Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thank you!

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who signed my petition to highlight to the UK government that there are alternative forms of energy available, other than oil.

Although the petition has ended, the fight has not.

We are continuing to strive to force the UK government to acknowledge that there are alternative forms of energy available to us, such as Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) and that we need to adopt ZPE now, rather than later.

The planet desperately needs new forms of energy to end the environmental damage we are doing to our planet by continuing to burn fossil fuels. Nuclear energy should never be an option as it is too polluting and dangerous. Other forms of energy such as wind, solar and tidal are effective and very welcome but would never meet the energy demands of this planet alone.

Adopting ZPE would end poverty and starvation across the planet. It would also bring to an end the long and evil hold the ‘elite’ has on the population of this planet.

We will continue to work for a New Energy Council to be established to allow research into this new energy and for the building and distribution of the devices.

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George C. said...

Amen to that. Zero point energy is in my daily prayers.