Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Did Hillary Clinton Attend Bilderberg Conference?

Hotel head says she was there, coupled with high security arrival of U.S. official

Did New York Senator and possible 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attend this past weekend's Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa Canada? Our inside sources coupled with what witnesses saw at the Brookestreet Hotel strongly suggest this to be the case.

On Saturday, the second day of the conference, a large cadillac style amored limousine with U.S. diplomatic plates arrived at the underground parking garage of the Brookestreet Hotel festooned by police motorcycles and added security.

This extra subterfuge was not in evidence for other attendees such as David Rockerfeller and Queen Beatrix, who arrived outside the front of the building and walked straight in.

One of our sources spoke with the head of the hotel who informed him that Hillary Clinton had arrived to attend the Bilderberg conference, confirming the rumors we had previously heard.

Clinton is a touted presidential candidate as is New York Governor Pataki, who it was reported by the New York Sun was also in attendance at Bilderberg.

Bilderberg has a proven history of acting in a kingmaker capacity. Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended before becoming President and Prime Minister and the mainstream media reported that Bilderberg selected John Edwards as Kerry's running mate in 2004.

Could Clinton have attended Bilderberg on Saturday or was she elsewhere?

Clinton's official website makes no mention of any engagements across the entire weekend. New York to Canada is a short hop and back.

While Clinton's Saturday movements are ambiguous, we know where she was on Tuesday.

She was being roundly booed by her own usually sycophantic left-leaning audience at the Campaign for America's Future conference. Clinton, a supporter of the Iraq invasion from day one, was heckled and cat-called for again publicly backing the Bush administration's reluctance to withdraw troops from Iraq.


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