Friday, 28 September 2007


Well, from today I am on holiday for two weeks, whilst away I will try to blog what I can but normal service shall resume upon my return on the 17th October.

Thank you to all the readers of this blog for your continued support.

Also, look out for more information on One Planet Living throughout November.


Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Truth is a Dangerous Thing

Yes it is. It is often inconvenient; uncomfortable, embarrassing- confining under the wrong circumstances and… dangerous. There are countless examples in history of how the truth interferes with you; ask Galileo, Copernicus and Giordano Bruno.

It’s no different today than it ever was. One of the most amazing things is how people will insist on supporting a lie even when the truth is patently obvious. Quite often the people who support a lie are completely uninformed about the details that compose the lie or the truth of the matter. They just decide something is so because that is what they were told and that’s that. In many cases, when the lie is coming from the authorities; even though it is a known fact that the particular authorities have lied about nearly everything they have said previously, it’s just easier to accept and often safer too.

Another thing about lies is that when they are routinely reported in the various media they take upon themselves the veneer of the plausible. When you factor in government spokespeople and seemingly respectable members of the business and religious worlds along with anyone from anywhere who gets face time in front of you due to a perceived expertise on the matter under discussion- you can find yourself hemmed in on all sides by the sirens singing and unless you are one of the few; those with a thirst for the real, a curious nature that won’t be diverted or an intellect that possesses an objective reasoning capacity it is likely to overwhelm you. If you are such a person, things begin to reveal themselves to you in a way they do not reveal themselves to the majority of personalities under hypnotic control.

It is nearly impossible to convince a hypnotized person of their state because they are, in fact, hypnotized. It’s the same with dreaming and takes place in the same area of the mind. Only suffering seems to have any effect on the dreaming, hypnotized state. Sooner or later, after many traumas and disappointments, something within the person begins to long for a way out. Until the soul becomes thirsty for reality it will go on being the ball in the pinball machine and each life is counted as each ball goes down the chute and another ball comes into play.

Those who are not hypnotized are aware of a divine symmetry in the physical universe. It’s a natural and obvious perception. They also know that everything visible has an invisible source. It’s basic math. It is how physicists finally came to the realization that the universe is thought born. Independent thought is possible… however, the majority of humanity is herded like livestock by the common thoughts of their time; their hungers and hopes, their weaknesses and all of the common drives that hide the true light behind the veil of phenomena.

People want to be safe. Safety without the awareness of what real security consists of is only a temporary fix. It doesn’t matter how big your walls are, how many guards and guns you have. You may command armies but disease, old age and death will find a way in. Watching people go about their lives as if there were some permanence and harmony that will always continue is like being in a mental institution. It can be tough being in an institution when you aren’t actually crazy. You find that you have to swim in the opposite direction of the other fish without drawing attention to yourself.

People do not want to hear the truth. The truth is the enemy of all that they attempt to build for themselves. The truth knows that wealth is often a curse and beauty too. Fame and power lead you into a world very different than you imagined it to be before you set out in pursuit of these states. But the power of the hypnosis is very strong. It seems that most people are just incapable of stepping outside of their subjective state for long enough to look directly at their condition.

This vast shopping mall of a world offers a million products. It promises you everything and delivers none of what it promises aside from temporary self-forgetting. The desire to escape from reflection on the profundity of now is a consuming thing. It is big business. The main business of the world is to make you forget why you are here. That’s enough for most people. If replacing the truth with something closer to the heart’s desire puts a rosy light on the approaching tomb of darkness then, why not? That is something for everyone to ponder, or more likely avoid, at their leisure.

Searching for the truth is like panning for gold in a dangerous stream. Telling the truth is akin to painting a target on your forehead. Why would you tell the truth? Telling the truth goes contrary to the mercantile instincts and contrary to the mercantile game set of the world you walk in. Those who manufacture the illusion of the manifest world are not amused by the things you say which reveal the world to be something else beneath its air-brushed, glossy exterior.

There has been an opportunistic machine, relentlessly at work for 6 years because of an attack that took place on New York City. Observing where certain powerful forces have taken the world since, it should stir the curiosity of anyone possessing any as to how serendipitously fortunate this event was for them. It has justified all manner of violence, repression and lies and effectively divided the country against itself. It has cost the lives of a million Iraqis and displaced millions more. It has justified the ongoing and brutal hammering of The Palestinians. It has resulted in the suspension of many previous freedoms and that goes on apace as I speak. Well, it could be coincidence.

But… when one actually investigates the evidence one finds that there is very little to support the official version and a quantitatively enormous amount of evidence that says something smells bad. If what we had been told was true there would have been no resistance of the sort that occurred when questions arose and there was hard refusal on the part of the government to release key evidence that has yet to be released today. Things just don’t add up; not just a few things but a mountain of things.

