Thursday, 14 February 2008

Prophecy = Remote Viewing or ESP

A note before we continue. The Crossing Point of Light blog tries to publish only factual information and we try to steer clear of speculation and gossip.
The following article could be deemed as pure speculation, gossip, someone seeking attention, dis-information or it could be genuine.

Due to the nature of the article below the reader therefore, should keep an open mind. It is commonly known that remote viewing is possible, scientific studies have proven that ESP is known to be possible also.

If the following article was written before September 11th 2001 then anything is possible. We all need to be more open minded about the possibilities of remote viewing, ESP etc. otherwise we will never advance as enlightened beings.

Until this point only a select few people have known about my dream one week prior to 9/11. I don’t talk about it for fear of being labelled mad or strange. However on this occasion, the dream went something like this:

I was sat in an office in a really tall building; there were vertical blinds at the window. All of a sudden there was a huge explosion and the building swayed and the blinds swung. Then a gust of wind came into the office and blew all the papers off my desk, there was paper everywhere. At this point I ran down the stairs and outside. I was looking at two tall towers on fire. When I stared at them I was aware that both of them were falling towards me, at this point I was covered in dust. The next thing I knew I was stood next to a tank and I was aware that a war was under way.

Did I dream of up and coming events one week prior to 9/11 or was it pure coincidence? Am I mad?

Recently I have become aware of a situation unfolding similar to the article published below, regarding Chicago. Hence my decision to post the following. The above is one of the main reasons I started my blog. I am aware of what goes on but I have no idea how or why I am aware. A member of my family is even better at it than I am and some of the incidents that we have encountered are truly amazing.

The question now is….am I mad or can we, as humans, learn to trigger thoughts and feelings of this nature? Only time will tell………

The Article:

In July of 1999, the woman with whom I was romantically involved at that time - call her Gabrielle - woke up, woke me up, and announced that she had just had an exceptionally vivid dream. A prophetic dream.

A dream in which airplanes flew into the World Trade Center - "or buildings like the World Trade Center."

I had met Gabrielle over the internet; she was visiting me from out of state. As mentioned earlier, she claimed to have had psychic experiences, especially when younger, although those experiences had tapered off in recent years. The stories she told me about the earlier days were weird and fascinating - and, of course, unprovable. I made no secret of my stance on ESP: I had become a cynic, but even so...maybe. She understood that, for the most part, I was now much more of a Scully than a Mulder.

And that's why I immediately looked for a conventional explanation for her nightmarish vision of disaster striking the World Trade Center.

The main vision, she insisted, involved skyscrapers. "Like the World Trade Center."

She saw people jumping. Then the buildings would tumble to the ground.

What comes next

In the mid-1990s, before she met me, Gabrielle had had a series of troubling dreams depicting a "small" nuclear explosion in Chicago. In each dream, she viewed the event from a closer perspective. In one dream, she saw it from the point of view of a reporter flying in a commercial airliner not far from the event.

Would the same people be responsible for both events, I asked?

Not really, she answered, although the events are linked. In both cases, she emphasized, "it won't be who they say it is."


"Yes and no. It's like people from the government are involved. Or at least they know about it."

She said that the public would be told that Iran was responsible for the Chicago event. "After that, it's World War Three."
She intimated that things would not play out the way "they" planned, and that the war would spin out of all control.

I asked for more details about the "small" nuclear event in Chicago. She mentioned the Sears tower.

Water played a role in the scenario she envisioned; the device would be transported via boat. I reminded her that Chicago is on one of the Great Lakes. (For some reason, I couldn't remember which one!) She said that the boat would not be on a lake. "You know those movable bridges?" she asked. One of those bridges had something to do with the event.

"You know that picture of the farmer and his wife?" she asked. I took this as a reference to Grant Wood's American Gothic, which I once saw on loan in San Francisco. (Incidentally, the woman in the painting is actually the man's sister.) I vaguely recalled that the work's "home" is in Chicago. She felt that the painting would be destroyed by the blast, and that we would subsequently see the image reproduced ad infinitum in news accounts.

(One doesn't need ESP to foresee how the lost work would take on symbolic, even propagandistic, value.)



Richard Lalancette said...

First, Philip, you are not mad, that's one thing :)

Second, I have experienced remote view, on many occassions, when in the right state of mind.

It can be as vivid as watching a DvD just in front of your nose, on a wide screen TV or as subtle as feelings and emotions. And I can insure you that, I am not a trained psychic, but a software developer :) So with the will and courage, you can get in states, through meditation, where you can ackowledge the oneness of the universal mind.

Remember, the total number of minds in the universe is one, and we are it. To use Dr. Greer's words, that consciousness shines through all individuals, but we can tap into this.

You have also to understand that the future is in motion, the fact that you talk about this on this blog changes things, because the potential plot for Chicago is exposed now and things might change.

Thanks for sharing this experience my friend, appreciate.

I have been pondering the idea to write articles about my discoveries in the last 2 years, personal experiences etc... You have just given me the last push that I needed to get started. Thanks!

Be well,


Sage said...

I have just bookmarked this blogsite for future reference. I like your sincerity, empircism and open-minded, balanced approach. I have spent years exploring and debunking fraudulent extra sensory perception claims but I know that some human minds- not all - are genetically "wired" to be conduits to an energy field of limitless information.
Whether this is the Akasha field referred to in Hinduism or the collectiveness unconsciousness frequently referenced by Carl Jung is yet to be determined. I have had some rather strange experiences myself which defy scientific explanation and clearly point to other dimensional realities. I look forward to everything else you may write and I am heartened to know that there are others who share my some facets of my fluid worldview. And it is good to know that there are methodical researchers who are not from the lunatic fringes of the New Age. Well done and I will certainly share this site with others.