Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Call for US to re-open UFO file

The UFO Disclosure press conference at the presitgious National Press Club was organized and run very well.

Only accredited journalists were present, and each official or witness spoke to their personal experience concerning a craft whose origin could not be explained by anomalous weather, local military activity, flares, or commercial flight.

Incidents ranged from a 1986 sighting over Anchorage by Japan Air Lines pilots and crew who saw a object with flashing lights that was six times the size of their 747, to a large disc seen by commercial pilots last spring at Chicago O’Hare that suddenly lifted up into the air above the airport.

Panelists included former Belgian Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff Wilfried De Brower, Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, who served 35 years for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France. Two Peruvian Air Force commanders, and French astrophysicist Dr. Claude Poher.

Former Governor Fife Symington of Arizona spoke last. A former military pilot himself, the governor recalled the Phoenix Lights incident, in which he saw a delta-shaped craft of large size silently moving towards the mountains. Symington says that no Air Force or military explanations surfaced, and that a couple of half-hearted theories didn’t satisfy him. He said they couldn’t have been flares, as flares don’t move in formation. As for a base shrugging it off as some A-10’s, the governor noted that A-10’s are quite noisy, while the V-shaped object seen by hundreds of thousands from Maricopa County to southern Arizona was silent.

The article above is the most in depth news story on this subject, well done to the people of this blog for covering this very important topic.

Source: Bijanc.wordpress.com

Other 'news' outlets covered this story and at one point it did feature heavily on the BBC's front page.

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