Saturday, 18 April 2009

The first reported crop circle of 2009

The Ridgeway, Avebury, Wiltshire

Reported April 14 2009

This first UK Crop formation of 2009 was discovered on the 14th of April and is located close to the Ridgeway and approximately one mile East of the ancient stone circle complex at Avebury.

The formation spans 118ft across the field of immature, 3ft high, Oil-Seed-Rape.

Much of the crop within the design has fully recovered itself to a vertical growing stance. Moderate damage to the still laid plants is well evident and could possibly be attributed to a small number of previous visitors to the glyph.

A small proportion of the laid plants are totally undamaged and continues to grow in a healthy fashion along the ground where it fell during the construction process.


Friday, 3 April 2009

New world order emerges from chaos

New world order emerges from chaos
BBC News

A new world currency is on its way. Although $ has been awarded to a certain few it has not been lost on any of us that if only half of that money went to the Orion Project this world would be a different place. A place filled with respect and love for each other and the planet.

1 Trillion may have been awarded, a group of money sucking puppets may have gathered in one place for ONE day, with all the worlds’ problems they should have been there for over a month trying to sort things out. Talk of a New World Order may still be banded around BUT...things are not going to plan for the Elite!

Things are changing, people are changing and 'they' think they have control due to the amount of money 'they' seem to have control over. You see, money to them is everything, the sleep with it! One day we will just abolish the whole system and start again, debts cleared in an instant. So, although money is the talk of the day, money is not on our mind. We are moving forward with far greater power than can ever be achieved by the power of money.

It has been noted that the Elite group are divided on opinions and thoughts, but you see the rest of us are as ONE and we shall always be as ONE because money is not the answer, not now and not ever! The answer is LOVE!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard”

According to the great-grandson John D. Rockefeller, nephew of banker David Rockefeller, and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller the internet represents a serious threat to national security. Rockefeller is not alone in this assessment. His belief that the internet is the “number one national hazard” to national security is shared by the former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Obama’s current director Admiral Dennis C. Blair.

“It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet,” Rockefeller mused during the confirmation hearing of Gary Locke (see video), Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary. He then cites a dubious figure of three million cyber “attacks” launched against the Department of Defense every day. “Everybody is attacked, anybody can do it. People say, well it’s China and Russia, but there could be some kid in Latvia doing the same thing.”

Jay Rockefeller’s comments reveal an astounding degree of ignorance – or if not ignorance, outright propaganda. Since the September 11, 2001, attacks the government has cranked up the fear quotient in regard to cyber attacks and so-called cyber terrorism, a virtually non-existent threat except in the minds security experts and politicians. In the years since the attacks, not one real instance of real cyberterrorism has been recorded.

“Cyberattacks on critical components of the national infrastructure are not uncommon, but they have not been conducted by terrorists and have not sought to inflict the kind of damage that would qualify as cyberterrorism,” writes Gabriel Weimann, author of Terror on the Internet. “Nuclear weapons and other sensitive military systems, as well as the computer systems of the CIA and FBI, are ‘air-gapped,’ making them inaccessible to outside hackers. Systems in the private sector tend to be less well protected, but they are far from defenseless, and nightmarish tales of their vulnerability tend to be largely apocryphal.”

“Psychological, political, and economic forces have combined to promote the fear of cyberterrorism,” Weimann continues. “From a psychological perspective, two of the greatest fears of modern time are combined in the term ‘cyberterrorism.’ The fear of random, violent victimization blends well with the distrust and outright fear of computer technology.”

“The sky is not falling, and cyber-weapons seem to be of limited value in attacking national power or intimidating citizens,” notes James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Such a threat is overblown, Lewis explains. He notes that “a brief review suggests that while many computer networks remain very vulnerable to attack, few critical infrastructures are equally vulnerable.” In other words, Rockefeller’s example of a kid in Latvia with a laptop posing a serious “hazard” to national security is little more than sensationalistic propaganda.

So-called cyber terrorists are far less of a threat than government. China and Australia have recently imposed draconian censorship on internet freedom. Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Ireland , Italy, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries also impose nominal censorship on internet freedom. Urgent calls to restrict the medium in various ways through legislation and government action have increased over the last few years (for more detail, see Internet Censorship: A Comparative Study).

However, the real threat to internet freedom is currently posed by IT and ISP corporations, not the government.

Read more here:
You Tube clip:

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tory MEP’s Withering Attack on Devalued Brown Becomes Huge Internet Hit

CONSERVATIVE MEP has launched a spectacular attack on Gordon Brown - branding him 'devalued' and 'wooden' in front of a stunned European Parliament.

Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP for South East England, claimed the Prime Minister had lost all moral authority and even labelled him a 'Brezhnev apparatchik'.

The 37-year-old's speech on Tuesday, which prompted spontaneous applause in the Strasbourg chamber, has become a massive internet hit - with more than 700,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Nearly 5,000 people have already posted comments under the video praising Hannan as 'powerful and courageous'. One American web user even begged Hannan to become THEIR president, adding 'We need people like him in America."

During the three-and-a-half minute speech, Hannan - Britain's youngest ever MEP - mocked Gordon Brown directly for his role in the global financial crisis.

He said: "Within a few days of the Irish saying no to the Lisbon Treaty - you rammed it through British parliament and did it breaking a specific manifesto pledge that you would give the British people a referendum on the constitutional treaty.

"You have devalued the democracy in our country you have devalued the trust that voters have got in you as a British Prime Minister. And we know the reason why is because we would have voted no.

"You cannot continue against public opinion to build this European Union. If you do it against the will of the people you are storing up enormous social and political problems for the future. Please please let the peoples of Europe decide their destiny don't have it done in parliaments like this and Westminster - it won't work."

The attack did not end there, as Mr Farrage moved on to the subject of the economy. Visibly incensed, he almost shouted at the Prime Minister, who sat smirking as he listened to the onslaught.

Blasting Gordon Brown's handling of the economic crisis, he said: "You've destroyed our private pensions system, you've took away from the Bank of England its ability to regulate the banks and given it to the tick-box bureaucrats at the FSA in Canary Wharf.

"And we haven't heard heard an apology. Your government has apologised for the Emirates Sar massacre, you've apologised for slavery, you've apologised for virtually everything. Will you please apologise for what you did as British Chancellor and then perhaps we might just listen to you."


Farrage speech here
Hannan’s Speech here

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rothschild Australia and E3 International to take the lead in the global carbon trading market

Now we know the real reason behind the Carbon Trading scheme. What I find most disturbing is the fact the contract was set up in 2002 (Carbon Ring PTY LTD, Registration Date 27/06/2002) long before Global Warming was ever an issue. Incidentally for those that are not aware the Rothschild family have been helping the British government – and many others – out of a financial hole ever since they financed Wellington’s army and thus victory against the French at Waterloo in 1815.

Sydney, Australia - Rothschild Australia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$150 billion by 2012.

In a move that will re-shape the fledgling emissions trading market, Rothschild Australia and E3 International today announced their intention to launch the Carbon Ring Consortium — an investment vehicle that will provide companies in the Asia Pacific Region with an innovative way of learning about and understanding their risks in the new carbon market.

The Carbon Ring Consortium is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific Region, and is the first in a series of private investment vehicles that Carbon Ring Pty Ltd will launch in coming years.

