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The Rockefeller Initiative - 1993-1996

Paradigm Research Group
November 26, 2007
Press Release

Re: 1993-1996 Rockefeller Initiative to end the government imposed UFO/ET truth embargo

PRG publishes to the Internet documents from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) during the Clinton administration confirming the Rockefeller Initiative

Washington, DC – Today Paradigm Research Group placed on the Internet documents from the executive Office of Science and Technology Policy obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Canadian researcher, Grant Cameron. These documents confirm the effort by billionaire Laurance Rockefeller to persuade President Bill Clinton to begin releasing to the public government held information pertaining to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life and to provide amnesty to government employees wishing to come forward and testify regarding relevant events and evidence. These documents are located at:

Rockefeller’s move to effect “disclosure” lasted from March 1993 through 1996. Researchers aware of this effort commonly refer to it as the “Rockefeller Initiative.” While the Initiative itself was not successful, it did lead to engagement of the UFO/ET issue by Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, Congressman Steven Schiff, John Podesta, Governor Bill Richardson and others right up until the present time.

The nearly four-year initiative included 1) strategy meetings of researchers held at Rockefeller’s JY Ranch in Colorado; 2) meetings between Rockefeller and President Clinton and Hillary Clinton at the JY Ranch; 3) the commissioning of numerous reports and white papers, including an extensive study titled “Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence” by Don Berliner and Antonio Huneeus; 4) document requests and searches within the Clinton administration; 5) an important symposium, “When Cosmic Cultures Meet”; 6) considerable correspondence between public and private entities, and much more.

Many more Initiative documents are in the hands of other agencies, private citizens and the Clinton Presidential Library. Researcher Grant Cameron early on filed extensive FOIA requests to obtain relevant documents from the Clinton Library, targeting Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and others. It is these requests which have recently been referred to on CNN and in several newspaper articles.

While the recent questions posed to presidential candidates during debates and campaign stops is encouraging, it is and must be just the beginning of extensive queries to all candidates regarding their knowledge of and intensions toward what is easily the most important issue of this or any other time in history. Furthermore, PRG can state with high confidence the answers so far being given to these questions are evasive and mendacious.

It is imperative that all journalists covering the 2008 election campaign review the Rockefeller Initiative documents. Then PRG suggests reviewing the Media, Quotes and Video archives portaled at: The most important news story in history awaits.

Contact: Stephen Bassett

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