Monday, 31 December 2007

Final thought for 2007

2007 is almost at an end and we await the arrival of 2008. Before the dawn of 2008 I wanted to write and thank a few people for their continued support, help and advice throughout this year. Although certain people who surround me are convinced I am mad, others however, are convinced that what I am doing is right and for the good of those around me and far beyond. I suppose only time will tell on that score!

Therefore to my Mum, Dad, Andrew, David, Richard, Simon, Alison, Mark and to many others who read this blog and continue to support me in various ways, thank you so very much for your support in whatever way you have chosen to express it this last year, it is appreciated.

Throughout 2007, The PRASEG group, to which I am now a full time member, has promised to consult its current members list on the matter of setting up a new energy council to facilitate the arrival and rolling out of a Zero Point Energy device here in the UK. The Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) have also been in contact with me and offered an avenue in which myself and certain individuals within the BERR organisation can explore ways to set up the rolling out of Zero Point Energy devices into our society, by whatever means, when the time comes. The question, is this just false 'talk' to keep me quiet or will further action be taken, I shall let you know.

Defra, The Carbon Trust, Alun Michael MP, David Cameron MP and many others have either sidelined the issue or 'advised' me to contact someone else. The idea of this exercise was not to secure their agreement on a new energy council (although that would be nice) but to raise their current awareness of the situation, which we all currently face. This has been successful with David Cameron to date.

In 2007 I set up the One Planet Living part of this site and although initially this has been slow to take off, this section of the blog will continue to be developed throughout 2008 bringing more of the grassroots movement together. I am currently in discussion with various sustainability groups in the UK with a view to inviting them to join the One Planet Living group.

With grateful continued support from various sources, this blog continues to draw attention from all walks of life and is read by certain people in the UK 'government' (or that's what the IP addresses and tracking software tell me)

Thank you to those who have taken and used my ideas and put them forward as your own as part of this year's manifesto. It would be really nice if you could use my whole manifesto rather than just 'picking' parts, which are acceptable to the 'elite'. One of those stolen ideas is below:

"Create academies across the UK for all school children. The schooling of the youngest members of the UK should continue up and until they are 18 years of age. The extended time will allow them to learn a trade, or to prepare for university as a scientist"

In 2008 we must all continue to be vigilant to the continued threat posed by those who continue to hijack the way we live.

Despite all the war, violence, greed and hate currently circulating this globe, there is still hope. Hope for a better and more peaceful world, with no war and no violence, no more pain, hunger and greed. I, like many others will continue to work throughout 2008 for what I believe is right by continuing to belong to the biggest grass roots community this world has ever seen in order to create a peaceful world in which we can all live.

With heartfelt thanks to you all,
Have a peaceful 2008.

"It looked as though Western liberal democracy was becoming 'the final form of human government"


Richard Lalancette said...


You have done amazing work so far and I wish you a great year 2008 and many more to come!

Happy new year.


Philip said...


Thank you very much for your very kind comments. I too wish you a great 2008 and keep up the excellent work with the nexus blog. Im following is you who really does the amazing work.