Wednesday, 30 April 2008

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

A US campaign watchdog has accused presumptive Republican president nominee John McCain of violating election laws by accepting campaign contributions from two prominent Londoners.

At issue is a fundraising luncheon held in March at London's Spencer House, during McCain's swing through the United Kingdom. An invitation to the event lists Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild as hosts, and indicates the event was made possible with their "kind permission".

Judicial Watch, a Washington organisation instrumental in the March release of Hillary Clinton's White House schedules, has asked US election monitors to investigate whether the Rothschilds improperly sponsored the fundraiser. US political campaigns are forbidden from accepting contributions from foreign nationals.

"The question is whether or not the Rothschilds paid for the event, the venue, the catering, or any other related costs," said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

Tickets to the event cost $1,000 to $2,300, and the luncheon dress code was "lounge suits," the Washington Post reported in March.

The McCain campaign did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Judicial Watch also complained to the US election authority, the federal election commission, about Elton John's involvement in Clinton's campaign. The group alleged the British rocker broke US campaign laws by performing at a fundraiser for the New York senator. The Clinton campaign argued US law allowed the British musician to volunteer his time and solicit Americans for contributions.

The federal election commission is unlikely to act soon on the group's McCain complaint. It is currently short-handed, a result of a political squabble between the Democratic-led senate and the Bush administration, and lacks a quorum to take action.

The Rothschilds operate in modern politics exactly as their forebearers did in previous wars: they back both sides. Thus ensuring that whoever wins they've backed a winner.

So while on the one hand, Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild are reported to have hosted a fundraising event for McCain at London's Spencer House in March; on the other Sir Evelyn Rothschild and his wife are reported to be on good terms with Hilary Clinton

But just to make sure they have the next U.S. election entirely sewn up, the Rothschild's North American allies the Rockefellers are reported to be backing Barack Obama, through their minion and general fixer Zbigniew Brzezinski

Thus ensuring that whoever ends up sitting in the Oval Office will be in the pocket of the Global Oligarchs; ready to do their bidding rather that that of the American people.


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