If someone knows certain truths, for some reason, they feel compelled to share them. Parents like to pass on important truths to their children. Wanting to share the truth with others seems to be born out of love and compassion for others. What other reason could there be? There’s no money in the truth. The truth is already a currency of its own. Shading and shaping the truth does have money in it, lots of money. You can’t really shade and shape the truth but you can make it appear so.

Caring about the truth is a hard thing. People really don’t want to hear it. They are already afraid of what the truth might be which, in a particular way, indicates that they may well know what the truth is after all.

If you are going to tell the truth- and God help you if you do- you can’t be concerned with the static that ensues and it’s pointless to argue about it. It either is or it isn’t and that will show itself in time as it did in the case of Galileo and many others. It comes down in the end- as does everything- to what you value and hold dear. It speaks to intention and ultimately, to where you end up.

In the New Testament there is made mention of a broad highway and a narrow, seldom used road. On this broad highway are all of the souls who pursue the shiny things and the lies which they hope will come true. On the narrow path are those few souls engaged in the truth’s pursuit of itself. It’s been going on since the beginning and it goes on today the same as it ever did. The forces massed against the truth and the methods of aggression against those who would tell it are the same as ever. The saving grace within the intensity of struggle for the light of the truth is that the truth is a living thing and it endures and will endure long after the world that opposes it is gone.

The truth is a dangerous thing but not nearly as dangerous as the alternatives.

....I wonder what OJ Simpson is up to today... and are Brad and Angelina really headed toward Splitsville?!?


Monday, 24 September 2007

Cave entrances found on Mars

NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has discovered entrances to seven possible caves on the slopes of a Martian volcano. The find is fueling interest in potential underground habitats and sparking searches for caverns elsewhere on the Red Planet. Very dark, nearly circular features ranging in diameter from about 328 to 820 feet puzzled researchers who found them in images taken by NASA's Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor orbiters. Using Mars Odyssey's infrared camera to check the daytime and nighttime temperatures of the circles, scientists concluded that they could be windows into underground spaces.Evidence that the holes may be openings to cavernous spaces comes from the temperature differences detected from infrared images taken in the afternoon vs. the pre-dawn morning. From day to night, temperatures of the holes change only about one-third as much as the change in temperature of surrounding ground surface.

"They are cooler than the surrounding surface in the day and warmer at night," said Glen Cushing of the U.S. Geological Survey's Astrogeology Team and of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz. "Their thermal behavior is not as steady as large caves on Earth that often maintain a fairly constant temperature, but it is consistent with these being deep holes in the ground."A report of this discovery by Cushing and his co-authors was published online recently by the journal Geophysical Research Letters. "Whether these are just deep vertical shafts or openings into spacious caverns, they are entries to the subsurface of Mars," said co-author Tim Titus of the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff. "Somewhere on Mars, caves might provide a protected niche for past or current life, or shelter for humans in the future."

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Saturday, 22 September 2007


"It is entirely plausible that the AIDS epidemic was started in the U.S. deliberately. Few people would need to know of the plan, and the actions of one person would be sufficient to ignite the epidemic. Maximum effectiveness would require that the introduction of effective means of stopping the virus was blocked for as long as possible, by a carefully planned and sustained campaign of disinformation. The special problem of the release of an AIDS-like virus is that it opens up a Pandora's Box, but it is naive to believe that nobody would be willing to do so."

—Dr. John Seale
Member of the Royal College of Medicine, London
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
September 1988 (Volume 81 pp 537-539)

Source: Callingessence (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader or full version)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Irish UFOs blast into the light after 37 years in twilight zone

If the Americans can have The X Files, then so can we. A dossier on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), kept by the Irish Defence Forces for 37 years, has finally emerged.

But anyone hoping to confirm the existence of little green men will be disappointed. The best the file comes up with are flying saucers, objects shaped like fried eggs and flashing coloured lights - some of the sightings logged in documents dating back to 1947.

The file - released to the Irish Times under the Freedom of Information Act - includes press cuttings about reported sightings of UFOs, along with classified memos and other correspondence.

In recent months, the British and French authorities opened their files on UFO sightings to the public. A spokesman for the Department of Defence said that, since 1984 the UFO file was no longer maintained by the Defence Forces.


One Planet Living

After reading a comment on my blog from a very decent man whom I call my friend (despite the fact I have never met him) it got me thinking.

Richard Lalancette from wrote:

"So true. Though, I wish we could point to a single entity, blame it for what is happening on this planet and find ways to dismantle it. Unfortunately, it is not the case. There is probably hundreds of cells and compartments, each with it's own agenda, large or small scale. What do we have left to fight these? Grassroots movement and awakening."

Perhaps Richard is 100% correct, perhaps no one knows everything, nobody has access to the bigger picture, perhaps everything is so compartmentalised that it has become so difficult to uncover the truth.

