Friday, 27 June 2008

A Message from The Orion Project Core Team

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are in the midst of some very exciting new developments. Donations are on the rise, volunteers are flooding in faster than we can assign them tasks (not a bad problem to have!), and we are generating a lot of enthusiastic and supportive discussion both on and offline.

In short, we have gotten the ball rolling, and now it's time to sustain and build our momentum. But first, let us remind you of why we started this project:
Gas prices are now averaging $4+ dollars a gallon and we even hear reports that it can go as high as $10-12.50 within a few years. This threatens not only our standard of living, but the way of life for people world wide. If we stay on this path, the only solutions are to drastically reduce our standard of life or turn towards devouring other natural resources that took eons to create.

This is why we started The Orion Project. We will not stand for this to happen when we know there are readily available and viable alternatives.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work of The Orion Project could be the turning point in changing the world's energy situation. Humanity is faced with the proverbial fork in the road. The Orion Project's road less traveled has actually been blazed by numerous inventors before us. The problem is, these inventors didn't have the necessary tools, security and support that we can now provide. This is why we are confident that we will succeed in bringing the gift of commercially available over-unity energy devices to the world, by selling them in first world countries, and by fundraising to donate them to third world countries.

And this is why we are so passionate about achieving a breakthrough in energy generation, why we ask you to donate and become a part of this mission. Please keep reading for significant and exciting updates that are a result of our efforts and your support. And don't be bashful to spread the news to anyone willing to listen. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Best wishes,

The Orion Project Core Team

P.S. In order to inspire donors to "go big", Dr. Greer has agreed to sign a limited number of copies of his latest book, Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge, to give to all donors who contribute at the $500 level or above. To those who have already donated, all you have to do is donate the remaining amount and we'll send it along to you as well. For donations that greatly exceed $500, we have other gifts in store for you.

Dr. Greer Video Series

As part of our ongoing video series, we'll be releasing a new segment of our interviews with Dr. Steven Greer with every newsletter. The topic of our latest segment is The Breakthrough Campaign:

Watch the entire video series on our website.

Mr. 'Q' and a Possible Breakthrough

The response to our original Mr. Q article was significant. Therefore we are very excited to give you this very promising update. We recently sent another expert (We'll call him Mr P to protect his privacy) to help Mr. Q in optimizing the pulse motor generator.

Much progress was made over a 100+ man hour endeavor. There was also a very intriguing chance event... in which the machine was disconnected from the power source, yet sped UP instead of down. The increase in RPMs was so large that it ended up frying the circuitry! This might be a very significant result if it can be recreated and harnessed, putting us well on our way of achieving our goal ahead of schedule. Read the full article on our website.

Sidenote: For those who want to understand how a pulse motor generator works, we wrote up a very simple draft explaining how this technology works. It should give you a good idea of the strategy of such a device.

Fundraising Update

The Orion Project now has several projects going on with inventors across the United States, funded out of our own pockets and with Angel funding. Once we have succeeded with our three million dollar Breakthrough Campaign, we will bring all of these projects under one roof, allowing our inventors to collaborate and synergize, further accelerating their rate of progress.

Many of you who are receiving this newsletter donated not just the minimum request of $30, but went far beyond that! We can't thank you enough. We even had another $10,000 donor jump on board since our first newsletter went out. We live in exciting times.

The ball is rolling, and it is up to all of us to sustain and grow this momentum. If you haven't already, please make a donation today.

We are also looking for large donors to contribute in parallel to our grass roots effort. If you know of anyone who could contribute a sizable donation to the cause, please contact us and we'll make special efforts to address any questions or concerns they may have.

We are also in the process of growing our volunteer program by creating new videos, printable materials and other resources to help you help us publicize the project. These tools are designed to assist you in reaching out to others in your community and letting them know why this is important for them and for the world.

Thank You!

We can't stress enough how much we appreciate all the support-- be it from donors, volunteers or kind words. With every donation and every volunteer that comes knocking at our door, we are constantly reminded of the importance of our task at hand... and simultaneously thrilled to know that others believe as we do.


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