Friday, 13 June 2008

Unofficial sources point to a NO vote

Early unofficial vote tallies around Ireland are indicating a strong showing for the No vote in a referendum on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty.

In Irish polls, tally counters in each constituency watch votes being sorted and make their own count, giving early indications of how a vote is going.

Broadcaster RTE reports the No vote is ahead not only in rural areas, but in five out of eight areas of Dublin too.

A No vote would scupper the EU treaty, which must be ratified by all members.

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Richard Lalancette said...

Good News!

The New World Order will be Defeated!!!

Down with the Corporations and the elites.

Philip said...

I know! Some good news at last. You are right Richard, the New World Order will be Defeated. Maybe not today but it will NEVER succeed.