Friday, 31 August 2007

11/09/07 Global day of action

No Work, No School, No Shopping – Hit the Streets”

The 911 General Strike called by a coalition of antiwar, 911 Truth, and pro impeachment groups is gaining strength with gatherings scheduled across the country and rapidly expanding activity on the Internet, where the idea originated.

Strike activities are growing by the day. Every citizen is empowered by this essentially leaderless, egoless movement. This is one case where the people will actually lead if they choose. The impact of major public participation would shock those in power who ignore what they see as a passive public.

We recommend that everyone become an organizer for this strike. Try to link up with people in your area, have meetings, network, discuss over the internet, and plan your own creative actions for the 11th. People can help out the strike by just continuing to organize, communicate, and spread the word.

The general strike gives citizens a chance to show those in power it’s time to listen through “a day of personal reflection and nonviolent dissent in recognition of the course we have been on since 9/11.” The simple action plan includes – no school, no work, no buying anything (at all), and hit the streets.

A White House run by the war lobby and an absentee Congress created the following issues which unite citizens in a demand for action:

Failure to end the Iraq war
Failure to conduct a no-holds-barred 911 investigation
Inaction on impeachment hearings
Elections that become less believable and meaningful with each cycle
Inaction on health care for those in need
The willful, deliberate dismantling of the Constitution

Some extra points:

Failure to adopt Zero Point Energy and stop global environmental problems
Failure to disclosure the truth about ETV's and off world beings
Failure to leave Afghanistan
Failure to stop attacking Iran
Failure to admit 7/7 was an inside job
Failure to release cures for cancer and Aids
Failure to STOP hijacking this planet

The list goes on. Citizens are barely acknowledged, rarely heard.

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