The other day I was reading about ‘peak oil’ and part of the article went like this:

"As one commentator recently observed, the reason our leaders are acting like desperados is because we have a desperate situation on our hands. If you've been wondering why the Bush administration has been spending money, cutting social programs, and starting wars like there's no tomorrow, now you have your answer: as far as they are concerned, there is no tomorrow.
In 2003, the BBC filmed a three-part, relatively apolitical, documentary entitled "War for Oil" about the role the Bush administration's knowledge of Peak Oil played in their decision to invade and occupy Iraq.
As the documentary explains, in private the Bush administration sees the war in Iraq as "a fight for survival." From a purely Machiavellian standpoint, they are probably correct in their thinking"

Most people blame Bush and Cheney for so many things that are wrong with this world but maybe even they are not 100% aware of what is going on around them. Perhaps they have started these wars in order to secure fresh supplies of oil not knowing that a new type of clean energy already exists known as Zero Point Energy.

Maybe someone is keeping the knowledge about Zero Point Energy from them. Are the elected leaders of this world aware of this? Are Bush and Cheney aware of Zero Point Energy?

Are leaders such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada aware of ETVs and the fact they are and have been visiting this planet for decades? How many people who work in health care are aware that HIV is a man made disease, with a cure?

Do most people on this planet have such knowledge?

I believe Richard is 100% correct in saying the only way we can all move forward is by a huge grassroots movement and awakening.

That is why I have chosen to launch "One Planet Living".

One Planet Living is intended to be a network of like-minded people from around the planet who are willing to share information on their blog in order to create a blog network to spread information more accurately and effectively.

See for an example of a blog network.

Linking all the blogs together we can share up to date information with other blogs. If something of importance is released or needs to be addressed the members of One Planet Living will spread the word enabling the information to spread more quickly and effectively.

Members of One Planet Living will then have access to the latest information to enable them to spread this to people outside the network i.e. family, friends and work colleagues enabling a large movement to form.

Maybe it will even reach the corridors of power if enough people are finally awakened and enlightened.

I shall be publishing more details shortly on how you can join One Planet Living.

Monday, 17 September 2007

12inch miracle tube could halve heating bills

It sounds too good to be true - not to mention the fact that it violates almost every known law of physics.

But British scientists claim they have invented a revolutionary device that seems to 'create' energy from virtually nothing.

Their so-called thermal energy cell could soon be fitted into ordinary homes, halving domestic heating bills and making a major contribution towards cutting carbon emissions.

Even the makers of the device are at a loss to explain exactly how it works - but sceptical independent scientists carried out their own tests and discovered that the 12in x 2in tube really does produce far more heat energy than the electrical energy put in.

The device seems to break the fundamental physical law that energy cannot be created from nothing - but researchers believe it taps into a previously unrecognised source of energy, stored at a sub-atomic level within the hydrogen atoms in water.

The abolition of Britain by The Reform Treaty in 2008

First it was poor Canada by the NAFTA treaty now almost at the same time 'they' take Britain.

The sixth and final treaty has now been named: its is the Reform Treaty, due to be signed by the Queen in the Summer of 2008. This is a year before the deadline set by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

Merkel and former French President Giscard d’Estaing are among many European ministers who have confirmed the Treaty is the EU Constitution, almost unchanged. If they are right, it will abolish the British Constitution, and therefore the nations of Britain and England, sweeping away our Westminster Parliament, and giving the EU dictatorship the power to close it.
This sixth treaty is the fastest moving and most secret the EU has drafted; opposition to and recognition of the EU as a police state is growing, and they know speed is vital.

The Queen and Parliament to abolish Britain summer 2008

They plan to ratify the Reform Treaty in the Summer of 2008. This means Westminster will pass the treaty, and the Queen will sign it behind our backs, as she has the other five treaties.

No referendum

The EU has chosen this sixth Treaty instead of pushing through it’s constitution to avoid referendums in its member nations.

Whereas the 465 page EU Constitution would have abolished the five treaties and replaced them with a single document with absolute power, the Reform Treaty adds to the existing five treaties, bringing them up to the powers of the EU Constitution. All six treaties with appendices will add up to something like 100,000 complex and unreadable pages.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Osama bin Laden, is he dead?

Osama bin Laden: “I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. … The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States.”

.....It is high time that the American people realize that the real government, or I should say ruling body of the United States, operates outside the distraction we know as government. We have a so-called elected government to keep us quiet. It is there to keep us believing that we actually have some say in what goes on. But if you take a closer look at what is going on with our world you will realize that you would generally disapprove of every decision that is being made “in your name” by “your representatives” and “elected” officials. This ranges from handing our economic system over to private bankers to altering the genetic structure of your food supply to suppressing clean and free energy to starting and fueling wars to having a medial industry run by the people who make money if you remain sick. Fact is that your representative government does not represent you. Agendas are set, orders are given and laws are passed and you have no say whatsoever.


