Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Caught in Bed with Evil

Crossing points into Gaza have been shut down for almost two weeks, forcing the only power plant there to stop functioning, due to the lack of fuel. Last week, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency ran out of food and stopped rations’ deliveries to 750,000 residents of Gaza.

Though the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is now immanent, Western media refrains from reporting about the emerging disaster. Apparently, there are far more interesting things to write about, much more interesting than millions of Palestinians who are being starved by the Jewish state.

However the press was kind enough to report that British foreign minister David Miliband spent some time in Israel this week. He had been very concerned with issues concerning the Avocado and other ethical grocery matters. He wanted to propose a clearer method of labeling food products that are sourced in the occupied west bank and sold to consumers in Britain. This could as well be an opportunity for Britain and the EU to restrain Israel’s lethal enthusiasm, but Miliband failed short, far too short. At the end of the day, Miliband is what you may call a grocery humanist. His ethical thinking is orientated around nutrition and ethical digestion. This is apparently the most deteriorated and probably the lowest form of left thinking. At least I really want to believe that left cannot go any lower than that.

Yet, Miliband is a dynamic person. Due to the escalation of violence in the region, he visited Sderot, accompanied by Israeli defense minister Barak. Bluntly he supported the Israeli criminal policies by saying “Israel should, above all, seek to protect its own citizens,” as if this is not enough, he continued, “I’m here today because Sderot has become the front line of Israel’s security. It’s very important that countries like mine and others show solidarity with the people of Sderot and that’s what I’m doing today.” Ostensibly, Miliband didn’t visit Gaza. He also didn’t mention that countries like his should show ‘solidarity’ with millions of dispossessed Palestinian refugees that are now shelled and starved to submission. Though Miliband sincerely cares about Avocados and ethical nutrition, millions of Palestinians who are left to eat sand do not seem to concern him at all.

However, Miliband couldn’t stay in the region for too long, as he has to rush back home. In London he is supposed to meet no less than the Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres, the elder politician who was the pioneer of the Israeli Nuclear project. The man who introduced WMD to the middle east, the man who has more blood on his hands than any other living Israeli politician (except vegetable Sharon). Miliband should be in London in time so he can join President Peres and unveil a special plaque at the Foreign Office, honoring British diplomats who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

I wonder how many British Diplomats will be honored for saving a single Palestinian kid within the current Israeli inflicted Holocaust? If there are any British politicians and diplomats, Clearly, Miliband would not be one of them. Reading what he had to say to the people of Sderot, he is no less than an enthusiastic supporter of the Israeli institutional crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, President Peres is having a good time in London this week. In the framework of his visit, he will hold a round of meetings with the Queen, Crown Prince Charles, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, David Miliband; and the leader of the opposition, David Cameron.

He will be awarded a Knight Grand Cross, the sixth-most senior award in the British system, used to honor individuals who have rendered important services in relation to foreign nations. Seemingly, in Britain, killing innocent Lebanese civilians and starving millions in Gaza must be considered as an “important service”. In Belgium, on the other hand, a very similar activity is considered a crime against humanity.

President Peres will also receive an honorary degree from Kings College for his efforts “furthering peace in the Middle East”. I think that considering Peres’ usage of ballistic technology against innocent civilians, a PhD in physics may be more appropriate.

On the face of it, at the time the Jewish state is exercising the most devastating forms of crimes against humanity, the British Government, the British Parliament, the royal family and a major British academic institute are all caught together in bed with no less than a nuclear enthusiast butcher.

I am rather impressed. More than ever I am proud to be British. Such an embracing openness towards wickedness is probably the ultimate form of British kindness and forgiveness. This is something I have never seen in my homeland. Looking at Parliament, Miliband and the Royal family I must admit, I have much to learn about compassion before I become a genuine British subject.


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Richard Lalancette said...

Sad news Philip. Very sad.

Starving these women and kids, is just sick...