Saturday, 12 January 2008

Puppet Tony Blair joins investment bank

Following his years as a puppet of the 'elite' responsible to a few (one of the few being David Rockefeller) and helping to further their goal of a One World Government. Tony has been rewarded and secured his retirement by earning $2 million a year working for the JP Morgan bank which, incidentally is OWNED by David Rockefeller......funny that!

The JPMorgan Chase & Co was formed upon the 1978 purchase of Chase National Bank (established in 1877) by the Bank of the Manhattan Company (established in 1799), the company's oldest predecessor institution. Led by David Rockefeller during the 197os and the 1980s...... - This man needs to be tried for crimes against humanity NOW!

Tony Blair has taken a part-time post with US investment bank JP Morgan.
Mr Blair, who stood down as UK prime minister in June last year, has been employed "in a senior advisory capacity", the bank said.

He said he looked forward to advising the bank on the "political and economic changes that globalisation brings".

It is not known how much JP Morgan will pay him, but some estimates say more than $1m (£500,000) a year. The bank said he had a "unique perspective".

It said Mr Blair would advise the firm's chief executive and senior management team, "drawing on his immense international experience to provide the firm with strategic advice and insight on global political issues and emerging trends".


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