Richard Martin, the chief executive officer of Rothschild Australia said, “With recent developments in international climate change policy, the question is no longer if, but when the global carbon trading market will emerge. Rothschild Australia, through Carbon Ring, intends to be at the forefront of this market, providing private investment vehicles to companies seeking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions liabilities.”

The Carbon Ring Consortium allows companies with a future carbon liability to purchase a range of carbon credits and obtain a practical insight into the operation of this new market. Carbon credits will be bought from domestic and international projects that achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. These carbon credits will be distributed pro rata to Consortium investors.

“The Carbon Ring Consortium is an important first step for Rothschild and for our clients,” said Mr. Martin.

“The Consortium should appeal to companies that are faced with a greenhouse liability and are significant users or producers of energy, such as electricity generators, heavy industrials, oil companies, major manufacturers or airlines, amongst many others.

“It provides investors with an opportunity to learn about the market through an investment in a low risk, low cost investment vehicle, created specifically to acquire a diverse range of carbon credits. Participants will also share in significant knowledge and intellectual property,” Mr. Martin said.

During its life, the Carbon Ring Consortium intends to purchase a range of carbon credits, in a range of jurisdictions and from a range of sources. In the process, the Consortium will expose investors to many of the most pressing issues that corporations will have to address if they are to participate in the emerging carbon market. It will also give investors a practical insight into the buying and selling of carbon credits in the present market, without the need to invest in significant trading infrastructure or to assume undue risk.

Mr. Martin believes that there are many reasons why an organisation would invest in the Consortium: gaining practical experience in an emerging market; offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions; hedging their investments in new infrastructure; or in response to the expectations of the public, customers or shareholders.

Craig Windram, the director of E3 International and a partner in Carbon Ring, said, “A carbon liability brings with it considerable financial risk for organisations, and early planning to deal with this risk will add to an organisation’s competitive advantage — that’s where Carbon Ring comes in.

“Few companies have developed a practical understanding of the emerging carbon market. For companies on either side of the equation, as either buyers or sellers, the Carbon Ring Consortium will provide the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’. This experience will be vital in assisting businesses to formulate policy, to understand and identify their risks, and to demonstrate leadership in an area of growing public concern,” Mr. Windram said.

The Carbon Ring Consortium is an unregistered, managed investment scheme. Designed to be a tailored, limited-life vehicle, it will document the legal and accounting process involved in the purchase, settlement and distribution of various carbon credit assets.

Requiring an investment of US$100,000, with a portion returned to investors in the form of carbon credits, the Consortium is intended to provide investors with a low cost, low risk and structured entry into this new market.

About Rothschild

N M Rothschild & Sons has been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for more 200 years. Today, the firm is a global investment bank, which provides independent and quality advice to governments, corporations and individuals worldwide through a network of professionals in 40 offices across more than 30 countries. The firm employs 2,500 employees worldwide.

About E3

The E3 Group is a hybrid organisation dedicated to making the business case for sustainable development. It is part strategic management consultancy, part environmental think tank, part project developer and part investment manager.

The E3 Group comprises a number of companies that have developed around the business of sustainability. The Group includes a conventional consulting business, an environmental software company, a dedicated renewable energy project promoter and the Carbon Ring Consortium. The principal operating company in the group is E3 International Pty Limited, which is headquartered in Australia.


Monday, 23 March 2009

MoD briefed ministers over UFO

Photographs taken of a UFO hovering next to an RAF jet over Scotland were treated very seriously by military investigators, newly-released Ministry of Defence files show. Skip related content

Witnesses saw the mysterious large diamond-shaped object hanging in the air for about 10 minutes before it ascended vertically at high speed.

Military experts concluded the aircraft was a Harrier, but could not identify the UFO despite apparently commissioning detailed line drawings of it.

Fearing there could be significant media interest, the MoD took the unusual step of briefing ministers about the sighting.

The incident also discloses that British military intelligence officers tasked with investigating UFO reports took a close interest in claims the US was developing a top secret spy-plane.

The sighting is included in military UFO documents made available online by the National Archives.

The seven files, produced by the DI55 branch of the Defence Intelligence Staff, relate to the period between November 1987 and April 1993 and contain details of around 1,200 separate UFO sightings.

They demonstrate that British officials were more concerned about advanced new aircraft being developed by the Russians and Americans than little green men.

The files include numerous cuttings from magazines and newspapers relating to rumours that the US military was developing a hypersonic spy-plane known as Aurora.

Attached to one article about Aurora from September 1991 was a note from an MoD official that read: "Attention is really focusing on this now, notwithstanding a recent USAF 'denial briefing'"


Newly released UFO files - March 2009:

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Earth Hour



This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.

In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet. Over 74 countries and territories have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009, and this number is growing everyday.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

After this article was published it would seem that Baxter International Inc. have not stopped in their quest to "cull" the population. Please keep in mind that a member of the Baxter International Inc. board is also a member at the Rockefeller University. Is the world wide flu pandemic about to become reality? Let's hope not!

Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has just been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries. The “mistake” (if you can call it that, see below…) was discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community as health experts asked the obvious question: How could this have happened?

Or, put another way, Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is Baxter — which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world — getting away with saying, essentially, “Oops?”But there’s a bigger question in all this: How could this company have accidentally mixed LIVE avian flu viruses (both H5N1 and H3N2, the human form) in this vaccine material?

Was the viral contamination intentional?The shocking answer is that this couldn’t have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3(Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials. As explained on Wikipedia

“Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents, and are supervised by competent scientists who are experienced in working with these agents. This is considered a neutral or warm zone. All procedures involving the manipulation of infectious materials are conducted within biological safety cabinets or other physical containment devices, or by personnel wearing appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment. The laboratory has special engineering and design features.”

It is bad enough that governments all over the world have been warning about the likely pandemic flu. Now we find out we cannot trust Big Pharma to handle such bio-hazardous material in a safe manner.

Who knows whether it was intentional? But I sure would like to know what really happened? And I sure would like to see the people responsible fired!


Thursday, 12 March 2009

The power of the 'All-Seeing Eye':

....and people think the surveillance system is not that good! Just imagine what they can "see".

This photo was taken with a robotic camera at the 2009 Inauguration. You can see IN FOCUS the face of each individual in the crowd!!! You can scan, double click and zoom to any section of the assembled throng … wait a few seconds … and the focus adjusts

Monday, 9 March 2009

"Outlaw the Shadow Banking System!" - Guess Who Said It?

Are the follow articles just rumours? or have we finally reached a point were the Elites are literally on the run?

When I read the remarks of President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown after their meeting at the Oval Office on March 3, 2009 and the speech of the latter to the Joint Session of Congress on March 4, 2009, I realized that a growing antagonism has emerged between certain factions of the ruling elites in the City of London and in Washington DC.

The first warning of the acute differences was sounded by President Obama himself and it was most surprising that the mass media paid hardly attention to it. In his weekly address on February 28, 2009, President Obama said:

“I realize that passing this budget won’t be easy. Because it represents real and dramatic change, it also represents a threat to the status quo in Washington. I know that the insurance industry won’t like the idea that they’ll have to bid competitively to continue offering Medicare coverage, but that’s how we’ll help preserve and protect Medicare and lower health care costs for American families. I know that banks and big student lenders won’t like the idea that we’re ending their huge taxpayer subsidies, but that’s how we’ll save taxpayers nearly $50 billion and make college more affordable. I know that oil and gas companies won’t like us ending nearly $30 billion in tax breaks, but that’s how we’ll help fund a renewable energy economy that will create new jobs and new industries. In other words, I know these steps won’t sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they’re gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this:

“So am I.”

