Thursday, 28 June 2007

My Manifesto

Would you vote for me?

Following Mr. Blair’s departure and the arrival of another ‘puppet’ Gay Gordon I have decided to write my manifesto. Would you vote for me?


Create a National Health Service free at the point of use for all. Scrap the use of agency nurses and offer all nurses permanent employment within the NHS providing them with a decent salary and better working conditions. Scrap the archaic shift patterns of all doctors and nurses. Scrap all league tables. Create a national research centre to carry out stem cell and DNA research. Adopt the new ‘sound wave systems’ being suppressed to cure cancer.
Adopt a more ‘healing’ NHS rather than just offering ‘quick fix’ solutions by employing more spiritual healers.
Employ Dr. Sue Arrigo, M.D to supply answers to the national research centre regarding the cure for the AIDS virus. Release information to the public regarding the AIDS virus and its origins with a view to stopping the spread of this deadly disease. Abolish the payment of billions of pounds over the next 10 years to the corrupt drug companies by investing the money in curing diseases rather than endlessly suppressing and treating them.

Peace and Defence

Pull all British troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Create a new peace keeping force with the help of other nations to clean up the mess previous governments have left behind. With the help of other nations send British peace keeping troops to places like Darfur and secure lasting peace in other troubled parts of the globe. Abolish Trident immediately. Abolish the use and further creation of any nuclear weapons systems and scrap all nuclear weapons within 5 years. Half the defence budgets within 5 years and re-invest the money into health care and better living conditions for the people of the UK. Play no part in attacking any nation in the future purely for their resources. Scrap the MOD and create a peace keeping and protection agency in its place. Abolish with immediate effect MI5 and MI6. Stop the selling of arms to foreign nations. Stop the financing and arming of black ops and Special Forces in places like Iran, Turkey, Iraq, The West Bank and Afghanistan. Stop with immediate effect the arming of Fatah to try and over throw the legitimately elected government of Hamas. Release to the public why we really went to war with Iraq and the Falklands and what the ‘elite’s’ aim has been since the end of World War I.


Abolish the council tax with immediate effect and replace it with a new structured 3 tier income tax system that is fair for all, the more you earn, the more you pay! Nurses, police and certain other groups in employment would benefit from a 3rd tier tax allowance, giving them a reduction in taxable pay.
Use the defence budget savings and savings from other wasted areas of the establishment and re-invest all the money equally amongst society in areas such as health care and poverty stricken areas.
Look at why most businesses now trade abroad and re-establish British industry. Create new forms of wealth by creating and adopting new technologies, sciences and inventions here in the UK with a view to exporting most goods abroad rather than importing most goods.
Heavily tax all executives who earn more than a million pound in bonuses. Adopted strict regulation for all banks and financial institutions to root out the ‘elite’ who control the flow of money to illegal operations and disrupt the running of the country. Make the banking system fair for the people of the UK. Allow buy to let landlords a maximum of three houses, including the one they live in.

Foreign policy

Prevent the IMF and G8 from bullying developing nations into opening up markets to big western corporations. Create a peaceful alliance with as many nations as possible regardless of their current status and work together for lasting peace around the globe.
Try for crimes against humanity anyone who actively seeks to disrupt the new government of the UK. Work to abolish poverty in places like Africa.


Release information on climate change and tell the public the truth that global warming is partly caused by a natural cycle of events. Carbon emissions, would be eradicated due to new forms of energy. Ban GM crops. Invest more money and time into improving the environment for all and help those who get affected by the warming of the planet.


Create a secure R&D facility to explore the principles of clean free energy such as Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and bring this to the open market for ALL to use. Employee a team of scientists and engineers and produce a device which could be implemented into our society in about 5 years. The cost for this R&D would roughly require £500m in funds and we could have something viable to use in homes, buildings and transportation systems, thus eliminating fossil fuels forever. The possibilities for this new energy are endless and could provide us with a quantum leap in having clean, cheap and decentralised energy for the whole world, thus eliminating poverty and restoring the environment. The west awoke in 2006 to the vast economic, political and social implications of climate change - and realised that it presented as many opportunities as threats to humanity.


Create academies across the UK for all school children. The schooling of the youngest members of the UK should continue up and until they are 18 years of age. The extended time will allow them to learn a trade, or to prepare for university as a scientist etc.

Principles of Government

The new government would be based on the outskirts of York. A building would be utilised that is already available saving millions of pounds in building a new government building. Each town would elect a Council of Government member and all Council of Government members would sit in the Council of Government. Other members of the public who are qualified or have already worked in various fields such as the NHS would stand to be elected as the health manager, finance manager etc. No Council of Government member would be able to be a manager of health etc at the same time as being a Council of Government member for their respective town. Another member of the public would stand to be elected in the presidential role. All Council of Government members, all managers and the president would meet and decide on various issues, these meetings will be open for the public to view and comment on. Important issues will be decided by the Council of Government and then passed to the country to vote on. ALL Council of Government members, health manager’s etc and the presidents salary would be halved with immediate effect.
Local councils and mayors around the UK would be abolished and the Council of Government member for their respective area would lead a team of support staff.
A general election would be held every 5 years without fail for all the roles above. The new government would fund no opposition parties. The new government would not be responsible to a political party they would be responsible to the people they serve.


The royal family and the House of Lords would be abolished within a year and stripped of all money and property owned by the new government. The savings made by doing this would fund the new school and health system.
With immediate effect the BBC would be stripped of its licence and a new 24 hour news channel that is independent of the new government but is regulated by the people would be formed. The new 24 hour news channel would serve the people in order that it broadcasts the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 24 hours a day. The news channel would also keep checks on the government rather than passively following it down the same line. Other BBC channels would either seek funding via advertising or close down.
With immediate effect all information that has been suppressed in the interest of ‘national security’ would be released.
With immediate effect the people responsible for disrupting and hijacking this country for so long and for using previous governments as ‘puppets’ would be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity, wherever they currently reside in the world.

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