Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Paradigm Research Group
Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee

Washington, DC - An article written by PRG and X-PPAC Executive Director, Stephen Bassett, has received national attention. "Exopolitics: The ET Ticket" proposed the most advantageous pairing from either party as regards the prospects for Disclosure - the formal acknowledgement by the United States Government of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

His choice, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, were discussed on the July 6 FoxNews morning show and mentioned in a front page article byWilliam Booth in the Sunday, July 8 Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton and top Democratic political operative, John Podesta, were on duty in the White House during a three year effort by Laurance Rockefeller to convince then President Bill Clinton to end the UFO/ET truth embargo. Podesta would later call for the release of government documents relating to ET events and evidence, because "the American people quite frankly can handle the truth, and ...... because it's the law.

"Richardson recently wrote regarding the 1947 Roswell event, "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained - not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government." "It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows. With full disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to find out what happened on that fateful day in July of1947. The American people can handle the truth no matter how bizarre or mundane, and contrary to what you see in the movies."

PRG has been contacted by several reporters who are considering asking ET/Disclosure questions of the candidates in upcoming political campaign debates. Suggested questionsare being posted at the PRG website.

This issue and much more will be on the program at PRG'supcoming X-Conference 2007 - the Insiders I, September 14-16 at the Hilton Gaithersburg Hotel near Washington, DC.

(Source: PRG Newsletter)

To contact Hillary Clinton and ask her yourself what steps she would take towards disclosure:

Hilary Clinton: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/help/contact/
- 1-202-263-0180

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