Monday, 12 November 2007

When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

Reading between the lines, I think Dr. Steven Greer has published this again today to warn us to be aware of the increased activity in the mainstream media concerning the issue of UFO's. Are the 'elite' and the mainstream media really reporting the 'facts'?
Does the mainstream media have our best interests at heart?....or has Benjamin Fulford really addressed key issues with David Rockefeller?
I know one thing! I, for one am 100% behind Dr. Steven Greer and continue to be eternally grateful for the work he has achieved to date. May his work continue until we have the RIGHT disclosure and may those that continue to hijack the way we live, one day, be tried for crimes against humanity.


A timely reminder from Dr. Steven Greer.

by Steven M. Greer M.D.
Copyright 1999

Ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO/ET subject is a laudable goal. It is long overdue. It would transform the world in ways both simple and profound.

And yet it is fraught with danger.

The covert projects which have been running UFO related programs for nearly 60 years are not interested in a disclosure which upsets their apple cart. They want such a disclosure to transform their apple cart into a freight train. And they potentially have the power and connections to do it.

There are multiple scenarios attending the disclosure of the UFO subject-and not all of them have the best interests of humanity at heart. Elsewhere, in the new book 'Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications' I write about the kind of disclosure the world needs. An honest one. An open one. One which replaces secrecy with democracy. A disclosure which is peaceful, scientific and hopeful.

But then there is the disclosure the powers that be would like to see: Manipulated. Calculated to consolidate power and engender fear. Configured in such a way that chaos and a deepening need for Big Brother is carefully inculcated into the masses.

We have seen the plans and it is not a pretty picture.

I write this as a warning. A warning that the wolves in sheep clothes are very cunning indeed. And have almost limitless resources. Most who work with them do not even know they are wolves. Indeed, it is likely that many of the wolves have been convinced that they are sheep.

The UFO matter is not so much a mystery as a matter deliberately obfuscated and mystified. Confusion and a lack of clarity serves the larger covert goal of keeping it off the long- range radar of society while power and plans are consolidated quietly. And the one thing! more dangerous to society than all this secrecy is a planned, contrived disclosure run by the keepers of the secrets......


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