It is clear something is definitely amiss within the ruling elites and President Obama has thrown the gauntlet to his adversaries. The skeptics may say that we should not read too much into this above quoted paragraph, as it could be mere spin to rally the troops in times of crisis. Time will tell.

I take the view that it is inevitable that the members of the ruling elites would go for each other’s throats because those who were given the charge to ensure that the money-machine keeps running have screwed up big time. Someone must answer for the fiasco.

The Blame Game

It would be naïve to assume that the status quo would remain, when the Global Trillion Dollar Casino is for all intents and purposes broken down beyond repair.

Confirmation that the blame game has started in earnest can be found in the aforesaid remarks of President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown on March 3, 2009 given after their meeting at the Oval Office and Brown’s speech to Congress on March 4, 2009.

Let us come back to the issue of the money-lenders. For some strange reason, many people are put off by the term “money-lenders” but are ever so comfortable with bankers.

But are not bankers, money-lenders?

In fact I would say that money-lenders are more honourable than your high street bankers, as they can only rob you in the millions. The global bankers, they rape and plunder in the trillions!

Is it any wonder that Gordon Brown and President Obama, the political representatives of the Power Elites have decided that it is about time that these financial harlots are to be brought under control before they wreck the entire global power structure?

Let us have no illusions about Obama and Gordon Brown. They are going after these financial harlots not because they want to protect us from these criminals, but because for too long the political faction had to play second fiddle to the financial faction in the overall scheme of global one world government.

Until lately, money power triumphed over political power. However, when the entire financial system broke into pieces, it was time to settle scores!

Read for yourself:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s remarks at the White House, March 3, 2009

“Well, there's got to be deep regulatory change. We've just been talking, Barack and I, about the need for proper supervision of shadow banking systems, of areas where there was bank practices that were unacceptable, where remuneration policies got out of hand and weren't based on long-term success, but on short-term deals. And these are the changes that we've already announced that we are going to make.”

“We've had a global banking failure, and it's happened in every part of the world. It's almost like a power cut that went right across the financial system. And we have got to rebuild that financial system. We've got to isolate the bad assets.”

You don't want shadow banking systems. You don't want regulatory tax havens. So we've got to act as a world together to deal with that. And that's one of the things we'll be talking about in April in London.”

President Obama’s response at the White House, March 3, 2009

“Now, having said that, the banking system has been dealt a heavy blow. It has to do with many of the things that Prime Minister Brown alluded to: lax regulation, massive over-leverage, huge systemic risks taken by unregulated institutions, as well as regulated institutions. And so there are a lot of losses that are working their way through the system. And it's not surprising that the market is hurting as a consequence. In fact, I think what we're seeing is that as people absorb the depths of the problem that existed in the banking system, as well as the international ramifications of it, that there's going to be a natural reaction.”

“We are cleaning up that mess. It's going to be sort of full of fits and starts in terms of getting the mess cleaned up, but it's going to get cleaned up.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Speech to Congress, March 4, 2009

“And we need to understand what went wrong in this crisis, that the very financial instruments that were designed to diversify risk across the banking system instead spread contagion across the globe. And today's financial institutions are so interwoven that a bad bank anywhere is a threat to good banks everywhere.”

“And you are also restructuring your banks. So are we. But how much safer would everybody's savings be if the whole world finally came together to outlaw shadow banking systems and offshore tax havens?”

You have just read that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made the call to “outlaw the shadow banking system and offshore tax havens!”


Even if you are a skeptic and holds the view that the quotes are mere spin to delude the people, you cannot deny that Prime Minister Brown has let the genie out of the bottle!

Whether there are any follow through actions by President Obama and Prime Minister Brown, the global citizens must take action independently, if they want to save their children, and their children’s children from decades of impoverishment and extreme hardship.

The most powerful leader of the Western world and his side-kick has openly and unreservedly acknowledged that we are having a global financial melt-down. And that the cause for this catastrophe is the shadow banking system!

There is now an open warfare between the political factions and the financial factions of the global power elites. This will be ugly. And as President Obama warned, “they are gearing for a fight…” He has also responded to the challenge: “So am I.”

Given the above scenario, we must first take out the financial elites, and thereafter the political faction, failing which we will all plunge into the black hole of financial Armageddon!


...and now this:

Sunday, 8 March 2009

How Hard is it for the Truth to Be Heard?

Yesterday Harriet Harman was lying through her teeth on the Andrew Marr show, claiming that the Government had never had any idea any of its intelligence was coming through torture. Meanwhile, the Government has refused to testify on this subject before the Parliamentary Joint Commission on Human Rights, where such lies may have consequences. If Harman is telling the truth, what do Ministers have to hide from the Parliamentary Commission?

Of course, she is not telling the truth. I today sent this memorandum to the Joint Commission on Human Rights, offering to give evidence before them - if Ministers won't tell them what is happening, perhaps I can:

I wish to offer myself as a witness before the Joint Commission on Human Rights on the subject of the UK government's policy on intelligence cooperation with torture abroad.

I appeared as a witness in person before both the European Parliament and European Council's enquiries into extraordinary rendition. My evidence was described by the European Council's Rapporteur, Senator Dick Marty, as "Compelling and valuable".

The key points I wish to make are these:

* I was British Ambassador in Uzbekistan from 2002 to 2004.

* I learned and confirmed that I was regularly seeing intelligence from detainees in the Uzbek torture chambers, sent me by the CIA via MI6.

* British Ministers and officials were seeing the same torture material.

* In October/November 2002 and January/Februray 2003 I sent two Top Secret telegrams to London specifically on the subject of our receipt of intelligence gained under torture. I argued this was illegal, immoral and impractical. The telegrams were speciifically marked for the Secretary of State.

* I was formally summoned back to the FCO for a meeting held on 7 or 8 March 2003 specifically and solely on the subject of intelligence gained under torture. Present were Linda Duffield, Director Wider Europe, FCO, Sir Michael Wood, Chief Legal Adviser, FCO, and Matthew Kydd, Head of Permanent Under-Secretary's Department, FCO.

* This meeting was minuted. I have seen the record, which is classified Top Secret and was sent to Jack Straw. On the top copy are extensive hand-written marginalia giving Jack Straw's views.

* I was told at this meeting that it is not illegal for us to obtain intelligence gained by torture, provided that we did not do the torture ourselves. I was told that it had been decided that as a matter of War on Terror policy we should now obtain intelligence from torture, following discussion between Jack Straw and Richard Dearlove. I was told that we could not exclude receipt of specific material from the CIA without driving a coach and horses through the universality principle of the UK/US intelligence sharing agreement, which would be detrimental to UK interests.

* Sir Michael Wood's legal advice that it was not illegal to receive intelligence got by torture was sent on to me in Tashkent (copy attached).

* On 22 July 2004 I sent one further telegram on intelligence got by torture, with a lower classification, following FCO communications on the subject. (Copy attached).

It was my final communication before being dismissed as Ambassador.
In conclusion, I can testify that beyond any doubt the British government has for at least six years a considered but secret policy of cooperation with torture abroad. This policy legally cleared by government legal advisers and approved by Jack Straw as Secretary of State.

