Friday, 15 February 2008

HIV problem is a lie

Today the BBC published an article by a well know and Nobel Prize-winning biologist Professor David Baltimore. David is the president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The article is very negative and depressing, especially if you are one of the many people on this planet who are currently living or knows someone who is living with this dreadful disease, HIV.

After reading the article I decided to enquire who exactly is this David Baltimore. What I found confirmed my fears. David, it turns out is one of those dirty perverted people we have been referring too recently as 'elite'.

It turns out that David Baltimore is a full time member on the Council of Foreign relations. David is also a member of Hillary Clinton for president. David has previously worked for the Rockefeller University and David is a member of BB Biotech AG.

Therefore, there is no wonder David Baltimore is spreading outright lies that there is currently no cure for this dreadful disease. After all, David Baltimore is currently working for David Rockefeller whose ultimate goal is population reduction via eugenics and a one-world government. David Baltimore is therefore paid to sit in the lab and lie to the governments of this world and the people of this planet.

There is a cure out there for HIV and those in control whose ultimate goal is population reduction are suppressing the vaccine. See the article below:

David Baltimore you should be ashamed of yourself. When 'we' the public take back control of this planet I shall see that you get tried, along with the rest of the perverts that currently run this planet, for crimes against humanity. You shall not be forgotten when the time comes!

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