Tuesday, 30 October 2007

BBC and WTC7

At 21:54 London Time on 9/11/2001 the BBC announced that WTC 7 had collapsed. There was just one problem with this news: WTC 7 did not collapse until 22:20 London Time.

The two screenshots below show WTC 7 behind the reporter.

Source: Whatreallyhappened.com

Below is the link to the BBC's blog about WTC7 bbc.co.uk/blogs

.....and finally the live news broadcast itself Youtube.com

NASA Whistleblower to Reveal New Apollo Secrets

Event Date: Oct. 30, 2007
Event Name: NASA Cover-Ups Continue
Event Type: News Conference
Time: 9:00 AM
Sponsored by: Enterprise Mission
Event Location: Zenger Room

Dr. Ken Johnston, former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Division at NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the manned Apollo Lunar Exploration Effort in the 1970's, was abruptly terminated Tuesday morning, October 23rd, from NASA's prestigious "Solar System Ambassador" (SSA) Program at JPL. The firing was direct reprisal for Johnston's published account in a New York Times Best Seller, "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA," of how NASA ordered him, 40 years ago, to destroy key Apollo lunar images and data -- rather than allow them to be preserved for academic study and public view. Johnston will testify at an Enterprise Mission sponsored National Press Club news conference this Tuesday, October 30th (Zenger Room, 9:00 AM) , how he disobeyed these NASA orders, secretly preserving the critical Apollo images. Johnston will then show some of the "missing" Apollo frames -- which confirm the existence of long-rumored "ancient artificial ruins and technology on the Moon," discovered by the Apollo astronauts but legally classified under the 1958 Space Act by NASA for over 40 years.

Johnston will be joined by Richard C. Hoagland, former NASA consultant and CBS News Science Science Advisor during the Apollo lunar missions. Hoagland is coauthor of "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA," and head of The Enterprise Mission. Hoagland will present an imaging analysis of Johnston's 40-year-old rescued Apollo images, comparing them to modern versions apparently currently being "leaked" by other "whistleblowers" on official NASA websites. He will also demonstrate and analyze one of the secret technologies retrieved by the Apollo crews, relating to the artificial control of gravity.

Source: npc.press.org

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Press Conference - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At 9:00 AM, Tuesday, October 30, 2007, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, The Enterprise Mission – a private research and public policy group – will hold a press briefing in the NPC Zenger Room.

The subject: Why is NASA Determined to Launch Space Shuttle “Discovery” October 23rd, Despite NASA Engineering and Safety Center Warnings NOT to Launch?
Has NASA Learned NOTHING from the Previous Schedule-Driven Disasters of Challenger and Columbia?

Are Classified NASA Lunar Findings Secretly Pressuring the Aging Shuttle Program to Completion by 2010, to Make Way for “Constellation” -- and the New “Space Race” to the Moon?

Japan is currently in lunar orbit with the most sophisticated lunar mission since Apollo. China is about to launch a major unmanned lunar mission, on October 24th. In April, 2008 India will launch its first comprehensive unmanned lunar mission. And, Russia recently announced its own ambitious lunar plans -- for not only sending cosmonauts to the Moon by 2025, but establishment of a permanent moonbase soon after.

All this on the heels of President George W. Bush’s own “Vision for Space Exploration” (VSE) – his sudden decision to “return Americans to manned lunar exploration” … made inexplicably, in the middle of his war.

Why this abrupt international focus on a 21st Century Moon Program -- after over 30 years of the Moon being totally ignored? Did Apollo find “something” of major importance on the Moon, which NASA just forgot to tell the rest of us?

Tuesday, October 30th, 9:00 AM, Zenger Room -- Washington DC.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Peak Oil and Zero Point

The industrial civilization runs on oil. Yet production of oil and other hydrocarbon liquids has peaked. See the graphs compiled from the United Nations International Energy Information Agency (IEA) and the US government’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) at:

A good and brief look on “peak oil” for those who are not familiar with this concept can be found at:

At the same time demand for oil has increased from an annual growth rate of about two percent to about three percent in recent years as nations such as China, and now India, rapidly industrialize. Discovery of new oilfields peaked in the mid-1960’s and has declined precipitously ever since. Right now for every three to four barrels of oil the world consumes one barrel of replacement oil is discovered.

The Human civilization in general and American society in particular use more energy per capita than anyone else on the planet. We are living off rapidly depleting oilfields discovered forty years ago. Supply is decreasing while demand is increasing. This is a recipe for disaster.

