proposed in the draft Communications Data Bill,” a spokeswoman said.

Simon Davies, of Privacy International, said he understood that several mobile phone firms had discussed the proposed database in talks with government officials.

As The Sunday Times revealed earlier this month, GCHQ has already been provided with up to £1 billion to work on the pilot stage of the Big Brother database, which will see thousands of “black boxes” installed on communications lines provided by Vodafone and BT as part of a pilot interception programme.

The proposals have sparked a fierce backlash inside Whitehall. Senior officials in the Home Office have privately warned that the database scheme is impractical, disproportionate and potentially unlawful. The revolt last week forced Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, to delay announcing plans for the database until next year.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mandelbrot Set

The image below is what the universe would look like if we could take a holographic image of the Entire Universe. The image is simply known as the Mandelbrot Set.

The image above was also depicted in a crop glyph:

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

This video is well worth watching: