Wednesday, 5 September 2007

"THE AMERO" is real

Three weeks ago, I published a brief snippet on the front page of my web site reporting the governments of the US Canada and Mexico are conspiring in secret to merge the three nations into a new entity called the North American Union.

There has been much talk of this on various internet blogs for over a year. Most of those blogs have been smeared as "conspiracy theorists" and have been largely ignored by the main stream.
What prompted my interest in the issue was money: I was sent professional images of actual AMERO coins by someone in the US Treasury! The person included a note saying they like my radio show and are frightened by what's been going on in secret within our government.

This Treasury Department person was outraged that our country was beginning to coin money as part of a merger that would do away with our country, via a merger the American public knew nothing about!

When I got the professional images of the AMERO coin, I was finally intrigued enough to make mention of it on my web site. My site has gotten over 20 Million visits in the last couple years and is becoming more popular because of the brutal honesty and timely delivery of news that folks don't find elsewhere. This story about AMERO coins would fit my niche of breaking news, so I ran a snippet of a story.

Today, I received a single 20 AMERO coin in the mail. A real coin. Real metal, really MINTED by the US Mint in Denver, CO. The proof that it is being Minted in Denver is that the coin is stamped with the Mint Identity letter "D" on the bottom right of the side with the eagle just like regular US coins already in circulation today!



Richard Lalancette said...

Those bastards are really going for it. If from now on, people still don't believe in a permanent government, ruling this world. If people still think that those corporation have nothing to do with the mess we are in, I don't know what else to say...

Thanks for sharing this.
Great find.

Philip said...

Richard, my point exactly. I could not have put that better myself.

jratzsch said...

We need Ron Paul!

jratzsch said...

We need Ron Paul!

jratzsch said...

We need Ron Paul!

Anthony said...

I am aware that corporations have too much influence on the laws that we live by. I am aware that this effects the quality of our daily lives. I've helped pass laws that limit the powers of corporations.

However, this is a private issue fantasy coin. It looks so real because it is made by an actual coin designer who has designed real currency (such as state quarters).

Anonymous said...
Heres the private company that mints these "rounds" that are by no means minted by the treasury. You had to have actually googled it yourself before telling others too right? they are minted in denver, just not the Denver Mint. The designers name also starts with a D and its pretty common to put your initials on a coin you design.

Anonymous said...

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