Friday, 14 March 2008

UFO Coverup Disclosure Could Tilt U.S. Election

Steven Greer, head of The Disclosure Project and supplier of ET briefing materials to the Clinton Administration, dropped a potential bombshell on Saturday, March 8.

Interviewed on the Exopolitics Radio show (Canada), he said technology developed following UFO recoveries could solve the energy and environmental crises, but military-industrial insiders keep Washington in the dark.

Greer also cited governmental and media complicity to explain why official public disclosure has not come sooner. If Greer's views, and the expert testimony backing them up, receive widespread Internet exposure or media coverage, the issue could affect the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election.

Official public disclosure of extraterrestrial visitations would trigger the release of energy, propulsion, and other technology that could transform the planet, he said. In the 1990's, when briefing then CIA Director James Woolsey, Greer found the Clinton Administration (including Hillary) too timid to force the issue. That permitted black-budget projects, financed by defense billions, to be kept under wraps by ultra-top-secret elements of the Air Force, Army, NASA, CIA, other federal agencies, and aerospace contractors including Lockheed.

The chances of official public disclosure may hinge on who is elected President, he speculated, pointing out that integrity and guts would be needed to go against the interests bent on maintaining secrecy. Hillary would have to overcome her past timidity; both McCain and Obama may have the necessary integrity, but their actions cannot be predicted, he said.

Greer was interviewed by Alfred Webre, former futurist for the Stanford Research Institute. In 1977, while at Stanford, Webre directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the Carter White House.

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