Thursday, 26 February 2009

A ONENESS of thought

I am back blogging with an article that hopefully will inspire us all.

....In your current situation on your planet there is a vast amount of knowledge that is being offered from many different sources. We know this is a topic that is currently in your mind regularly. However one may be informed, however often one tops up the knowledge bank, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more knowledgeable than one who chooses to remain in silence and reclusive, away from all sources of information gathering. Wisdom is offered from us to you. When wisdom is harmonised with Truth then we would call it knowledge in the terms that we like to express the word. For what is the point of knowing many things if one’s heart is unsure as to whether or not they are a Truth?

Awareness of things is not detrimental, what is however … is living with/in the fear that some of that awareness brings. We have brought forth knowledge in many different ways. We feel it necessary to impress upon your minds over and over again that it is YOU that create your world. If you TRULY understand this you would all view the future very differently. You say you ‘get it’ and you visualise an abundance of money or that fancy sports car, or that trip to a sun soaked land of milk and honey …. YOU SEEM TO FORGET THE BIGGER PICTURE! We spoke to you in the day gone by of how you would like your world to be. You all KNOW how you would like your world to be and yet you remain in the pocket of how it is now! Focusing on what is taking place now that is not to your liking. Focus on the Now of what IS your liking and let the rest disappear, for when it is not a focus in your mind it cannot continue a lifeline for it is NOT A THOUGHT TO CARRY ON BEING CREATED.

You read of life threatening days ahead of you, so many of you live in the fear of that. Creating it! Do you see? It is not always beneficial to gain knowledge when it is of a negative, low vibration. We ask you to cease ‘buying into that’. Instead surround yourselves with thoughts of Love and peace and the idealic world that is at present only at the end of your rainbows. Bring it to you.


What lies ahead is what you want to lie ahead. What YOU choose as a human consciousness … AS ONE … TO BE. TO BRING ABOUT.
This ONENESS is what we are trying to explain. This ONENESS is the way in which you can bring about change for the good. A ONENESS of thought. A togetherness of minds IN LOVE.


Dearest souls who have been chosen and selected to be on your earth plane at this time … use your gifts wisely. Empower your beings at this most poignant hour. With each soul that ‘gets it’ there is a change in the frequency. A minute change, but a change none the less. Move forward in Light but never forget every now and then to stop, turn around, and magnetise through that Light of which you are, those who are finding it hard to keep up. Those who do not ‘get it’… yet! Help them keep up. Assist them in releasing their burdens for they do not belong within any longer. One CAN and WILL move into the new creation as a soul that is FREE. FOR FREEDOM IS YOUR RIGHT AND IT IS INDEED TIME TO RECLAIM THIS RIGHT!

Unlock the shackles dear friends, set yourselves free… and together we shall bring forth an energy that will allow this earth of yours to bask once again in the LOVE that it is/ was and shall be.