Tuesday, 4 March 2008

ESP and a very British Earthquake

Last week the UK experienced one of its worst earthquakes in many years. The earthquake measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. Thankfully no one was injured or killed following the quake. It was labelled by the press as a very British earthquake.

A day before the earthquake occurred a member of my family (who is believed to have much better ESP than myself) experienced very severe headaches and a feeling of being very ill. I shall call this person “H”. It is worth noting at this point that “H” rarely suffers from any form of headaches and the only illness “H” has suffered in the past is a slight cold.

On the morning of the earthquake “H” felt very weak and tired and still felt very un-well, because of this “H” decided to go to bed early.

At 12:55am (two minutes exactly) before the earthquake hit, “H” woke up very quickly. It is also worth noting for reference that H is a very sound sleeper and can sleep through most sounds and events. “H” awoke feeling very scared and suffered a feeling of their legs becoming very heavy. Then at 12:57am the earthquake struck. After the quake “H” suddenly returned to normal and no longer felt ill or scared.

Was the feeling just before the quake a genuine illness or had “H” experienced an ESP ‘feeling’, almost giving prior warning to the up and coming events? “H” told me what had occurred the day after the event and it got me thinking. Do animals experience the same feelings as “H” just before an event such as this? Did the animals in Asia, who fled the disaster area hours before the Tsunami, have the same feeling as “H”?

National Geographic.com

It would be of great scientific interest to most of the population of this planet if a study of this nature could be carried out. If we, as humans can “sense” an earthquake or Tsunami hours before they strike we could save so many lives and so much suffering that often follows such an event.

Have any readers ever experienced a feeling just like “H” before an earthquake or another impending disaster?



Richard Lalancette said...

Now that you bring this up, philip, I think it would be interesting to monitor our feelings/sensations to see if we can find a relation between events happening on our planet and those feelings.

Thanks for sharing this.

Philip said...

I too think it would be very good to monitor our feelings/sensations to see if we can find a similarity of events that are currently happening around the globe. If I pick up on anything in the future, I shall post what I experience.

The story that I wrote sounds a little odd however, I suppose we have to get used to that now. After all, not everything can be explained away so easily.

The person in question was very shocked to learn what had just happened. After all if animals can experience those feelings there is no reason why we too cannot experience similar feelings.

Richard Lalancette said...

We are to shed those barriers and move on. We are up for some amazing moments in the incoming decades and centuries.