Friday, 21 September 2007

One Planet Living

After reading a comment on my blog from a very decent man whom I call my friend (despite the fact I have never met him) it got me thinking.

Richard Lalancette from wrote:

"So true. Though, I wish we could point to a single entity, blame it for what is happening on this planet and find ways to dismantle it. Unfortunately, it is not the case. There is probably hundreds of cells and compartments, each with it's own agenda, large or small scale. What do we have left to fight these? Grassroots movement and awakening."

Perhaps Richard is 100% correct, perhaps no one knows everything, nobody has access to the bigger picture, perhaps everything is so compartmentalised that it has become so difficult to uncover the truth.

The other day I was reading about ‘peak oil’ and part of the article went like this:

"As one commentator recently observed, the reason our leaders are acting like desperados is because we have a desperate situation on our hands. If you've been wondering why the Bush administration has been spending money, cutting social programs, and starting wars like there's no tomorrow, now you have your answer: as far as they are concerned, there is no tomorrow.
In 2003, the BBC filmed a three-part, relatively apolitical, documentary entitled "War for Oil" about the role the Bush administration's knowledge of Peak Oil played in their decision to invade and occupy Iraq.
As the documentary explains, in private the Bush administration sees the war in Iraq as "a fight for survival." From a purely Machiavellian standpoint, they are probably correct in their thinking"

Most people blame Bush and Cheney for so many things that are wrong with this world but maybe even they are not 100% aware of what is going on around them. Perhaps they have started these wars in order to secure fresh supplies of oil not knowing that a new type of clean energy already exists known as Zero Point Energy.

Maybe someone is keeping the knowledge about Zero Point Energy from them. Are the elected leaders of this world aware of this? Are Bush and Cheney aware of Zero Point Energy?

Are leaders such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada aware of ETVs and the fact they are and have been visiting this planet for decades? How many people who work in health care are aware that HIV is a man made disease, with a cure?

Do most people on this planet have such knowledge?

I believe Richard is 100% correct in saying the only way we can all move forward is by a huge grassroots movement and awakening.

That is why I have chosen to launch "One Planet Living".

One Planet Living is intended to be a network of like-minded people from around the planet who are willing to share information on their blog in order to create a blog network to spread information more accurately and effectively.

See for an example of a blog network.

Linking all the blogs together we can share up to date information with other blogs. If something of importance is released or needs to be addressed the members of One Planet Living will spread the word enabling the information to spread more quickly and effectively.

Members of One Planet Living will then have access to the latest information to enable them to spread this to people outside the network i.e. family, friends and work colleagues enabling a large movement to form.

Maybe it will even reach the corridors of power if enough people are finally awakened and enlightened.

I shall be publishing more details shortly on how you can join One Planet Living.

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Richard Lalancette said...

Great Idea and great initialive.
Sign me up Philip.

You can call me a friend or a brother since the number of consciousness in the universe is one, and we are it :)