Monday, 25 August 2008


Emerging evidence is already exposing the Bush/Cheney administration’s bloody fingerprints all over the conflict in Georgia:

US complicit in Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia
NATO encouraged Georgia
Hypocrisy over war in Georgia
Georgia war a neocon election ploy
Using Georgia to target Russia

Russia responded by finishing the South Ossetia fighting quickly, clearly establishing its dominance for the moment. But what will be Washington’s response now?

Georgia/Ossetia is a perfect set-up. It is even better than a false flag operation. The Russian Threat will be the only issue, bar none, and Washington has only just begun pumping it up. It will be “it,” no matter which faction ultimately sits in the White House, and could well decide which faction manages to be installed.

The Cold War is back, and it may not be cold for very long: Toward a Broader Russia-US military confrontation?

Both neocons and neolibs now have a unified enemy again, and a propaganda cause behind which to mobilize.

Note that neoliberal hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski, a chief architect behind imperial plans targeted against Russian and Chinese geostrategic agendas, has influence behind both US presidential aspirants, Barack Obama and John McCain. His ruthless colleague and neocon counterpart, Henry Kissinger is in McCain’s camp.

Washington functionaries and 90 percent of the media are marching uniformly with propaganda pushing the idea that it was a Russian attack on “sovereign” Georgia, not an armed response to an aggressive provocation by Georgia armed with US troops, covert operatives and US firepower.

The western media is trumpeting that “something has to be done to show the Russians that they can’t just run roughshod over the continent,” while the actions of US covert operations, unacknowledged American fatalities (dead intelligence assets, soldiers lying dead in the streets of Ossetia) get silence. Note how the massive propaganda apparatus, a save-Georgia public relations machine (identical to the save-Iraqi-babies campaign launched before the Gulf War) was in place, seemingly before the fighting even started.

There is a good reason why Kissinger and the Bush family appeared so relaxed at the Beijing Olympic Games. The top echelons of the Anglo-American empire have already set up the “chessboard,” with multiple contingencies. It’s all been taken care of.

Barring miraculous developments, Georgia has become the new Vietnam, complete with fear of commies, oil supplies threatened (genuinely as well as fictionally), and real world war. The perfect planetary conflagration.

Rank and file Americans, the entire world, may be sick of war and deception, but fear of a mightily-armed Russia -- a true, living superpower adversary that actually dropped bombs and rolled in tanks -- could do the trick in a way that 9/11 and phantom terrorists did not.

Watch Bush/Cheney. They are not done.


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