Thursday, 24 April 2008

Spooky fireballs and UFO sightings in North Dakota

Further to the previous post The Phoenix lights are back again I have been given a link to the following article.

Last night (October 24, 2007) a fireball crashed near Bismarck. In a similar sighting a little over a year ago, three fireballs fell from the sky (read article here).

Maybe it’s just the spooky Halloween atmosphere, but it seems like there is a lot going on in North Dakota skies–including some bizarre UFO sightings. For fun, I’ve made a mini-directory of some of the most freaky things to come across my screen so far:

Has North Dakota become the new Area 51 state? Scroll down the site to get to read this article.
Strange lights in Dickinson (very interesting).
Aliens near Tappen, North Dakota. This video clip left me with a very creepy feeling.
Unexplained mysteries forum: more on the Tappen encounter and some in Minot, too?
One near Grand Forks, North Dakota in September 2005.
1968 UFO sighting near Minot Air Force base
Alien abduction near Dickinson caught on tape? Hmmm. Would be fun to see the footage.
The 1953 Ellsworth Case near Bismarck.
1948 Fargo sighting.
Strange sighting in Amidon, North Dakota.

I’ve never seen a UFO in North Dakota myself. I don’t know if they’re real or not, and if they are real, I would have to ask if they’re military-based or truly full of aliens.
Either way, it’s a fascinating and entertaining subject. I’m glad to share North Dakota’s place in it.


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