Craig Murray
2 March 2009

So now I wait to see what response I get. The Foreign Affairs Committee refused to call me to give evidence, and I rather fear that the Joint Commission on Human Rights may continue the British parliamentary tradition of ostracising whistleblowers.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Officials investigate how bird flu viruses were sent to unsuspecting labs

Where there is smoke there is often fire! It comes as no surprise to me that certain board members of Baxter International Inc. also work for the Rockefeller University. Is the global human "population control" about to get under way? (see the bottom of this article)

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made "experimental virus material" based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company.

That company, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then disseminated the supposed H3N2 virus product to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Authorities in the four European countries are looking into the incident, and their efforts are being closely watched by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.

Though it appears none of the 36 or 37 people who were exposed to the contaminated product became infected, the incident is being described as "a serious error" on the part of Baxter, which is on the brink of securing a European licence for an H5N1 vaccine. That vaccine is made at a different facility, in the Czech Republic.

"For this particular incident ... the horse did not get out (of the barn)," Dr. Angus Nicoll of the ECDC said from Stockholm.

"But that doesn't mean that we and WHO and the European Commission and the others aren't taking it as seriously as you would any laboratory accident with dangerous pathogens - which you have here."

Accidental release of a mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses - if that indeed happened - could have resulted in dire consequences. Nicoll said officials still aren't 100 per cent sure the mixture contained live H5N1 viruses. But given that ferrets exposed to the mixture died, it likely did.

H5N1 doesn't easily infect people, but H3N2 viruses do. They are one of two types of influenza A viruses that infect people each flu season.

If someone exposed to the mixture had been co-infected with H5N1 and H3N2, the person could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people. That mixing process, called reassortment, is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.

Research published last summer by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that in the laboratory, H5N1 and H3N2 viruses mated readily. While less virulent than H5N1, a number of the offspring viruses appeared to retain at least a portion of the killing power of their dangerous parent.

Baxter International, which is based in Deerfield, Ill., said the contamination was the result of an error in its research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

The facility had been contracted by Avir Green Hills to make what Baxter refers to as "experimental virus material" based on human H3N2 viruses.

Christopher Bona, Baxter's director of global bioscience communications, said the liquid virus product was not a vaccine and was developed for testing purposes only. He deferred questions about the purpose of the testing to Avir Green Hills, but said the batch was to be used in animals and was never intended for use in humans.

Avir Green Hills said in an email that it took possession of the material in late December. It later sent the product to the sub-contractors. The email said the material was stored and handled throughout under high biosafety conditions.

Alarm bells rang in early February when researchers at the Czech sub-contractor inoculated ferrets with the material and the animals promptly died. Baxter learned about the problem on Feb. 6, Bona said from Deerfield.

Ferrets are susceptible to human flu strains, but they don't die from those infections. Preliminary investigation found the material was contaminated with H5N1 flu virus, which is lethal to ferrets.

Nicoll said the fact the ferrets died supports the working assumption that there were live H5N1 viruses in the material Baxter produced.

Bona said Baxter has identified how the contamination happened and has taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. He said Austrian authorities audited Baxter's Orth-Donau research operations after the problem came to light and are satisfied with the steps taken.

Baxter is the only flu vaccine manufacturer to work with wild type flu viruses, felt to be more dangerous than the altered and attenuated (weakened) viruses other manufacturers use.

The company uses what is known as BSL3 level precautions in all its vaccine research facilities, Bona said. (Researchers at the U.S. CDC use BSL3-plus biocontainment when working with H5N1 viruses, a spokesperson for the agency said.)

People familiar with biosecurity rules are dismayed by evidence that human H3N2 and avian H5N1 viruses have somehow co-mingled in the Baxter research facility. That should not be allowed to happen, a number of experts insisted.

The company isn't shedding much light on how it did.

"It was a combination of just the process itself, (and) technical and human error in this procedure," Bona said. When asked to elaborate, he said to do so would give away proprietary information about Baxter's production process.

Bona said when Baxter realized its error, it helped the various companies destroy the contaminated material and clean up their facilities. And staff who had been exposed to the contaminated product were assessed and monitored by infectious diseases doctors. They were also offered the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu).

Baxter's error is reminiscent of a 2005 incident where a U.S. manufacturer of kits used by laboratories to test their detection capabilities included vials of H2N2 virus in several thousand proficiency kits. H2N2, the virus that caused the 1957 pandemic, has not circulated since 1968 and is thought to be a prime candidate to cause the next pandemic.

That mistake, discovered by Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory, set authorities around the world scrambling to retrieve and destroy the vials of virus, which had been sent to labs in 18 countries.


Arnold J. Levine, Ph.D., age 59, has served as a director of Baxter since 1994. In December 1998, Dr. Levine became the president of Rockefeller University. He was a professor of biology and the chairman of the molecular biology department at Princeton University from 1984 to 1998. Since 1982, Dr. Levine has been the chairman of Baxter's scientific advisory board. Dr. Levine serves as a director of Perkin Elmer Corporation.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

A ONENESS of thought

I am back blogging with an article that hopefully will inspire us all.

....In your current situation on your planet there is a vast amount of knowledge that is being offered from many different sources. We know this is a topic that is currently in your mind regularly. However one may be informed, however often one tops up the knowledge bank, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more knowledgeable than one who chooses to remain in silence and reclusive, away from all sources of information gathering. Wisdom is offered from us to you. When wisdom is harmonised with Truth then we would call it knowledge in the terms that we like to express the word. For what is the point of knowing many things if one’s heart is unsure as to whether or not they are a Truth?

Awareness of things is not detrimental, what is however … is living with/in the fear that some of that awareness brings. We have brought forth knowledge in many different ways. We feel it necessary to impress upon your minds over and over again that it is YOU that create your world. If you TRULY understand this you would all view the future very differently. You say you ‘get it’ and you visualise an abundance of money or that fancy sports car, or that trip to a sun soaked land of milk and honey …. YOU SEEM TO FORGET THE BIGGER PICTURE! We spoke to you in the day gone by of how you would like your world to be. You all KNOW how you would like your world to be and yet you remain in the pocket of how it is now! Focusing on what is taking place now that is not to your liking. Focus on the Now of what IS your liking and let the rest disappear, for when it is not a focus in your mind it cannot continue a lifeline for it is NOT A THOUGHT TO CARRY ON BEING CREATED.

You read of life threatening days ahead of you, so many of you live in the fear of that. Creating it! Do you see? It is not always beneficial to gain knowledge when it is of a negative, low vibration. We ask you to cease ‘buying into that’. Instead surround yourselves with thoughts of Love and peace and the idealic world that is at present only at the end of your rainbows. Bring it to you.


What lies ahead is what you want to lie ahead. What YOU choose as a human consciousness … AS ONE … TO BE. TO BRING ABOUT.
This ONENESS is what we are trying to explain. This ONENESS is the way in which you can bring about change for the good. A ONENESS of thought. A togetherness of minds IN LOVE.


Dearest souls who have been chosen and selected to be on your earth plane at this time … use your gifts wisely. Empower your beings at this most poignant hour. With each soul that ‘gets it’ there is a change in the frequency. A minute change, but a change none the less. Move forward in Light but never forget every now and then to stop, turn around, and magnetise through that Light of which you are, those who are finding it hard to keep up. Those who do not ‘get it’… yet! Help them keep up. Assist them in releasing their burdens for they do not belong within any longer. One CAN and WILL move into the new creation as a soul that is FREE. FOR FREEDOM IS YOUR RIGHT AND IT IS INDEED TIME TO RECLAIM THIS RIGHT!

