Wednesday, 3 December 2008

State opening of Parliament

Today in the UK was the State opening of Parliament and the current 'governments' attempt to inform the people what they are going to do in the next session of parliament.

The event came and went and the government has laid out a list of bills which can only be described as pathetic. Could it be that the UK politicians will have 80% less power from the 1st of January 2009 as all major decisions will move to Brussels under the new European Treaty?.

The following is a brief example of some of the issues that will be debated in Parliament over the coming year. Please keep in mind that we face a looming energy crisis, an economical downturn forcing hundreds into unemployment, various on going wars on this planet, increasing child poverty and the elderly STILL having to turn their heating off because it costs too much money!

"Enshrines in law the commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020" 2020!! Why not 2010, WHY does it take so long Gordon?

"a new NHS Constitution, setting out the rights and responsibilities of patients and staff" Why are we not looking into modernising the NHS or trying to find cures for diseases rather than developing yet more paper work!

"It places a duty on councils to promote democracy and monitor local economic conditions" Don't make me laugh; the current 'government' does not know the meaning of the word democracy!

"Marine and Coastal Access Bill - Gives people the right to walk around the English coast". No comment!

"The bill also says it will strengthen sex offender prevention orders and foreign travel orders". In case people of the UK are NOT aware of foreign travel orders. This bill will instruct the police to confiscate your passport should you demonstrate or commit any crime in the future. Fantasy??.....Read the bill!!

"Policing and Crime Bill - This bill applies to England and Wales, with some elements extending to Scotland and Northern Ireland. It promises tighter controls around lap dancing clubs" With everything that is currently wrong with this world and this government concentrates on lap dancing clubs!!!!!

"Saving Gateway Accounts Bill - This bill, applies to the whole UK, is aimed at getting people on lower incomes to save more" People on lower incomes can sometimes barely afford to eat, how the hell are they expected to start saving?

How appalling, what are we paying these people for?

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