Monday, 21 April 2008

Who’s That Man?

This is an old story but still very relevant today. If Saddam was not executed and was flown out of Iraq to live a very good lifestyle beyond his own country then the question is, was he working for the 'elite'? Similar accounts have also been told about Hitler and his departure from Germany to Portugal towards the end of 1945. Hence, are all current wars fought on this planet staged?

In June 2005 the BBC broadcast film of what it said was Saddam Hussein facing a tribunal in Iraq. The footage was broadcast without the sound of Hussein speaking and the BBC made no comment other than to say that the film was “mute”. Prompting veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk to ask why we were not allowed to hear what Hussein had to say.

However this writer would suggest that his court appearance was without sound because man in the dock was not Saddam Hussein himself but one of his many doubles. Just think about that for a moment: because previously, the real Saddam had employed the services of a small band of look-a-likes to thwart possible assassination attempts.

And there are many indications that the man, or should that be the men, who faced the Tribunal is one such. From his dental work – see photo below – to stories of the real Saddam flying out of Iraq at the beginning of the invasion, to the fact that his wife could not recognise him when she visited her husband to reports of Saddam being given safe haven in Belarus, there are numerous stories which cast doubt on the official line that the real Saddam Hussein is still in Iraq.

So much so that, although we don’t hear too much about it, many ordinary Iraqis refuse to believe that the Coalition authorities are holding Saddam Hussein captive in Iraq.

Just look at the various individuals pictured here. They certainly look similar but are they all one and the same man, or simply a bunch of look-a-likes? The teeth are an obvious give-away but the eyes, the windows of the soul, also have their own story to tell.

Which may explain why Saddam's first court appearance was broadcast without the sound of him speaking. Because if the man in the dock was not the real Saddam but one of his many doubles, then although he might look like Saddam Hussein, he might not actually sound like him. Or, at least, there might be enough of a difference to make people look again at the man the authorities claim is Saddam.

All of which prompted the Coalition authorities to play it safe with footage of the alleged Saddam Hussein’s first court appearance and omit the sound of him speaking. It's simple enough, a few doubles, some hair dye and careful camera work and you've got Saddam Hussein, as good as new. As a result, few people in the West have asked if the man in the dock was actually Saddam Hussein and those in Iraq who might ask, don't count.

They either obey the Coalition forces or die fighting with the resistance.

It’s voters in the West who still need to be lured into believing this charade. After all, vote fraud aside; it’s Western voters who will pick the next puppet president or prime minister in the US/UK and in this case their choice hinges on the influence of imperceptible changes, broadcast step-by-step, on national TV.

Like Saddam Hussein’s court appearance.

First he appeared without the sound of his voice. Now that Western audiences have bought the first lie – that the man in the dock really is Saddam Hussein and maybe after being coached to speak like him, now even sounds vaguely like him – they are ready for the next lie. Believing that when he speaks they are hearing, in the words of the BBC: “former dictator Saddam Hussein testifying in his defence at his trial in Baghdad…” etc. etc. etc....


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Richard Lalancette said...

Very interesting article.
I guess, we will never know if he is really dead or not?