Thursday, 25 October 2007

Peak Oil and Zero Point

The industrial civilization runs on oil. Yet production of oil and other hydrocarbon liquids has peaked. See the graphs compiled from the United Nations International Energy Information Agency (IEA) and the US government’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) at:

A good and brief look on “peak oil” for those who are not familiar with this concept can be found at:

At the same time demand for oil has increased from an annual growth rate of about two percent to about three percent in recent years as nations such as China, and now India, rapidly industrialize. Discovery of new oilfields peaked in the mid-1960’s and has declined precipitously ever since. Right now for every three to four barrels of oil the world consumes one barrel of replacement oil is discovered.

The Human civilization in general and American society in particular use more energy per capita than anyone else on the planet. We are living off rapidly depleting oilfields discovered forty years ago. Supply is decreasing while demand is increasing. This is a recipe for disaster.

The 2005 Hirsch Report found that transitioning from one source of energy (oil) to another requires a massive and sustained effort over several decades. If you wait until the problem becomes acute then it’s simply too late to deal effectively with it.

Many reports have shown that wind, solar and tidal power will not be sufficient to sustain our economy and lifestyles once fossil fuels have gone. Nuclear energy is far too dangerous and should never be used at any cost to the planet and it's environment.

Recently the mainstream media has picked up on the fact that we have reached peak oil. To avoid social and economic breakdown we need to act now in order to introduce new forms of energy seamlessly across the planet.

Adopting new, free and clean energy such as Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) would be a landmark event for this planet. What is needed is determination and courage from those who are in power and the people of this planet to force this new energy out into the open and to force ‘those’ aside that continue to hijack the way we live. ‘They’ and we know who ‘they’ are must not be able to continue with this death and destruction we see across the globe. We ALL must adopt a new way of learning and living and this includes being brave and accepting that this new form of energy exists. We must continue to get this new form of energy to the open market for EVERYONE to use. The suppression of this energy according to so called ‘interests of national security’ is totally unacceptable.

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