Unlock the shackles dear friends, set yourselves free… and together we shall bring forth an energy that will allow this earth of yours to bask once again in the LOVE that it is/ was and shall be.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Zero Point Energy devices 5-10 years from market

On Monday, Jan. 19, 2009, I interviewed Tom Valone, Ph.D., who works at the U.S. Patent office and is the author of several books on Zero Point Energy – a source of energy that is everywhere present and constant in the universe.

General Physics tends to think that this is an inaccessible energy source, but that’s usually when we get most interested – when science as we know it says something is “impossible”. Tom gave us us an overview of the general concept of Zero Point Energy and described some recent developments toward building working prototypes using nanotechnology.

Valone is one of the most, if not the most knowledgeable person on this subject on the planet. And he is quite articulate in explaining it in a way that both scientists and lay persons can understand.

The promise of zero point energy comes from an effect that is found both on a subatomic level as well as a macro level, in which two bodies tend to be attracted to one another as they come into very close proximity to one another. Valone points out that this effect can be seen with boats. As they come close, they want to be drawn to one another.

On the near molecular level, this is manifest in what is called the "Cassimir Effect".

The exciting thing is that with the maturation of the field of nanotechnology (manipulating substances in the size range of a billionth of a meter), we now have tools by which this effect can be harnessed.

Valone describes one possible prototype involving nano-particles using a spring-like action to vibrate back and forth. Imagine a gazillion of these nanoparticles acting together. I didn't quite catch how this could be accomplished or harnessed.

The second prototype proposal was easier to grasp, as it is presently used on a larger scale. ("Larger", in this case, refers to things we can actually perceive with our eyes, such as a diode in a circuit board.) He envisions nanodiodes being aligned, and the zero point energy forces -- free from the universe -- acting on them via the Cassimir Effect. This would result in one-way movement of electrons -- similar to what happens in a photovoltaic cell as photons -- free from the sun -- act as the stimulant. Valone envisions that a solid state (no moving parts) device one meter square, thus composed, could power a house -- continuously, with no fluctuation, no maintenance, no pollution, no fuel requirement (fuel comes freely from the zero point field).

Valone also talked about conjecture that spacecraft could be propelled by this force as well, using a fuel that is everywhere present, including in the deepest reaches of space.

The nanodiode technology is already here. It's just a matter of configuring it properly, he said. And how long before we might see something like this in the marketplace? "Five to ten years."

Valone also conjectures that Zero Point Energy could be the contributing energy source in all-magnet motors -- another technology modern physics generally says is "impossible."

Link which contains digital footage:

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tony Blair finally has the private jet he's always wanted

ooh the web we weave.....In November last year he is believed to have hired a Gulfstream IV owned by British-based banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild...

Tony Blair may have been forced to scrap plans to buy a fleet of planes dubbed ‘Blair Force One’ when he was in No10, but it seems the would-be President of Europe is still determined to travel in style.

The former Prime Minister has taken to hiring top-of-the-range Gulfstream private jets to transport him and his entourage as he carries out his current portfolio of jobs, which include adviser to the Rwandan government and representative of the Quartet, the international organisation involved in negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine.

The American-made jet, a favourite toy of billionaires, has a top speed of over 500mph and can seat around 19 people in its luxurious 45ft cabin.

It was one of the models Mr Blair’s Government considered buying in 2005 for ministerial use, before public outrage at the £80million cost saw the project being rejected by Parliament.

Since leaving office Mr Blair has used a number of Gulfstream planes, including a South African-registered Gulfstream V jet based at Luton Airport.

In November last year he is believed to have hired a Gulfstream IV owned by British-based banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild for a three-day return trip to Rwanda at an estimated cost of £83,000, including fuel.

Sir Evelyn, 77, who was one of a number of billionaires to dine at Downing Street in Mr Blair’s final days in power, has owned the plane since 2002 through a company called Metropix.

He hires it out through brokers in London and Luton.

In 2000, Sir Evelyn donated £250,000 to the Policy Network, a think-tank presided over by Peter Mandelson which organises many of the conferences – including in Washington, South Africa and Budapest – at which Mr Blair gives speeches.

And in 2003, Sir Evelyn’s wife, Lynn, offered her services as a fundraiser to the Labour Party, reportedly saying: ‘Whatever Labour wants, I would be happy to help in any way I can.’

But Mr Blair’s office has insisted that it hires jets on an anonymous basis through a broker in London.

A spokesman said: ‘The charter was procured through a broker in the UK. We pay the going commercial rate.’


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Effects of Microwave Apparatus on Food and Humans

Microwave cooking ovens were originally researched and developed by German scientists to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Had they perfected electronic equipment to prepare meals on a mass scale, the Nazis could have eliminated the logistical problems connected with cooking fuels while producing edible products in far less time than they could using traditional campfires.

After the war, the Allies discovered the medical research and documentation concerning those apparatuses. The papers and experimental microwave equipment were transferred to the U.S. War Department and classified for reference and scientific investigation. The Soviet Union also retrieved some of the devices and began an experiment on them separately. The Russians – who have done the most diligent research into the biological effects of microwave ovens – have OUTLAWED THEIR USE and issued an international warning about the biological and environmental damage that can result form the use of this and similar-frequency electronic apparatus.

Medical Research Summary

The most significant German research concerned with the biological effects of microwaves was done at the Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin in 1942-43, during the Barbarossa military campaign. Beginning in 1957 and continuing up to the present, Russian studies in the field have been conducted at the Institute of Radio Technology. In most research, the foods were exposed to microwave propagation at an energy potential of 100 kilowatts per cubic centimeter per second to the point considered acceptable for sanitary normal ingestion. The observations made by the German and Russian microwave researchers will be presented here in three categories: cancer-causing effects, destruction of nutritive value and biological effects of direct exposure of humans to microwave emissions.

Effects on Microwaved Foods

The following effects have been observed when foods are subjected to microwave emissions.

Meats: Heating prepared meats sufficiently to insure sanitary ingestion creates d-nitrosodiethanolamine, a well-known cancer-causing agent.

Proteins: Active-protein, biomolecular compounds are destabilized.

Increase in Radioactivity: A “binding effect” between the microwaved food and any atmospheric radioactivity is created, causing a marked increase in the amount of alpha and beta particle saturation in the food.

Milk and Cereals: Cancer-causing agents are created in the protein-hydrolysate compounds in milk and cereal grains.

Frozen Foods: Microwaves used to thaw frozen foods alter the catabolism (breakdown) of the glucoside and galactoside elements (see Note 1).

Vegetables: Even extremely brief exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables to microwaves alter alkaloid catabolism (see Note 2).

Read the rest of the article here:

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Des OVNI a Santiago Le 10/12/08

Des OVNI a Santiago Le 10/12/08 !!
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Did the Israeli Ambassador slip up?

Is Israel planning a war with Iran and did the Zionist state’s ambassador to Australia accidentally reveal as much in a recent address to Sydney's Jewish community? "There will be challenges you shall all face over the coming month with Iran"

Daylight footage: UFOs over Europe

Real or decide?

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets

France paralysed by a wave of strike action, the boulevards of Paris resembling a debris-strewn battlefield. The Hungarian currency sinks to its lowest level ever against the euro, as the unemployment figure rises. Greek farmers block the road into Bulgaria in protest at low prices for their produce. New figures from the biggest bank in the Baltic show that the three post-Soviet states there face the biggest recessions in Europe.

