Sunday, 18 November 2007

A thought for the day

Friday the 16th November was Children in Need day here in the UK. Pudsey

After a day of fundraising and a mammoth 7-hour live TV programme the people of the UK raised a total of £19 million for Children in Need. The money goes to good causes, such as child carers, who look after sick or disabled parents. The money also goes to help children with terminal illnesses and children who have to live with disabilities of all natures. Some of the money also goes to helping various other schemes across the UK to help and enhance the lives of many children.

This year I found the experience upsetting for the following reason. Dawn broke on Friday morning and most people in the UK be it at work or at school or home was hard at work raising much needed money for the disadvantaged and sick children of the UK.

However, at the same time a new communications satellite was being commissioned by the military of the UK. The ministry of Defence (The MOD) commissioned the satellite to enable better communications between the army, navy and air force across the globe. The total cost for this satellite £2.5 BILLION!!!.

What I found most upsetting is a military satellite was commissioned at a total cost of £2.5 BILLION in order to murder more people on this planet however, the disadvantaged children of the UK only got £19 million. This event caused no reaction at ALL from anyone in the UK!!

Well done the population of the UK, I hope you are proud of yourselves, £2.5 BILLION to murder innocent people of this planet and just £19 million to help children. You can give yourselves a round of applause later. Well done!

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