Sunday, 9 September 2007

Rumours of Impending Crash

They said this is the "setup" time for an eventual collapse. The problems of 2 weeks ago was generated by only a tiny % of defaults but THEIR NEW MODELS PROJECT SEVENTY PERCENT of all subprime loans will eventually foreclose in the next 12 or so months. 70%

The hardest hit states are expected to be in the South, and MI and CA.

October is the next month for major adjustments in subprimes, and you should expect trouble. If they go up, teetering foreclosures will skyrocket into failure. The Fed's promise to do what is needed won't work because they won't bail out what is needed.

They said what America has to come to realize is that "Wall St." as we know it is over, a new system must result, and if steps are not taken, a severe crash is UNAVOIDABLE that FORCES a new system. The old system CANNOT be carried much longer.

Here is what else I am hearing as well. The problem is CATASTROPHIC in their words, but things will glide for a few weeks until October and later with the new adjustments.


Store food, water and cash and get into metals, and see NESARA. What does it say when Bill Gates, the wealthiest man, now owns 30% of all silver in the world and billions in Euro's and in public said the dollar is going down (MSNBC)? He is not alone, most of the wealthiest have similarly prepared in different ways offshore.

Fortunately the new Treasury Bank system has been ready for years but blocked, but I guess we have to endure the worse before the best before the thousands of thugs in government and multinational companies are ousted. You have time now to protect yourself as best possible in the next few weeks. It will happen, but during the changeover banks and ATM's will not work temporarily!!! Be prepared now!!

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Friday, 7 September 2007

Bin Laden Tape Is 5 Years Old

It hardly comes as a surprise… Osama plans to release “a new video recording … on or before next week’s sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States,” reports the Voice of America, the propaganda unit established by the Office of War Information. “No photos or video of Bin Laden have been seen since late 2004, and the last audio message attributed to the fugitive terrorist leader was heard more than a year ago.” Of course, this makes perfect sense, as Osama died in late 2001, and as for the audio messages, these are routinely dismissed as fakes, although this is rarely mentioned by the corporate media.

Another videotape that was heralded as "new" footage of Osama bin Laden by many quarters of the press has been conclusively proven to be more than 5 year old re-released footage, leading to questions about why the government and the media continue to act as willing propagandists for the terrorists while striking fear into Americans by claiming an attack is inevitable.

In reality, the tape was being released for the third consecutive time, having first popped up in 2002 before re-airing again in 2003. The footage of Bin Laden was filmed six years ago in October 2001

NORTHCOM - Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise

The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has just announced plans for an anti-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Shield 08. The exercise which is slated to run from October 15th to October 20th is described as a way to prepare, prevent and respond to any number of national crises. The exercise is simply a test case scenario for the implementation of martial law. Although the description of the exercise is disturbing, USNORTHCOM also announced that they are more prepared for a natural disaster and a terrorist attack after they used their response to Hurricane Katrina as a test laboratory.

During Hurricane Katrina, authorities violated the constitutional rights of citizens by stealing people’s firearms and even relocating people against their will. These announcements are incredibly disturbing on a number of levels as the nature of Vigilant Shield 08 and the admission that Hurricane Katrina was used as a test laboratory shows that the government is actively preparing the military and government institutions for martial law.

This exercise is clearly a way to prepare government to respond to a national crisis with martial law. This announcement also follows a number of other news stories that indicate the government is becoming more actively prepared for the implementation of martial law.


The link to the full press release from USNORTHCOM describing Vigilant Shield 08.


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

"THE AMERO" is real

Three weeks ago, I published a brief snippet on the front page of my web site reporting the governments of the US Canada and Mexico are conspiring in secret to merge the three nations into a new entity called the North American Union.

There has been much talk of this on various internet blogs for over a year. Most of those blogs have been smeared as "conspiracy theorists" and have been largely ignored by the main stream.
What prompted my interest in the issue was money: I was sent professional images of actual AMERO coins by someone in the US Treasury! The person included a note saying they like my radio show and are frightened by what's been going on in secret within our government.

This Treasury Department person was outraged that our country was beginning to coin money as part of a merger that would do away with our country, via a merger the American public knew nothing about!

When I got the professional images of the AMERO coin, I was finally intrigued enough to make mention of it on my web site. My site has gotten over 20 Million visits in the last couple years and is becoming more popular because of the brutal honesty and timely delivery of news that folks don't find elsewhere. This story about AMERO coins would fit my niche of breaking news, so I ran a snippet of a story.

Today, I received a single 20 AMERO coin in the mail. A real coin. Real metal, really MINTED by the US Mint in Denver, CO. The proof that it is being Minted in Denver is that the coin is stamped with the Mint Identity letter "D" on the bottom right of the side with the eagle just like regular US coins already in circulation today!