It's a snapshot of a single day – yesterday – in a Europe sinking into the bleakest of times. But while the outlook may be dark in the big wealthy democracies of western Europe, it is in the young, poor, vulnerable states of central and eastern Europe that the trauma of crash, slump and meltdown looks graver.

Exactly 20 years ago, in serial revolutionary rejoicing, they ditched communism to put their faith in a capitalism now in crisis and by which they feel betrayed. The result has been the biggest protests across the former communist bloc since the days of people power.

Europe's time of troubles is gathering depth and scale. Governments are trembling.
Revolt is in the air.


Dawn of new age of industrial unrest as wildcat strikes spread across UK

The word went out on the web: every skilled man should strike

Nuclear power workers threaten to join protest

Come on America and Canada.....join in!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Secret UFO archives opened

The Danish Air Force has opened its UFO archives, providing information on over 15,000 reported extraterrestrial sightings to the public

UFO archives are now readily available to the public, detailing sightings from over the last 30 years. The Danish Air Force published the archive online yesterday because it felt that ‘there was nothing secret in the files’.

The Air Force said that most of the sightings remained ‘unidentified’ because the details were not precise enough. However, some of the reports contained enough description to rule out the UFOs as aircraft, weather phenomenon or paper lanterns.
Not all of the sightings were centred over Denmark and one event over Greenland is attracting attention.

On the 5 January, 1981 at 12:50 a flaming, square disc was seen approximately 45 degrees over the frozen land near Thule Air Base. It then vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

Coincidentally, radar stations at the American base recorded an unidentified flying object on its radar at 12:50.

Air Force Captain Thomas Petersen, who has an extensive knowledge of the files, commented that any unresolved sightings are handed over to the Scandinavian UFO Centre, if they request it.

He added that the Air Force's main mission was to defend Denmark against threat, 'and UFOs are not a known threat'.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal

Just because the BBC will not broadcast this desperate plea for help it does not stop the rest of this planet from ignoring the poor people of Gaza.

*** DONATE NOW ***
- Donations can be made via the DEC website -
- 24 hour credit card hotline 0370 60 60 900
- Cheques made payable to: “DEC Gaza Crisis”
Send to:
DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal
PO Box 999,

BBC propaganda for Israel

Around 2,000 protesters converged upon Broadcasting House to demonstrate against the corporation's decision NOT to broadcast a charity appeal.

The BBC was in crisis last night as politicians including government ministers, religious leaders and senior members of its own staff condemned the decision not to broadcast a charity appeal to help the stricken people of Gaza rebuild their homes.

The corporation's director general, Mark Thompson, was left isolated as rival broadcasters ITV and Channel 4 agreed to put out the plea for aid made jointly by 13 British charities.

BBCs Mark Thompson exposed

The BBC has decided the broadcast of the appeal might be seen as evidence of bias on a highly sensitive political issue.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has accused the broadcaster of "taking sides". He said yesterday "This is not a row about impartiality but rather about humanity".

As most would by now be aware, the broadcasting giant, BBC once believed 'impartial' has been exposed as nothing more than a propaganda arm.

The BBC has refused to air appeals for donations for Gazans, thus breaking long-standing tradition and agreements. Other UK broadcasters immediately followed suit, including Ruppert Murdoch's - Sky TV.

Millions of people sickened by the Palestinian Holocaust and the sufferings of civilians in the Gazan Concentration Camps were prevented by the BBC from learning the contact details of Gazan aid.

Israel was simultaneously withholding aid for Gaza and was preventing aid-shipments from reaching Palestinians who had been kept by Israel at near starvation levels for months, PRIOR to Israel's Christmas-period slaughter of these helpless victims

France helps Israel in Gaza siege:

Millions of Europeans watched helplessly wanting only to alleviate Palestinian suffering.

The BBC however, held firm and refused to air Gazan Aid details.

This of course, after the BBC had for weeks presented news BIASED in ISRAEL's FAVOUR!

....and now THIS:

Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius (born 22 July 1946) is a British financier and businessman, currently the Chairman of Barclays. He has also been appointed the senior non-executive director on the BBC's new executive board.

He was educated at St George's College, Weybridge, and gained an MA at Trinity Hall, Cambridge in Mechanical Sciences and Economics. In addition, he has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Agius has been a non-executive Director of Barclays since 1 September 2006, and succeeded Matthew Barrett as Chairman from 1 January 2007. He was previously chairman of the London branch of investment bank Lazard and non-executive chairman of BAA Limited.

He is married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of England, with two children, and has a close involvement with the Rothschild family estate, Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.

Source: Marcus_Agius

The mouthpiece of the corporation in this miserable scandal is a lady called Caroline Thompson, the daughter of Dundee's highest political achiever, the late Lord George Thompson, a member of Harold Wilson's cabinet in the 1960s and a former European Union Commissioner. 'Once an emblem of Britishness, the BBC is now branded around the world – and the Muslim world – as an arm of Israeli propaganda'
email her at: and let her have apiece of your mind.

I think it is time to withold the TV licence payments until the BBC airs the appeal.

*** DONATE NOW ***
- Donations can be made via the DEC website -
- 24 hour credit card hotline 0370 60 60 900
- Cheques made payable to: “DEC Gaza Crisis”
Send to:
DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal
PO Box 999,

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

BBC’s Mark Thompson Exposed for Refusing Gaza Aid Appeal

Last week, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) requested an aid appeal for Gaza to be aired by British television and radio channels. Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV all agreed to screen the aid appeal for the innocent victims of Israel’s brutal attacks, but the BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, blatantly refused and confirmed the claims of many that he is a notorious supporter of Zionist Israel.

Nobody can deny that the people of Gaza are undergoing a humanitarian catastrophe as an immediate consequence of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks. More than 1300 people have been killed and countless homes, schools and hospitals have been razed to the ground. Moreover, people are continuing to die as a result of these dire conditions. Despite this fact, Mark Thompson justified his refusal by claiming that such an appeal for aid could be interpreted as anti-Israel bias! Just why this humanitarian disaster would be different from other disasters remains unclear. The BBC managed to raise £10m for the Congo and £18m for Burma. Are the lives of Palestinian children worth less than the lives of African or Asian children? Mark Thompson’s Zionist worldview seems to think so.

That Mark Thompson has been supporting Zionist leaders is no secret. In fact, Mark Thompson’s wife, Jane, is Jewish and a fanatic supporter of Zionist policies. Is Mark simply trying to appease his wife? If he is, then this has to be one of the most outrageous acts in the history of British media. The glaring disregard for human suffering, however, can only be explained by Mark Thompson’s close relationship with Israeli leaders. In 2005, Mr. Thompson broke all rules of independent journalism when he travelled to Jerusalem and met former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in order to “build bridges” between the BBC and Israel. This unprecedented move was not covered by Western media, but the Israeli press gave it significant importance.

Mark Thompson’s decision has caused widespread public anger across the globe. Protests have been staged by around 5,000 people in London and many people in the United Kingdom are boycotting paying the BBC license fee.


*** DONATE NOW ***

- Donations can be made via the DEC website.
- 24 hour credit card hotline 0370 60 60 900
- Cheques made payable to: “DEC Gaza Crisis”
Send to:
DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal
PO Box 999,

Monday, 19 January 2009

Dazzling UFO seen and filmed by eight firefighters

A remarkable UFO was seen and filmed in China by an entire squadron of fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City in the province of Guizhou through a camera with a 700X zoom capability. One of the fire-fighters, Wang Jia Wei, noticed an odd looking, brightly flashing star moving in a south easterly direction and went inside the fire-fighters barracks to get a camera.

