Monday, 4 August 2008

9/11...the Ship goes Down while The Band Plays on.

It’s the most amazing thing about the 9/11 attacks. You’ve got hundreds of professionals in the sciences and engineering fields that are on record and supported by irrefutable evidence who say that 9/11 could not have happened the way they say it did. You have hundreds of professional pilots, military pilots and aviation experts who say that those accused of piloting the planes could not possibly have done so. You have former leaders from Japan and Germany as well as intelligence chiefs from Italy and other places who say that 9/11 was an Inside Job and that those who carried it out were members of the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and elements of British intelligence.

The amount of evidence to support the guilt of these agencies is overwhelming. You have a majority of the American people and people worldwide who do not believe the official story. You have eyewitness accounts and hundreds of videos, physical evidence or the damning lack of physical evidence and the evidence of evidence destroyed. You have lies and blatant cover-ups. You have motive and the glaring evidence of following events and the clear evidence of who benefited. You have dual nationals at high levels in all of the key areas of government who are engaged in the cover-up and destruction and suppression of evidence. You have dual nationals in control of major agencies that were created ‘after’ the attacks. You have a dual national who was in charge of the Pentagon’s money while somewhere around three trillion dollars went missing and which was announced the day before 9/11 by Donald Rumsfield and which never got mentioned again because 9/11 happened. You’ve got things like this showing up every day.

We have all of this and more, much more and yet we hear nothing about it in the mass media except when the matter is ridiculed or debunked with the most ham-handed efforts. We have lying gatekeepers like Noam Chomsky saying it doesn’t matter if the government, with the assistance of other governments, did 9/11. His arguments make no sense. Why would it not matter? Anyone who makes such an argument is without a doubt in the employ of those who carried out the attacks. Their arguments make no sense. One could say that it doesn’t matter who made the attacks at Columbine. It doesn’t matter who carried out the Oklahoma bombing. It doesn’t matter why we invaded Iraq. It doesn’t matter if we attack Iran. It doesn’t matter if you obey the law or break the law. It doesn’t matter if you lie or tell the truth. It doesn’t matter how many people died for a lie. It doesn’t matter if the Palestinians are exterminated. Apparently nothing matters except to the people that it happens to and they’re gone and that doesn’t matter either.

There are some people for whom 9/11 doesn’t matter. Some of these people have no interest in what happens to other people. Some of these people are interested only in their own personal advancement. Some of these people do not want their personal advancement hindered by compromising their self interest with the truth. Some people are more stupid than it is possible to imagine. Some are indifferent to anything but their appetites. Some people are too frightened to be caught thinking outside of party lines and what is acceptable in a society inclined to accept what it is told. Some people cannot imagine that those, occasionally actually elected to represent them, would lie even when they know that it is the nature of ‘occasionally’ elected officials to lie.

Day by day the evidence mounts. Day by day more people know. Some few of us knew very soon after the event that something was wrong with the official line. Now there are many, many more who know. I knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ‘before’ the invasion even occurred. I published a daily log every day for a hundred and fifty days saying so. I was excoriated for this… day followed day and no weapons were ever discovered.

When you travel the internet to various forums and chat rooms you find that trivia is the main subject of conversation. It is trivia that occupies the mind of most people. You find that many of these people are professionals in some line of work. They are not all gamers and ordinary nitwits for whom nothing beyond the trivial is possible. Some of these people have expensive educations and yet, their conversations are about the most superficial and banal of subjects. Take a look at the subject matter and quality of conversation at this forum which calls itself The Best of the Fray. The majority of the posters here are college educated. Consider the level of exchange. It is an embarrassment to the human race. This forum is one of many that are connected to the online magazine, Slate.

The pervasiveness of materialism and the pursuit of personal gain have turned a large percentage of the population into something less than human beings. They joke about terrible events. They laugh about the misfortune of others. They think themselves clever and immune. They feed on bread and circuses and are indifferent to the world as it collapses around their ears. Here is a grim reminder of what is happening to their world right now and yet they are disconnected from it. It is happening but it isn’t real. It is quite real.

So many people have no interest about what happened on 9/11. They make no connection between the ongoing election fraud; the emerging police state, the destruction of the economy, the unnecessary wars and massive loss of life, the corruption of the corporations and governments that are bleeding them white. They do not see that the government is engaged in presently planning a new terror attack in order to maintain control. They do not consider that both candidates for the coming administration are whores for the same lies and slave-masters as the administration they seek to replace. They do not consider the real possibility of martial law when so many of the laws that have followed 9/11 have all been designed with this in mind. Is it any wonder that things are as they are? Can anyone say that these people do not deserve whatever happens to them?

The dozens of people who comment at this blog with every new entry are living proof that not everyone is a posturing fool or practicing psychopath. The sterling work of many bloggers is living proof that some people care. The huge body of the public that supports the candidacy of Ron Paul is proof evident that not all of America is reading the gossip columnists or chattering about treacle and trivia online. It is a sad commentary on contemporary life that so many people are such self-involved fools. I always wondered how history could have happened the way that it did. It always seemed to me that people could not be as stupid and deluded as they appeared to be. I was wrong. You can see it now. The internet has introduced us to each other and shown us what we are up to. It’s no surprise to see that pornography is the biggest business going. It’s no surprise to see that pornography is a lot more than sex. It’s the debasement of a great deal more than just our sexual nature.

There are a great many of us who are not going to stop writing about this and studying the matter. No matter what comes in the time to come, some portion of humanity will survive. I think I can predict that most of those will not be the people who ignored and/or made fun of the things that affected their well being and the well being of others.

We are in the midst of tremendous upheaval and change. In a very short time the world as we know it can cease to exist. I make no predictions about what form coming events will take. We are walking on a narrow ledge. We shall see what happens. I will say that what you think and say and do today will ultimately have some telling result in respect of what happens to you.


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