Friday, 22 February 2008

Channel 4 news and George Galloway

For those who do not already know George Galloway, George is a politician in the UK representing the Respect Party. George is deemed by some as outspoken!!

George Galloway is right that in times of war that threaten elites they simply form a 'unity coalition' government and dispense with the facade of big money backed oligarchy masquerading as 'democracy'.

It was laughable to watch George Bush, the big money funded oligarch, lecturing on the news about 'democracy'. Galloway should have asked Krishnan Guru-Murthy what did the people of Britain have to say about the illegal war against Iraq, the taxpayer funded bail-out of Northern Rock? What do the British people have to say on any policy being churned out by this facade of a group of dirty perverts we call the UK government?

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