Thursday, 17 January 2008

Our "Leaders" - Whose Sick Joke?

George W. Bush has returned to menacing Iran like a Tourette's patient prone to making embarrassing ill-timed outbursts.

He called Iran “the major sponsor of terrorism” when a mirror would reveal the true holder of that title, and the biggest mass murderer of the fledgling 21st century.

His Arab hosts rolled their eyes as he maligned their Iranian friends and trading partners. The US national debt has more than doubled on his watch; the US economy and dollar are tanking; and all he can do is plot another gratuitous war?

How did a man whom we wouldn't trust to run a convenience store end up as the “leader of the free world?” Whose sick joke is our political leadership?


I won't bore you with details when all you really need is the paradigm. Our political life is a grotesque carnival designed to convince the rubes they live in a democracy. This is so they will pay taxes and lay down their lives for their betters.

Our true rulers have determined that we shall have no real say in our collective future. Like livestock, we will chew our collective cud on sex, drugs, toys and trivia, which they will supply in abundance.

This explains why the mass media (incl. movies) and education long ago ceased to deal in reality, or teach civics or history. Instead they are engines of deception and conformity.

The US election is really a job competition where a shortlist of candidates vie for the privilege of selling the public on the central bankers' agenda. Even this process is fixed, as the bankers naturally prefer the candidates who are most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient.

Four current Presidential contenders are on the Judicial Watch list of 10 most corrupt politicians of 2007.

There hasn't been a President in the last 100 years who hasn't been controlled by the Rothschilds via the Rockefellers. The ones that resisted were poisoned (Harding); murdered (JFK) or framed (Nixon.)

The bankers use the US to coerce laggard nations into accepting their world government tyranny. At the same time, the US is weakened so it can be properly merged. Our role as citizens is to be diverted like children at summer camp and do our “patriotic” duty on cue.

Our world resembles a B-movie Horror where many of the leading citizens secretly join a satanic cult and plot at the expense of everybody else. This is essentially the position of people who align themselves with the central bankers, which is a prerequisite for success in most fields today.

This is why so many of our "leaders" are drunks. They have sold their souls to the devil and they know it.


Our leadership class is a "sick joke" because it belongs to an international satanic cult beholden to the Cabalist (i.e.Masonic) central bankers.

The mass media and education systems function to legitimize the criminals, perverts and traitors, I mean "leaders."

Our collective life is a fraud because our national credit is controlled by private banking families. They have assumed control of the economy, undermined civilization, and installed compromised pseudo leaders to sabotage society.

Don't doubt for a moment -- mankind has the means and the smarts to solve all its problems quickly. But that is not the destiny the money masters have in mind for us.

The tragic wars which have marred modern history and caused untold suffering were caused by a relatively few sick minds who hate God and humanity. Their demented centuries-old plot is just entering its final stage.


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Richard Lalancette said...

Philip, the top picture cracked me up.
I wouldn't be able to find any better way to express our current state :)

Thanks for the article.