Luckily for Wang he was able to find a Panasonic camera used by his comrades to record damage caused by fires that allowed him to zoom in on the mysterious object seven hundred times. At that point Wang could see that the object was in fact two rotating spinning top shaped crafts or halves of a whole craft joined at a their bases. They were flashing a multitude of colours: Purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold.

Wang then called his eight fellow fire-fighters out and they observed the slow moving craft for almost an hour until the craft suddenly vanished.

20 minutes of footage was recorded and have been showed to Chinese reporters. The firemen approached the Liu Pan Shiu meteorological bureau two days after the sighting to seek some answers. Surprised staff members working for the bureau were shown the footage but were unable to identify what the object might be, declaring that it is indeed a UFO. There has been no suggestion that the fire-fighters faked the sighting and this not believed to be the case by any involved parties, the footage has been handed to government astronomical departments for further analysis.

The photo below is a verified still from the footage that our source has sent us. We believe a film should soon be available for veiwing and will post a link as soon as this occurs. The UFO corresponds to the craft often described in sightings around the word as a ‘diamond UFO’. These craft are usually seen at great heights and almost never seen on earth itself. This has lead some to believe they are highly evolved technology well beyond your ‘standard’ saucer and might be used to travel from other civilized planets rather merely used to explore planets like earth after exiting a more substantial mother ship.

The incident has received wide coverage by mainstream media in China, although it has received no publicity in the west as far as we know. Hardly surprising, as this is a credible and compelling incident of the type Western Governments would rather people not know about. The Chinese Government, however, is known to take a more open minded approach to UFOs and generally regards them as fact.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

9/11, two wars, Katrina: 'We had fun', says Bush

It was eight turbulent years: 9/11, two wars, Hurricane Katrina and the worst recession since the 1930s. But President George Bush's verdict at his final press conference yesterday was: "We had fun."

He and his team had many joyous days in office, he said. "And people, they say, I just don't believe it to be the case. Well, it is the case.

"In the darkest moments of Iraq and every day when I was reading the reports about soldiers losing their lives, no question there was a lot of emotion, but there were times where we could be lighthearted and support each other."

His final appearance before the White House press corps could not even muster a full house. The door into the White House briefing room - which will be bulging next week for the first briefing under Barack Obama's administration - opened to reveal a sombre-looking president who quickly switched on a smile for the cameras.

The full report can be found here:

Sunday, 11 January 2009

'UFO' turbine debris sent to German forensic scientists

A 65ft blade from the 290ft turbine fell off and a second was bent in the mysterious incident in Conisholme, Lincs, on Wednesday.

Hundreds of local witnesses claimed to have seen bright flashing spheres in the skies above the turbine, and many are convinced the damage was caused by a flying saucer.

Scientists at manufacturers Enercon have been looking into the mystery, and dismissed the theories that either a chunk of ice thrown from another turbine, or frozen urine dropped from a passing plane, was the cause.

A source told The Sun: "It is impossible to get a lump of ice on a wind turbine blade big enough to cause that kind of damage, let alone be flung from one to another.

"Also, turbines have sensors in the blade. If they detect ice forming they turn themselves off.

"Additionally, any large lump of ice would not have melted so quickly in the cold weather and would probably have left a dent in the ground. No debris was found other than remains of the turbine.

"If there is a rational explanation, the investigation will find it."

A lightning strike has also been ruled out, as there were no burn marks.

Ministry of Defence insiders have reportedly said the UFOs could be unmanned stealth bombers on test flights. Unmanned stealth bombers, but MOD they don't exist!

It is also possible that one of the blades had simply not been securely fixed, and fell off bending the other on its way down.

The results of the investigation being carried out by forensic scientists in Germany should be disclosed within a week.

Dale Vine, managing director of Ecotricity which owns the turbine, said: "We've ruled out ice from other turbines or passing jets.

"We've examined the turbine, the fallen blade and the surrounding area. We have been crawling all over it. To make one of these blades fall off, or to bend it, takes a lot."


Saturday, 10 January 2009

BBC Blackout on Gaza

The London Daily News has learned there is an informal news blackout at BBC Radio over the mounting public outrage following the Gaza incursion by Israeli troops.

According to sources, radio station phone in's have been screening out any callers wanting to talk about the Israeli air strikes and ground offensives in the Middle East.

The BBC's Have Your Say comment sites are being heavily moderated - its main board 'How can a truce be achieved in Gaza?' has had half of its 4,500 comments rejected on the basis of defamation, incitement to crime and hate, harassment, abuse, threats, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, homophobic or racially offensive language.

On the board 'Are the Israeli strikes on Gaza justified?' Half of the 5,000 comments have also been removed for breaking the House Rules stated above.

Radio ban

Producers and presenters have been told to 'stay away' from the subject despite thousands taking to the streets the past few weeks in protest and support of the military action that has seen 600 killed and just recently 40 dead from an air strike at a school.

The self imposed ban has also been reflected in commercial radio with stations like Talksport rarely wanting to broach the subject and many others clearly steering away from on-air debates on the topic. LBC has attempted to tackle the subject with on air debates.


Radio bosses are keen not to enflame the situation and leave themselves open to accusations of bias toward one side or another - the Beeb, still reeling from the Jonathan Ross affair is in no mood for any controversy.

Also there is a responsible editorial reason behind the scaling back of listener comment.

Today we reported on the increase of anti-Semitism on London’s streets, the attempted torching of a Synagogue, 24 attacks in total and the appearance of sickening graffiti saying "Kill Jews" and "Jews are scumbags" across the city.

By taking the heat out of the debate it cools an already charged atmosphere, though that will have no effect on the most agitated and likely to let their feelings spill out on the street in direct action.

The denying of debate in a public forum such as the BBC could also leave organisations open to accusations of curtailing freedom of expression.

'We'll kill Jews abroad'

Tension is high in London between Jewish areas of Golders Green, North Finchely, Stanmore, Stanford Hill and St John's Wood which are receiving extra "reassurance patrols" by police and Muslim areas of West Ham, Tower Hamlets, Southall, Hackney, Stoke Newington and Camden.

The heightened sensitivity on the airwaves and chat rooms comes in the wake of chilling comments by the Hamas leader that they will kill Jewish children anywhere in the world in revenge for the devastating attacks of the past few weeks. Mahmoud Zahar said:

"They have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine. They have legitimised the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people."

Speaking to the Times, Mark Gardner, of the Jewish charity Community Security Trust, warned Jews:

"When the Hamas leadership calls for revenge attacks on Jewish people, we have to be very, very concerned about what that means."

Violent embassy protests

Meanwhile pro-Palestinian protesters continue to mass outside the Israeli embassy in a demo they vow will last all week despite the plunging temperatures.

A wave of anti-Israeli feeling spread over the city this weekend when large rallies were held across the city culminating in angry exchanges and clashes with the police as they fought to protect the Kensington embassy from attack.

Hundreds of demonstrators ripped up and hurled barriers threw sticks and missiles and attempted to rush the building.

Roads were closed and police in riot gear had to contain the 5,000 strong crowds on Kensington High Street. Protesters burned the Israeli flag and labeled the country a terrorist state.

