Sunday, 16 March 2008

And Then There Were Three...

In the space of a few days three senior British police officers have committed “suicide”. Is this just a coincidence or is something else going on?

We have to ask because two of them were prominent and one in particular was very senior. He was even being touted as assuming the most senior position in the British police force.

On March 11 police Sergeant Richard Fuller was found shot dead at his family home. He was in charge of security at the Duchess of Cornwall’s family home in Wiltshire.

Although he was only a sergeant he occupied a prime position within the British establishment, protecting one of its most senior members, Camilla Parker Bowles.

A few days later the body of a commended police inspector was found washed up on a beach near the beachfront home of a multi-millionaire neighbour of soccer boss Harry Redknapp on the exclusive Sandbanks peninsula. Between these two supposed “suicides” came the death of Manchester police chief Michael Todd.

A dynamic and ambitious officer, Todd had been tipped to take over from Sir Ian Blair as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, one of the most senior positions in the British police force.

It could almost come from a Sherlock Holmes story but as a mentor once told me, “there is no such thing a coincidence”. So what exactly is behind these apparent coincidences?

Several correspondents have suggested that some sort of ‘clean-up’ operation is underway. The object being to silence those who know too much, with the ultimate aim of protecting the establishment

As one writer puts it: “One is a tragedy, two is coincidence but three is downright suspicious”.

Indeed, and as another correspondent asks, could this have anything to do with the unfolding Jersey care home scandal?

It could indeed. But while we reserve judgement on whether it is specifically linked to the unfolding scandal in Jersey, we could be witnessing some sort cover-up operation.

The object being to silence those who might compromise the British establishment and their involvement in multitude evils.

This may not be completely outlandish given the link between Freemasonry and the British police force, two bodies renowned for their ties.

We reserve final judgement but as Sherlock Holmes investigative partner was wont to say, something odd is afoot.

Source: The Truth Seeker

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