Friday, 21 March 2008

Donate to The Orion Project

The Crossing Point of Light is donating $100 on a monthly rolling basis to the Orion Project. We understand some people do not have enough money to even feed their families but we also understand that some people in this world are very wealthy. Therefore, we now encourage those who can afford to support the Orion Project, to do so and help them raise the $3 million that is required. If you really want to help this planet and its people and stop the murder, poverty and heartache across the globe releasing this new form of energy will do just that.

You can donate by going to The Orion Projects website or by clicking on the link at the top right of this blog.

Dear Friends and family,

As most of you know, this year we have been working with Dr. Steven Greer in an effort to develop and distribute a truly clean, green, and sustainable free energy device to end pollution and release humanity from paying for power from centralized corporate suppliers. After 4 months of working with individual inventors, we realize our progress would be far more efficient and effective if we gather this handful of promising inventors together in a central Research and Development Lab where they can work safely, sharing their ideas and expertise.

It will take about 3 million dollars to create such an R and D Lab, and to this end we have launched The Orion Project. ( TOP ) Some of you helped us beta test the website and we thank you very much for your help! TOP, a non-profit 501c3, can accept tax free donations to help us educate people and develop the stand alone free energy generation system we all need. See for an explanation of the Breakthrough Campaign, and technologies we are pursuing to produce a 10 KW non-polluting, stand alone electric generator this year.

Given the current political and environmental crisis, we need to act decisively now. TOP is asking for your help in raising the 3 million dollars by June 1st of this year. TOP has identified a genuinely qualified brain trust of scientists and inventors who understand zero point energy, electro-gravitic propulsion and other above unity technologies. They are ready to come together in one place. Now is the time, and we need your help. If 100,000 people donate even $30 each in the next 60 days, we will reach our goal. Once a robust, reproducible prototype is developed, there will be many opportunities to invest in the technology-but we must first create the device!

Press releases will be going out about The Orion Project this week and Dr. Greer will be announcing TOP when he is the featured speaker on the World Puja Network on March 20th. Please go to the website to make whatever donation you can today-and please send this email to your friends and family, asking them to consider a donation. We already have $3000 seed money, plus a promised donation of $250,000 from a single donor when we reach our goal!! We are certain this can be done in 60days if we all pull together!!

Finally, if you have experience, or if you know anyone who has experience in professional fund raising, please contact us immediately, as we are looking for long term help in fund raising.

Thank you very sincerely for your interest and your willingness to act in supporting this critical mission in this window of time. Sincerely,

Ellen and Bill Costantino

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