The 2005 Hirsch Report found that transitioning from one source of energy (oil) to another requires a massive and sustained effort over several decades. If you wait until the problem becomes acute then it’s simply too late to deal effectively with it.

Many reports have shown that wind, solar and tidal power will not be sufficient to sustain our economy and lifestyles once fossil fuels have gone. Nuclear energy is far too dangerous and should never be used at any cost to the planet and it's environment.

Recently the mainstream media has picked up on the fact that we have reached peak oil. To avoid social and economic breakdown we need to act now in order to introduce new forms of energy seamlessly across the planet.

Adopting new, free and clean energy such as Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) would be a landmark event for this planet. What is needed is determination and courage from those who are in power and the people of this planet to force this new energy out into the open and to force ‘those’ aside that continue to hijack the way we live. ‘They’ and we know who ‘they’ are must not be able to continue with this death and destruction we see across the globe. We ALL must adopt a new way of learning and living and this includes being brave and accepting that this new form of energy exists. We must continue to get this new form of energy to the open market for EVERYONE to use. The suppression of this energy according to so called ‘interests of national security’ is totally unacceptable.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

"I Saw Hitmen Cause Crash"

Two hitmen on a motorcycle shone a powerful flashlight at Princess Diana’s car before it crashed, her inquest was told yesterday.

Francois Levistre was driving in front of the Mercedes when it crashed, killing Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed.

He told the jury the bike stopped and the pillion passenger walked over to the wrecked car, inspected it then signalled like a referee when a boxer is out for the count.

The passenger, dressed like the rider all in black, then signalled that they needed to move quickly out of the Alma tunnel in Paris, the inquest in London heard.

Asked why he had not left his car to help those in the crash, Mr Levistre answered: “Fear.” Asked what he had been afraid of, he replied: “Just like I said, I thought they were hitmen.”

Mr Levistre, giving his evidence via video link from Paris, told how he saw the “major white flash” from the motorbike in his rear view mirror as the bike overtook Diana’s car.

The Mercedes began immediately careering across the road before crashing into the concrete pillars in the central reservation of the dual carriageway in the tunnel, he said.

He told the jury in court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice it was like the bright flash from a speed camera.

“The light was as if you are caught by police radar,” he said. “The light was very powerful. It came into my car. The light was not directed towards me. It was directed towards the car which was behind.”

The inquest, which is expected to hear evidence for six months before deciding how Diana and Dodi died, heard that after the crash the self-employed businessman had performed tests with different kinds of lights in the Alma tunnel.

He concluded that the intensity of the flash was much greater than that produced by a normal photographer’s flash. He also told the court that he had not seen any photographers in the tunnel in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

Mr Levistre, 63, from Rennes in Normandy, told the inquest he was driving through the French capital in a rented black Ford Ka after spending the day in the city with his wife and 10-year-old son.

He entered the riverside expressway from a sliproad near the entrance to the Alma tunnel after midnight on August 31 1997. A second later he saw in his mirror the motorbike overtake the car behind him and then the bright flash.

“When I saw this light I looked through the mirror in my car,” he said. “There I saw the car going from left to right to left again within the pillars. And then the car had no lights any more. Everything was switched off.”

As he reached the end of the tunnel and viewed the mangled wreckage in his mirror, he brought his car to a halt but left the engine running. He was frightened, fearing it might have been a type of gangland hit.

“I thought it could be as in the south of France when you have gangs and bands fighting together,” he told the court.

“They were dressed in all black with helmets. And the passenger went to the car, looked into the car – because from my mirror I could see everything that was happening – and the passenger he made a gesture with his hands,” the witness said, demonstrating a sign to indicate that it was over.

He told how the passenger then signalled that they should move straight ahead out of the tunnel and got back on the bike before the pair sped off, staring at the car’s occupants as they went by.

Ian Burnett, QC for the coroner, asked him: “Was there any reason you didn’t get out of the car?”

“Fear,” replied Mr Levistre. “It’s just like I said to the magistrates before, I thought they were hitmen.”

Mr Levistre also said he saw a small white car in the tunnel, but maintained there was no contact between that and the Mercedes. He could not confirm it was a Fiat Uno.

The first he heard that the crash victims were Diana and Dodi was when he was watching the television news at 1pm the next afternoon.

He and his family did not immediately report what they had seen to the police because they were scared, he told the inquest.

“We were in the situation in which we thought these two motorcyclists had gone to kill the other people in the car. And we were just scared.”

He told the court that after the crash he had remained in his car for between two and five minutes before driving off without getting out.

When he saw television coverage of the crash, however, he decided to speak out.

