Monday, 29 September 2008

U.S.A. Officially under martial law!?

Listen to the first video to hear a US Republican refer to the fact martial law is declared in USA

We asked all of you to look into 9/11 yourselves some did some didn't.
We warned everyone we could about the September Market crash some listened some people attacked us.
We told you Martial Law would be declared in the USA, some people listened most laughed and said we were Conspiracy Theorists. We told you it would be called before the Election was canceled.

Martial Law Declared in USA!

Martial Law was Declared on September 27 2008 when most people were sleeping at home or on the Street.We have warned you about FEMA and Homeland Security and their camps:

We have Warned you about a Million Coffins in Atlanta outside the CDC:

We told You about REX 84, PD 51, HR 1959 Just like normal German citizens were warned about the plans of Hitler and the Nazi's. Everyone has been warned about what is about to take place are your READY? Did you listen to the warnings. This is serious shit and I hope all are prepared about what is about to take place, I mean think about it MARTIAL LAW Declared in the USA as of NOW! Watch your surroundings this October it could be a very very different October one we may never forget!


Thanks to all of those who told me not to stop I Won't but we need to start realizing the seriousness and reality of the situation before its too late.
Any Canadian who is thinking " Oh well thats just the States that won't happen up here" Please Please rethink that train of thought BECAUSE it will happen here.

The 2nd American Revolution this time Canadians will be involved.


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