Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A personal comment

It now appears that “The Final Act”, “The End Game” call it what you will has well and truly begun. After 60+ years the so called ‘elite’ are putting the finishing touches to the One World Government.

Despite certain parts of the planet facing a food shortage others are facing a huge increase in food prices. All part of Kissinger’s plan to ‘starve’ most of the population to death in order to achieve population reduction.

We are seeing borders around the world becoming meaningless with the creation of the North American Union, the European Union, the African Union and the soon to be created Asian Union; in turn these will merge to create a One World Government.

The American dollar together with the British pound are on the decline. All of which is once again manufactured to eventually bring in the Amero for Canada, America and South America. Events will soon be under way to undermine the British pound in order to replace it with the Euro.

We have never ending wars across this poor planet with the latest being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan costing billions of dollars. We see innocent people being murdered in these countries and across the entire globe for nothing!

We have the suppression of new energy technology, health care and various other issues in the name of money, power and the most bizarre reason of them all “National Security”.

All this takes time, planning and dedication to see this through. Physiologists are employed to give the elite a unique advantage over us. The way they have introduced certain aspects into our way of life is very clever, for example here in the UK we now have a British £20 note which looks more like a €20 note, in preparation for the UK to receive the Euro.

Another false flag attack is months away involving some form of nuclear device, this will begin the pretext for war with Iran and other “sponsored countries of terrorism”. Oil will continue to climb towards $200 and once again it will be the poorest people of this planet that will continue to suffer the most.

The clamp down on people like me has also begun with the monitoring of internet and phone access, all in the name of combating terrorism.

This madness has to end and it has to end now! The dirty little perverts that control our society and are ‘attempting’ to control our lives must be stopped now by whatever means possible.

However, we need a change of tactics, each and every one of us now has to understand that we are all powerful; we don’t have to live like this any longer. If we remain in this comfortable little bubble that surrounds us or we start to fight for what is right, what have we really got to loose either way?

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