Thursday, 26 February 2009

A ONENESS of thought

I am back blogging with an article that hopefully will inspire us all.

....In your current situation on your planet there is a vast amount of knowledge that is being offered from many different sources. We know this is a topic that is currently in your mind regularly. However one may be informed, however often one tops up the knowledge bank, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more knowledgeable than one who chooses to remain in silence and reclusive, away from all sources of information gathering. Wisdom is offered from us to you. When wisdom is harmonised with Truth then we would call it knowledge in the terms that we like to express the word. For what is the point of knowing many things if one’s heart is unsure as to whether or not they are a Truth?

Awareness of things is not detrimental, what is however … is living with/in the fear that some of that awareness brings. We have brought forth knowledge in many different ways. We feel it necessary to impress upon your minds over and over again that it is YOU that create your world. If you TRULY understand this you would all view the future very differently. You say you ‘get it’ and you visualise an abundance of money or that fancy sports car, or that trip to a sun soaked land of milk and honey …. YOU SEEM TO FORGET THE BIGGER PICTURE! We spoke to you in the day gone by of how you would like your world to be. You all KNOW how you would like your world to be and yet you remain in the pocket of how it is now! Focusing on what is taking place now that is not to your liking. Focus on the Now of what IS your liking and let the rest disappear, for when it is not a focus in your mind it cannot continue a lifeline for it is NOT A THOUGHT TO CARRY ON BEING CREATED.

You read of life threatening days ahead of you, so many of you live in the fear of that. Creating it! Do you see? It is not always beneficial to gain knowledge when it is of a negative, low vibration. We ask you to cease ‘buying into that’. Instead surround yourselves with thoughts of Love and peace and the idealic world that is at present only at the end of your rainbows. Bring it to you.


What lies ahead is what you want to lie ahead. What YOU choose as a human consciousness … AS ONE … TO BE. TO BRING ABOUT.
This ONENESS is what we are trying to explain. This ONENESS is the way in which you can bring about change for the good. A ONENESS of thought. A togetherness of minds IN LOVE.


Dearest souls who have been chosen and selected to be on your earth plane at this time … use your gifts wisely. Empower your beings at this most poignant hour. With each soul that ‘gets it’ there is a change in the frequency. A minute change, but a change none the less. Move forward in Light but never forget every now and then to stop, turn around, and magnetise through that Light of which you are, those who are finding it hard to keep up. Those who do not ‘get it’… yet! Help them keep up. Assist them in releasing their burdens for they do not belong within any longer. One CAN and WILL move into the new creation as a soul that is FREE. FOR FREEDOM IS YOUR RIGHT AND IT IS INDEED TIME TO RECLAIM THIS RIGHT!

Unlock the shackles dear friends, set yourselves free… and together we shall bring forth an energy that will allow this earth of yours to bask once again in the LOVE that it is/ was and shall be.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Zero Point Energy devices 5-10 years from market

On Monday, Jan. 19, 2009, I interviewed Tom Valone, Ph.D., who works at the U.S. Patent office and is the author of several books on Zero Point Energy – a source of energy that is everywhere present and constant in the universe.

General Physics tends to think that this is an inaccessible energy source, but that’s usually when we get most interested – when science as we know it says something is “impossible”. Tom gave us us an overview of the general concept of Zero Point Energy and described some recent developments toward building working prototypes using nanotechnology.

Valone is one of the most, if not the most knowledgeable person on this subject on the planet. And he is quite articulate in explaining it in a way that both scientists and lay persons can understand.

The promise of zero point energy comes from an effect that is found both on a subatomic level as well as a macro level, in which two bodies tend to be attracted to one another as they come into very close proximity to one another. Valone points out that this effect can be seen with boats. As they come close, they want to be drawn to one another.

On the near molecular level, this is manifest in what is called the "Cassimir Effect".

The exciting thing is that with the maturation of the field of nanotechnology (manipulating substances in the size range of a billionth of a meter), we now have tools by which this effect can be harnessed.

Valone describes one possible prototype involving nano-particles using a spring-like action to vibrate back and forth. Imagine a gazillion of these nanoparticles acting together. I didn't quite catch how this could be accomplished or harnessed.

The second prototype proposal was easier to grasp, as it is presently used on a larger scale. ("Larger", in this case, refers to things we can actually perceive with our eyes, such as a diode in a circuit board.) He envisions nanodiodes being aligned, and the zero point energy forces -- free from the universe -- acting on them via the Cassimir Effect. This would result in one-way movement of electrons -- similar to what happens in a photovoltaic cell as photons -- free from the sun -- act as the stimulant. Valone envisions that a solid state (no moving parts) device one meter square, thus composed, could power a house -- continuously, with no fluctuation, no maintenance, no pollution, no fuel requirement (fuel comes freely from the zero point field).

Valone also talked about conjecture that spacecraft could be propelled by this force as well, using a fuel that is everywhere present, including in the deepest reaches of space.

