Friday, 26 September 2008

Mixed News

Due to the acceleration of events, there are a number of different articles to cover today. Here is a summary:

Foreign national ID card unveiled in the UK

Phil Booth, head of the national No2ID campaign group, attacked the roll-out of the cards as a "softening-up exercise".
"The Home Office is trying to salami slice the population to get this scheme going in any way they can," Mr Booth told the BBC.
"Once they get some people to take the card it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

JPMorgan buys WaMu

In the biggest bank failure in history, JPMorgan Chase will acquire massive branch network and troubled assets from Washington Mutual for $1.9 billion.

Out of interest JPMorganChase is owned by the Rockefeller family, create chaos and then acquire banks at knock down prices!

Palin meets Henry Kissinger

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has briefed Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin about foreign policy challenges regarding Moscow, particularly Russia's invasion of Georgia in August. I bet he has!

Financial crisis: Summit on $700bn Wall Street bail-out falls apart

George W Bush's $700 billion deal to save the global economy from meltdown is hanging in the balance after a bitter summit with John McCain, Barack Obama and congressional leaders fell apart.
This is developing exactly as planned, watch out for more financial turmoil, week commencing 6th October 2008.

....and finally, at last some anger at the current events

Bailout Outrage Races Across the Web

The Internet is flooded with angst about Treasury Secretary Paulson's proposed $700 billion bailout—and inspiring old-fashioned street protests

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