Thursday, 1 November 2007

AERO Award Program


AERO Announces award program offering $200,000 up-front and $5 million minimum two year royalty for working, replicatable device.

AERO Award Program

November 1, 2007

Advanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO) is offering an up-front $200,000 licensing award and minimum $5 million two year royalty program for a qualifying new energy breakthrough.

The Charlottesville, VA energy research company is leading a world-wide search for promising, out-of-the-box inventors and scientists who have provable energy generation inventions that need support, further development and widespread public exposure.

AERO CEO Steven M. Greer MD notes that, "Over the past 100 years, many major energy breakthroughs have withered on the vine, died with the inventor or been absorbed into secretive corporate or government programs. It is AERO's mission to see that these new technologies are protected, supported and massively disclosed to the public so that we can go beyond our current addiction to oil, gas and coal and begin a new, sustainable era in human history.

AERO is uniquely qualified to see that such technological innovations make it to market. Our network includes 'A-list' celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, current and former heads of State and millions of people who follow our work. The inventor or team that has a qualifying system for energy generation will have the full force, support and protection of this unique, global network."

The criteria for the Award are:

The invention must be already built, robust and running reliably, with a net exportable (usable) power output of at least 1 kilowatt or greater.

The system must use no power from the power grid and if batteries or capacitors are used, they must remain fully charged.

The system must create no greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions and must be a closed loop system (that is, the output energy is sufficient to run the energy needs of the system and also provide the minimum 1 kilowatt of usable net power.)

If it is a water-to-fuel system, the system must be able to electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen to create enough on-demand fuel to run the system (again, closed-loop) and create the minimum 1 kilowatt of net usable power.

Solar, wind and geo-thermal are excluded from the system, as these systems already exist.
The inventor must be willing to license the system to AERO, LLC.

The system must be able to pass performance and efficiency testing by three independent scientific groups and be fully reproducible from plans by an independent third party (AERO will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the inventor(s) as needed to assure confidentiality.)

The system must not use radioactive materials or other materials that are an environmental hazard or biohazard.

The inventor must be willing to bring the system to Virginia to be tested and this testing must be transparent and open (no hidden "black box" tests).

The winning inventor or team will receive $200,000 up-front as a licensing award (see our sample licensing agreement) and will be guaranteed a minimum of $5 million in royalty payments within two years of the creation of a manufacture-ready, beta tested system. If the current prototype needs further R and D to attain manufacture, UL listed readiness, AERO will provide the support to reach this state-of-the-art.

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