Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Phoenix lights are back again

Several people reported seeing four lights forming various formations above the Valley Monday night.

Tony Toporek was talking with his neighbours in north Phoenix when the lights appeared at about 8 p.m.

He grabbed his video camera and started taping.

Witnesses reported that the lights formed a vertical line, then formed a diamond-shape, followed by a u-shape.

The lights reportedly moved from side to side and upward before disappearing one by one.

Toporek said the last light vanished and then briefly reappeared before disappearing again.

ABC15 contacted several agencies Monday night, including the FAA, Sky Harbor, Luke Air Force Base, and the Phoenix Police Department. No one could explain what the lights are.

Source: ABC15.com


Richard Lalancette said...

Sweet Sighting!!!!

Dakota Lifestyle: Beyond the Weather said...

There were lights somewhat like this over Dickinson, North Dakota last year. There's a video posted on YouTube. If you don't feel like searching for it, you can link to it from www.bismarckndblog.com, the All for Fun page. The post is called Spooky Fireballs and UFO Sightings in North Dakota.

discodarwin said...

ok, so last night...
i live a mile from where the video was taken of that guy.
12:30 am... my lamp started making a weird knocking noise... she heard it, it woke both of us up, the lamp was off... i went over to it and started tightening it but it had stopped.
5:45 am... i woke up to my bed shaking like an earthquake was happening. i woke up, the bed was still shaking, i've been in a lot of earthquakes so i know what they feel like. it was like an earthquake, but no rumbling noise. there were no trucks outside or anything like that, just my bed shaking pretty well. i woke up instantly grabbed my phone and texted a friend asking if there was an earthquake so that when i woke up i would know the precise time it happened. anyhow, that's it. no earthquakes detected in california or anywhere near me. probably a coincidence with the lights, but who knows, maybe not.

discodarwin said...

ok, more coworkers in phoenix have mentioned to me that they heard weird thunder-like sounds last night and also that they woke up with their pictures all askew on the walls as well. but no reports of earthquakes anywhere near the area or even in california at that time...

Richard Lalancette said...

Well, there is at least a couple explanation to this sighting.
ET controlled
Human controlled.

The shaking your felt might be human covert attempting to discrupt ET manifestation.

Remember, they will do whatever it takes to stop them from entering a diplomatic relationship with the common good people of this planet.

Don't put all the eggs in the same basket.

Dominique said...

Hey discodarwin!

I live in Canada, and the same exact thing happened with my light yesterday!! And almost a the same time!! What a coincidence!

There's some energy in the air i guess.