Saturday, 18 April 2009

The first reported crop circle of 2009

The Ridgeway, Avebury, Wiltshire

Reported April 14 2009

This first UK Crop formation of 2009 was discovered on the 14th of April and is located close to the Ridgeway and approximately one mile East of the ancient stone circle complex at Avebury.

The formation spans 118ft across the field of immature, 3ft high, Oil-Seed-Rape.

Much of the crop within the design has fully recovered itself to a vertical growing stance. Moderate damage to the still laid plants is well evident and could possibly be attributed to a small number of previous visitors to the glyph.

A small proportion of the laid plants are totally undamaged and continues to grow in a healthy fashion along the ground where it fell during the construction process.


Friday, 3 April 2009

New world order emerges from chaos

New world order emerges from chaos
BBC News

A new world currency is on its way. Although $ has been awarded to a certain few it has not been lost on any of us that if only half of that money went to the Orion Project this world would be a different place. A place filled with respect and love for each other and the planet.

1 Trillion may have been awarded, a group of money sucking puppets may have gathered in one place for ONE day, with all the worlds’ problems they should have been there for over a month trying to sort things out. Talk of a New World Order may still be banded around BUT...things are not going to plan for the Elite!

Things are changing, people are changing and 'they' think they have control due to the amount of money 'they' seem to have control over. You see, money to them is everything, the sleep with it! One day we will just abolish the whole system and start again, debts cleared in an instant. So, although money is the talk of the day, money is not on our mind. We are moving forward with far greater power than can ever be achieved by the power of money.

It has been noted that the Elite group are divided on opinions and thoughts, but you see the rest of us are as ONE and we shall always be as ONE because money is not the answer, not now and not ever! The answer is LOVE!