Thursday, 13 December 2007

Big Machines Parked In Orbit

What you are about to see is quite remarkable. It seems that some of the stars above us are not stars at you shall see. A young man by the name of John Lenard Walson has discovered a new way to extend the capabilities of small telescopes and has been able to achieve optical resolutions - at almost the diffraction limit - not commonly achievable. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth orbit. The resulting astrophotographic video footage has revealed a raft of machines, hardware, satellites, spacecraft and possibly space ships which otherwise appear as 'stars'...if they appear at all.

There are, indeed, hundreds of satellites in Earth orbit. However, the images you will see are clearly of large and sizeable machines which have not been seen before.

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