Police say they are working with Muslims to insure protests pass off peacefully with non confrontational stewarding methods.

Jews under attack across Europe

Jews are on their guard across the continent as young disaffected Muslims bring the conflict in the Middle East to the capitals of Europe.

In Paris on Saturday riot police had to separate the 25,000 pro-Palestinian and 4,000 pro-Israeli demonstrators outside the Israeli embassy.

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism in France reported petrol bomb and hate attacks on synagogues, there have been similar reports in Belgium.


Friday, 9 January 2009

Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'

Will someone please remove this evil, diseased ridden excuse for a human being from the face of this planet......?

According to Henry Kissinger, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former secretary of state under President Nixon, conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of "a New World Order."

Kissinger has long been an integral figure in U.S. foreign policy, holding positions in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. Author of over a dozen books on foreign policy, Kissinger was also named by President Bush as the chairman of the Sept. 11 investigatory commission.

Kissinger made the remark in an interview with CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" hosts Mark Haines and Erin Burnett at the New York Stock Exchange, after Burnett asked him what international conflict would define the Obama administration's foreign policy.

"The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously," Kissinger responded. "You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can't really say there is one problem, that it's the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It's a great opportunity, it isn't just a crisis."

The phrase 'new world order' traces back at least as far as 1940, when author H.G. Wells used it as the title of a book about a socialist, unified, one-world government. The phrase has also been linked to American presidents, including Woodrow Wilson, whose work on establishing the League of Nations pioneered the concept of international government bodies, and to the first President Bush, who used the phrase in a 1989 speech.

"A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment," said Bush before a joint session of Congress. "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a new world order – can emerge: A new era … in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can prosper and live in harmony."

The phrase "New World Order" causes alarm for many Americans, particularly those concerned about an international governing body trumping U.S. sovereignty or those that interpret biblical prophecy to foretell the establishment of a one-world government as key to the rise of the Antichrist. Conspiracy theorists, too, have latched on to the phrase, concerned that powerful financial or government figures are secretly plotting to rule the world.

Kissinger's ties to government and international powers – as well as his use of the phrase – have made him suspect in the eyes of many who are wary of what "new world order" might actually mean.

"There is a need for a new world order," Kissinger told PBS interviewer Charlie Rose last year, "I think that at the end of this administration, with all its turmoil, and at the beginning of the next, we might actually witness the creation of a new order – because people looking in the abyss, even in the Islamic world, have to conclude that at some point, ordered expectations must return under a different system." at least they are keeping to the deadline, sadly Mr. Kissinger you will not be around to ever see it happen!

As WND reported earlier, Kissinger was also part of last year's super-secret Bilderberg Group, an organization of powerful international elites, including government, business, academic and journalistic representatives, that has convened annually since 1954.

According to sources that have penetrated the high-security meetings in the past, the Bilderberg meetings emphasize a globalist agenda and promote the idea that the notion of national sovereignty is antiquated and regressive.

CNBC's Haines concluded the Kissinger interview by asking, "Are you confident about the people President-elect Obama has chosen to surround him?" of course he is, he helped to pick them!!

Kissinger replied, "He has appointed an extraordinarily able group of people in both the international and financial fields."


Thursday, 8 January 2009

UFO claim over wind farm damage

UFO enthusiasts are claiming damage to a Lincolnshire wind farm turbine was caused by a mystery aircraft.

The turbine at Conisholme lost one 66ft (20m) blade and another was badly damaged in the early hours of Sunday.

County councillor for the area Robert Palmer said he had seen a "round, white light that seemed to be hovering".

Ecotricity, which owns the site, said while investigations continued they were not ruling anything out - but the extent of damage was "unique".

The turbine is one of 20 at the Conisholme site, which has been only been fully operational since April 2008. The broken blade has been recovered and is being examined.

Local ufologists said they had received many reports of activity in the area and had teams searching for clues.

Mr Palmer said: "I actually saw a white light - a round, white light that seemed to be hovering.

"That is the only way I can explain it - it wasn't a flare-like light - it was just round, white light with a slight red edge to it that seemed to be over the wind turbines."

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, said the company was keeping an open mind about the incident.
"We don't have an explanation at the moment as to what the cause was," he said.

"We have been crawling all over it and have sent bits off for analysis to see if we can work out what caused it.

"Until we have some idea, some plausible explanation that it was not a UFO, I don't think we should rule it out".

He added: "To make one of these blades fall off, or to bend it, takes a lot."

Numerous reports

Russ Kellett, from the Flying Saucer Bureau, said witnesses had told him of activity in the area.

"One saw what they at first thought was a low-flying aircraft on the Saturday evening and another heard a loud banging in the early hours of Sunday," he said.

"This is the second most reports of activity we have ever had - I have had over 30 phone calls and emails.

"To hit two of the blades, any object must have been about 170ft long."

But some technical experts have suggested a more mundane explanation.

Dr Peter Schubel, from the University of Nottingham, is an expert in the design and manufacture of wind turbine blades.

'Military activity'

He said that if the turbine blade was still, it would take the equivalent of a 10-tonne load to do that kind of damage, but if it was rotating, or hit by a moving object, the force could be a lot less.

He said of the possible cause: "It's definitely not a bird. It could be ice thrown from a neighbouring turbine that struck it.

"Most turbines have an anti-icing system on the blades and maybe it failed to prevent the ice build-up."

The Ministry of Defence said it was not looking into the incident.

A spokesman said: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity.

"Unless there's evidence of a potential threat, there's no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."

Ecotricity said it hoped to have the turbine back in action within a week.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A Primer on Palestine

Last week, the US used its Security Council veto to block the international community from ending the carnage in Gaza. This means our government is officially supporting Israel's genocidal attacks upon a civilian population. Let us be clear. The people of Gaza are essentially unarmed and for this reason it is not a war – but a slaughter. The Palestinians are almost defenseless against the advanced weaponry being used against them, much of it supplied by the US. There have even been reports that Israel is using depleted uranium and white phosphorus weapons. (See the shocking photo below.) What we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of the world. If we do not act then we are also guilty.

One way of altering the equation would be to circulate a simple poster encapsulating the history of Palestine in the modern era. If we could get a copy of the following series of maps and brief summary into the hands of every American this, in my opinion, would probably do more for peace than any other single action. The maps tell the story.

Clouds of White Phosphorus burst over Gaza City

The loss of Palestinian land to Israel 1946 to 2000

This set of maps accurately shows the incremental shrinking of Arab Palestine. The green areas in the 2000 map at the right are what Israel offered during the Oslo peace process in the 1990s. This was Israeli PM Barak's "generous offer."
As you can see, the Palestinian state would have amounted to isolated enclaves, all surrounded by Israeli highways, checkpoints and barbed wire. No Arab leader worth his salt could have accepted such an offer.

The fact that this offer was presented to the largely uninformed American public as a fair and just proposal is disgraceful, and shows the mendacity of our own leaders and the pro Zionist media here in the US.

UN Security Council resolution 242 would require Israel to return to the 1967 lines in the third map – still a vastly shrunken Arab Palestine.

In 1947 the UN awarded Israel more than 50% of the land even though Jews were a minority. At that time no one bothered to consult the Palestinians. By 1949 -- after the 1948 war -- the Zionists had pushed the lines back even further.
These maps afford insight into the great injustice that continues in Palestine. No wonder these maps almost never appear in the US media. They tell an inconvenient truth, one that must be kept from the American people.