Wednesday, 5 March 2008

MPs reject EU treaty referendum

Originally called the Reform Treaty, the Lisbon Treaty was drawn up to replace the draft European constitution after it was thrown out by voters in France and the Netherlands in 2005.

The Lisbon Treaty was signed in the Portuguese capital by leaders of the EU's 27 member states in December 2007. Governments have been asked to ratify the Treaty in 2008 with a view to it coming into force in 2009.

The Lisbon Treaty is in effect the same European constitution that was rejected the first time around, just dressed up slightly differently and called a different name.

Once again the government of the UK has not listened to the people, ‘they’ have decided to force the constitution through no matter what the public opinion is on this matter. We, in Europe are now one step closer to a One World Government and a New World Order. Gordon Brown is certainly obeying the banking interests and elite's of this world, which include no other than Philip Rothschild.

The new constitutional document, signed at a ceremony at the city's historic Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, scraps veto powers in many policy areas and eventually endorses a full time president for Europe. The new treaty removes veto powers from member nations and removes France and the UK from the UN security council! This further decays the sovereignty from all member countries.

The final stages of a single European government are being finalised.

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