Wednesday, 12 March 2008

UK Budget

Today in the UK was budget day or to put it into context, a day when the elite inform the rest of us how much more money we shall be paying them. What a pathetic budget. The chancellor who resembles a thunderbird character on acid delivered a budget that consisted of more debt for the UK, more tax rises and more heartache for those who are on low income. There was nothing to help those who really need help, just more talk on funding the elite’s bank balances. One pathetic example is the chancellor is spending an extra £2bn on troops for the frontline, including £900m on military equipment, when in another breath he is saying “child poverty must be eradicated in Britain”.

Why not use the £2bn, plus the £900m to help children in poverty instead of using it to murder people around the globe.

What bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings do we have running this country and this planet?

It is time and time is overdue for the population of this planet to try for crimes against humanity all those that have hijacked the way we have lived for so long. Once found guilty it is time to hang them all……publicly!

A full breakdown of the budget:
BBC News

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