Saturday, 18 August 2007

Chinese Secret Society

The article below really does read like a science fiction novel. I will leave it up to the reader.... and time to define if the following article is indeed fact or fiction. However, this does follow on from the article I published the other day.

The following are paragraphs of text taken from the full article below:

A Chinese secret society has issued, through Mr. Fulford, a life-or-death ultimatum for the Illuminati to stop the genocide, back off and change course - about 180 degrees.

The Chinese also feel, according to Mr. Fulford, that SARS was, in fact, a biological weapon deployed to attempt to reduce the Chinese population by an extraordinary number of people. It didn't work for a variety of reasons, but it was clearly and specifically able to affect and infect those of Asian descent.

Again, look at the numbers of people in Canada who died of SARS. You can probably do a Google search on pictures of those people and see. It's about 95 percent Asian.

We're talking about the Asian / Chinese secret society, which has tentacles all over the world. It is more than concerned about the plans, and apparently one failed attempt, to massively reduce the Chinese population, enroute to an overall world population reduction of some 80 percent. At least that's our understanding of the plans of a faction of the world elite, the Illuminati, the controllers, and so forth.

....Yeah, and SARS and stuff, and how it only affected mainly Asians. Also an interesting little misquote can be found in the Congressional record, from July 13, 2005. You have a bio-weapons expert saying the weaponization of bird flu is taking place across Asia. In the Congressional record, they tried to erase it. I've got multiple copies stacked here and there.

....Yes. Then we have to protect ourselves from genocide. And the way to do that, with the minimum possible death, is we start at the top of the Eye and work our way down until they agree.

....What people in America need to do is get an old Who's Who. Look up the names of the bankers, the six or seven families who took over the Fed in 1913. Get the Who's Who and look up all their descendants. And then capture all the males. The United States would wake up.

....What these people are trying to do - I know it sounds insane. They are trying to artificially create Armageddon. They are trying to make people believe these are end times, by slaughtering people through disease and famine.

....They have very, very sophisticated methods. They use secrecy, murder, bribery and ridicule as their main weapons. They have had a very good run, but this is checkmate for them, as far as I am concerned.

....What has happened - and this is important, this is the big rift, the [Rothschild] Global Warming / [Rockefeller] War on Terror thing.

....So I hope you're listening out there, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rockefeller. We have someone close to each of you. You can be turned into dead meat in a matter of hours. I am not bluffing.

....That's what Prince Philip said. If he could come back and reincarnate as something, you know the story. [He would be a lethal virus.]

....But if it comes to it, they will all be slaughtered. They will be hunted down like beasts. Every one of them will be killed. Until they agree to the terms I mentioned before.

....Remember, there are six people who control these media....Yeah, but it's six people, really, when you come down to it.....Mr. Murdoch can call anyone senior in the Taiwanese government, for example, or Mr. Thompson could ask personal columnists in the Tokyo bureau, and they can provide him with the proof.....They know that they would have to either stop applying propaganda to the American people, or find a deep hole and hide in it.

....Think about the one-dollar bill. You have the eye on the pyramid. The eye represents the people who kept the human race in the job of pyramid building, right? What you have to do - this is very important - it is very, very centralized, this thing.

Target the eye!

We all know who they are.....


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