“I could hear the word ‘paparazzi, paparazzi,’ but actually I knew that there were no photographers, I knew that there was nobody else up there,” he said.

By the time they arrived he had left the scene, according to his evidence. He got in touch with the Ritz Hotel, which passed his details on to police who soon asked him for an interview.

He reluctantly gave them a statement on September 1 1997 and in April 1998 he also gave a statement to Judge Herve Stephen, the examining magistrate leading the French investigation into the crash.

He told Mr Burnett that French police “looked down on him” when he gave his deposition.

During a long period of questioning Mr Burnett raised several examples where the witness had contradicted himself in statements he had given to police, magistrates and the media as well as yesterday’s inquest.

He had changed his story about whether he had seen the Mercedes actually hit the pillar and had also contradicted himself about the speed he was doing when he got onto the expressway, the court was told.

But Mr Levistre insisted that the French authorities had made up parts of his statements – which he had never read properly – in an attempt to discredit him and that what he had told the court yesterday was the truth.

Princess Diana's Mercedes shortly after it had crashed and before emergency services arrived. Sent in by a reader, his comments are below.

AOL just printed the above photo at the top of their news page. So where are the press? Where are the Doctors, where are the police? And who is driving the black car away over the tyre marks of another car, on the wrong side of the road? The roof is still on the Merc- so Trevor must still be in there? Look at the steam rising... the same photo was heavily cropped to the left in the Daily Mail.

The above testimony is corroborated perfectly by Richard Tomlinson's historic affidavit given to Judge Herve Stephan's inquiry into Princess Diana's death. A former MI6 officer, Tomlinson says he saw plans to assassinate Slobodan Milosovic which bore a strong resmblance to Princess Diana's fatal crash.

According to Tomlinson: "This third scenario suggested that Milosevic could be assassinated by causing his personal limousine to crash. Dr Fishwick proposed to arrange the crash in a tunnel, because the proximity of concrete close to the road would ensure that the crash would be sufficiently violent to cause death or serious injury, and would also reduce the possibility that there might be independent, casual witnesses. Dr Fishwick suggested that one way to cause the crash might be to disorientate the chauffeur using a strobe flash gun, a device which is occasionally deployed by special forces to, for example, disorientate helicopter pilots or terrorists, and about which MI6 officers are briefed about during their training. In short, this scenario bore remarkable similarities to the circumstances and witness accounts of the crash that killed the Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed, and Henri Paul. I firmly believe that this document should be yielded by MI6 to the Judge investigating these deaths, and would provide further leads that he could follow."

Source: Express.co.uk

Thought for the day: Would the 'elite' want the future King of England to have a half brother that was Muslim when they are trying to conduct a war on terror against Muslims.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study

Output peaked in 2006 and will fall 7% a year
Decline in gas, coal and uranium also predicted

New study warns that world oil production has already peaked and will fall by half as soon as 2030. Report also forecasts extreme shortages of fossil fuels will lead to wars and social breakdown.

“The German-based Energy Watch Group will release its study in London today saying that global oil production peaked in 2006 - much earlier than most experts had expected. The report, which predicts that production will now fall by 7% a year, comes after oil prices set new records almost every day last week, on Friday hitting more than $90 (£44) a barrel. "The world soon will not be able to produce all the oil it needs as demand is rising while supply is falling. This is a huge problem for the world economy," said Hans-Josef Fell, EWG's founder and the German MP behind the country's successful support system for renewable energy.

“The report presents a bleak view of the future unless a radically different approach is adopted. It quotes the British energy economist David Fleming as saying: "Anticipated supply shortages could lead easily to disturbing scenes of mass unrest as witnessed in Burma this month. For government, industry and the wider public, just muddling through is not an option any more as this situation could spin out of control and turn into a complete meltdown of society."Mr Schindler comes to a similar conclusion. "The world is at the beginning of a structural change of its economic system. This change will be triggered by declining fossil fuel supplies and will influence almost all aspects of our daily life." Jeremy Leggett, one of Britain's leading environmentalists and the author of Half Gone, a book about "peak oil" - defined as the moment when maximum production is reached, said that both the UK government and the energy industry were in "institutionalised denial" and that action should have been taken sooner.” "When I was an adviser to government, I proposed that we set up a taskforce to look at how fast the UK could mobilise alternative energy technologies in extremis, come the peak," he said. "Other industry advisers supported that. But the government prefers to sleep on without even doing a contingency study. For those of us who know that premature peak oil is a clear and present danger, it is impossible to understand such complacency."”

Source: Guardian.co.uk

Now more than ever we need to adopt Zero Point Energy.