Tuesday, 13 May 2008

U.S. Army Gearing Up for Something ... Big?

First Received – May 7. Readers Comments May 13, 2008

Here is a copy of your article. I had sent it on to my brother-in-law, who works for Home Land Security. He said, "I am not at liberty to tell you what is going on, but I suggest you learn Spanish real fast!". He was a fireman in a large U.S. City until he was given a gun and sent for Home Land Securiity Training. I get the impression that we now have embedded Home Land Security agents in the Fire Departments and Police Forces across the nation to help with the impending Marshall Law should it be declared soon!
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Received – Wednesday May 7, 2008

This afternoon, I received a call from my niece in Texas. Her husband is in the service. They live near the base in an area where many other families in the service live. Yesterday, she received a visit from some kind of army personnel, as well as many of her girlfriends who also have husbands serving. From what I understand, this is what took place. She was given several locations as well as dates and times to show up for "commodities", as well as a location on base they were required to show up today. She said the area on base they were told to go to, she was familiar with, only this time, there were large tents set up, one of which they were told to go to. She told me her fears were she would be told her husband was going to be sent overseas, however this wasn't the case.

She said they were told that they would be taken care of, and to begin to stock up on non perishables. They were given a voucher for what she stated were "large sacks" of beans, rice and other "non perishables". Also informed that generators would be provided. Times and dates to pick up these commodities. They were also handed out some kind of contract that the "spouses" of personal were required to sign. It stated they were not at liberty to share this information with civilians. Her and several others when asking about what is going on, they were told the Army takes care of their own. This took place in Texas.

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