The nanodiode technology is already here. It's just a matter of configuring it properly, he said. And how long before we might see something like this in the marketplace? "Five to ten years."

Valone also conjectures that Zero Point Energy could be the contributing energy source in all-magnet motors -- another technology modern physics generally says is "impossible."

Link which contains digital footage:

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tony Blair finally has the private jet he's always wanted

ooh the web we weave.....In November last year he is believed to have hired a Gulfstream IV owned by British-based banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild...

Tony Blair may have been forced to scrap plans to buy a fleet of planes dubbed ‘Blair Force One’ when he was in No10, but it seems the would-be President of Europe is still determined to travel in style.

The former Prime Minister has taken to hiring top-of-the-range Gulfstream private jets to transport him and his entourage as he carries out his current portfolio of jobs, which include adviser to the Rwandan government and representative of the Quartet, the international organisation involved in negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine.

The American-made jet, a favourite toy of billionaires, has a top speed of over 500mph and can seat around 19 people in its luxurious 45ft cabin.

It was one of the models Mr Blair’s Government considered buying in 2005 for ministerial use, before public outrage at the £80million cost saw the project being rejected by Parliament.

Since leaving office Mr Blair has used a number of Gulfstream planes, including a South African-registered Gulfstream V jet based at Luton Airport.

In November last year he is believed to have hired a Gulfstream IV owned by British-based banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild for a three-day return trip to Rwanda at an estimated cost of £83,000, including fuel.

Sir Evelyn, 77, who was one of a number of billionaires to dine at Downing Street in Mr Blair’s final days in power, has owned the plane since 2002 through a company called Metropix.

He hires it out through brokers in London and Luton.

In 2000, Sir Evelyn donated £250,000 to the Policy Network, a think-tank presided over by Peter Mandelson which organises many of the conferences – including in Washington, South Africa and Budapest – at which Mr Blair gives speeches.

And in 2003, Sir Evelyn’s wife, Lynn, offered her services as a fundraiser to the Labour Party, reportedly saying: ‘Whatever Labour wants, I would be happy to help in any way I can.’

But Mr Blair’s office has insisted that it hires jets on an anonymous basis through a broker in London.

A spokesman said: ‘The charter was procured through a broker in the UK. We pay the going commercial rate.’


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Effects of Microwave Apparatus on Food and Humans

Microwave cooking ovens were originally researched and developed by German scientists to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Had they perfected electronic equipment to prepare meals on a mass scale, the Nazis could have eliminated the logistical problems connected with cooking fuels while producing edible products in far less time than they could using traditional campfires.

After the war, the Allies discovered the medical research and documentation concerning those apparatuses. The papers and experimental microwave equipment were transferred to the U.S. War Department and classified for reference and scientific investigation. The Soviet Union also retrieved some of the devices and began an experiment on them separately. The Russians – who have done the most diligent research into the biological effects of microwave ovens – have OUTLAWED THEIR USE and issued an international warning about the biological and environmental damage that can result form the use of this and similar-frequency electronic apparatus.

Medical Research Summary

The most significant German research concerned with the biological effects of microwaves was done at the Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin in 1942-43, during the Barbarossa military campaign. Beginning in 1957 and continuing up to the present, Russian studies in the field have been conducted at the Institute of Radio Technology. In most research, the foods were exposed to microwave propagation at an energy potential of 100 kilowatts per cubic centimeter per second to the point considered acceptable for sanitary normal ingestion. The observations made by the German and Russian microwave researchers will be presented here in three categories: cancer-causing effects, destruction of nutritive value and biological effects of direct exposure of humans to microwave emissions.

Effects on Microwaved Foods

The following effects have been observed when foods are subjected to microwave emissions.

Meats: Heating prepared meats sufficiently to insure sanitary ingestion creates d-nitrosodiethanolamine, a well-known cancer-causing agent.

Proteins: Active-protein, biomolecular compounds are destabilized.

Increase in Radioactivity: A “binding effect” between the microwaved food and any atmospheric radioactivity is created, causing a marked increase in the amount of alpha and beta particle saturation in the food.

Milk and Cereals: Cancer-causing agents are created in the protein-hydrolysate compounds in milk and cereal grains.

Frozen Foods: Microwaves used to thaw frozen foods alter the catabolism (breakdown) of the glucoside and galactoside elements (see Note 1).

Vegetables: Even extremely brief exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables to microwaves alter alkaloid catabolism (see Note 2).

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Des OVNI a Santiago Le 10/12/08

Des OVNI a Santiago Le 10/12/08 !!
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Did the Israeli Ambassador slip up?

Is Israel planning a war with Iran and did the Zionist state’s ambassador to Australia accidentally reveal as much in a recent address to Sydney's Jewish community? "There will be challenges you shall all face over the coming month with Iran"

Daylight footage: UFOs over Europe

Real or decide?